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Sally is truly amazing. She established her credibility by telling me things I could confirm. She then went on to explain the past and the future. She is talented. So glad I connected with her.
— Susanne

Meet Sally.

Sally Faubion creates a deep connection for numerological consultation and has worked with over 1,700 clients, worldwide. She is a published author, sought-after numerologist with over forty years of experience, and frequently called upon by local and national media as an expert in the field of numerology. She has also been hired by celebrities, notable corporations, and others for her skills as a personal numerology consultant, lecturer, and entertainer.

Author. Sally’s book, Motivational Numerology: How Numbers Affect Your Life (Seven Locks press, 2001), is has earned praise and it’s available on this website. As a published author, Sally has experience which includes book signings, speaking at bookstores, and attending book fairs. In addition to her book, Sally wrote the majority of the metaphysical columns for Teen Magazine for several years, including a popular numerology column. Sally also wrote metaphysical content for gaming technology companies Activision and Girl Games.  

Professional Speaker. Sally has spoken in front of diverse groups with sizes ranging from five to fifteen hundred. Her charismatic presence and outgoing nature are valued by her audiences and she is frequently called back for repeat performances by her clients. She has been a paid lecturer at Miraval Spa, Apple, Genentech, Old Navy, San Francisco’s Junior League, the St. Francis Yacht Club, Silver Springs Country Club, Countryside Health Spa, and U.S. Military Medical Officers, among others.

Entertainer.  Sally is frequently commissioned to do numerology readings at parties. Sally has performed at small, intimate gatherings and large corporate events. Some of her clients include the City of San Francisco, Macy’s, Nieman Marcus, Oracle, Nexis, Channel, and Narda Walden music producer for Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, and others.)

Human Resources Consultant. Sally has been commissioned by businesses to use her numerological expertise to analyze employees and perform “team building activities. Clients include financial firm JC Advisory and entertainment company Atlas International. 

Conference Exposition Professional. Sally has experience working with large volumes of people in exposition settings. She has performed readings at venues such as CalExpo and the San Francisco Psychic Fair. She has also attended various book fairs, such as the Los Angeles Book Trade Fair, to publicize her book.

Media Resource. Sally was featured on the front page of The New York Times in an article “What is a Number Worth? Some Athletes Pay the Price.” She was also quoted in a follow-up article, “The Value of Zero is Increasing.”  Both articles explored the phenomenon of sports jersey number superstition. Sally is often called upon by San Francisco Bay Area media to explain the significance of numbers. For example, she was interviewed by television stations KPIX and KRON, radio stations KGO and KOIK, and the San Francisco Chronicle regarding the dates 8/8/08 and 7/7/07. Sally was a regular on KGO Channel 7’s morning TV talk show in the 1980s. She has also been featured on numerous websites such as Berkeley Parents Group, and the Dharma Yum blog.