Sally has served Bay Area and worldwide clients.

Having your reading was one of the most helpful gifts I could give myself. Your accuracy about family history and events is amazing.
— Lulu
Just a quick little note to thank you again for helping us out of an important choice regarding our new venture in real estate investments. Your reading was very helpful.
— Brian and Kevin

Our dreams have come true. I got pregnant … and delivered our first child in May, as you predicted. I wanted to thank you for making things easier for us. You made a believer out of us.
— Sheila
Thank you so much for our new baby daughter’s numerology reading. We really enjoyed listening to all the wonderful things we have to look forward to in our new daughter’s life!
— Gerry and Lester

We all planned our lives before coming onto the planet. So there is, essentially, a roadmap of our life plan and the experiences we want to have while embodied. Sally Faubion has the talent to access our itinerary and give us insights and information that can assist us in navigating our life’s journey. These insights give us the ability to make the most of our time here and live our highest and best life.
— Sherry
What you taped was more accurate than the people who know me intimately could report. During this time of transition in my life, I found this information validating, comforting and directive. I consider myself an aware person and I write with confidence that your work is at least 90% accurate.
— Judy

In the beginning, my interest was general. What does numerology suggest about my strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, challenges, and so forth? Sally’s insights were affirming and, importantly, motivating. Occasionally, there has been a family issue. Numerology, and Sally in particular, provided an objective viewpoint that helped me stay centered, more objective, and less emotional. And finally, I have consulted Sally for major life events, such as when considering a major move or job change. Overall, what I find most valuable is that her readings provide an energetic roadmap that one can use as yet another resource when navigating the various twists and turns of life.
— Theresa