Celebrity Spotlight: Lady Gaga's Numbers

Talk about someone who is a true renegade, that’s Ms. Gaga, aka Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, born March 28, 1986. She was born on a 1 day with a 1 destiny and both her names (which includes Lady Gaga) reduce to the number 4. So she’s a 1-1-4, which is the golden mark of a true renegade and someone who will blaze her very own trail utilizing her personal qualities of originality and individualism.

According to her chart, Ms. Gaga has been going through some difficult times over the past couple of years. Things seem to be going very well for her at this time, however, especially having reeled in pretty boy Taylor Kinney [she and he fall in Level 8 in my compatibility app Cosmic Mates, which is the highest level and only happens if a couple has the most compatible numbers in every category], and because of her latest magnum opus at the Oscars, and since her chart shows that in the next couple years she is headed for a shift that will take her onto a much bigger stage, as only she could manifest.

It is my opinion that because of the numbers she is packing, she will rise high above most others who are vying for the same stage as she. She is someone who won’t even get in the game unless she believes she can win, and she is on her way to landing in the supreme winner’s circle. There is certainly more to come from Ms. Gaga, which will likely be appealing to all generations.