Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, born October 7, 1952, is definitely an anomaly. He was born on a 7 day with a 7 destiny (full addition of his birth date) and his name number is also a 7. Those are the three most powerful influences in a numerological chart and that makes him the Quintessential 7. He has no other influence to dissipate the oddness that is connected to that combination.

On the bright side, those with prominent 7s in their numerological chart are said to have easy access to their genius, which can be exemplified by others with 7 destinies like Marie Curie, Stephen Hawking, Shakespeare, Beethoven, Chopin, Tchaikovsky, Gauguin, Picasso, Ansel Adams, Leonard Bernstein, William F. Buckley, Al Pacino, Helen Mirren, Bruce Lee, Larry Ellison, Julia Roberts, Shark Tank’s Mark Cuban, and Taylor Swift, to name just a few. Other than Beethoven, who was quite a character himself, most of the above had only ONE 7. Putin has THREE.

Silicon Valley is likely loaded with 7s because they can be nerdy and definitely workaholics. In fact, even though they (people with 7s) are also known for their clandestine love affairs, they are more likely to make their job their mistress or paramour, if they enjoy their work.

They are also perfectionists, analytical and research oriented, and usually interested in the esoteric. Theirs is a very linear mind, logic over idealism. Practical affairs bore them, and neither the men nor women tend to be into the domestic scene. They like solitude and many are loners, in fact, some are extreme loners and very secretive. And on the lowest side they can become misanthropes like Timothy McVey and Ted Kaczynski, both who have 7 destinies.

Recently there was a news report in the US that suggested that Putin might have Aspergers. I say bosh to that. He is just odd, unusual, bizarre, weird, mystifying, perplexing and nefarious, but those are all traits that could easily be assigned to someone with 7s in the three most significant positions in his numerological chart.

I have often told those who are born on 7 days with 7 destinies that they could be from another planet and they usually agree with me. In fact, a number of years ago I had a client, a psychologist born on a 7 day with a 7 destiny, who came to me to ask me if I knew how he should prepare for his trip to a plateau in North Dakota to meet with extraterrestrials. He said he had paid $4,500 to do so. I told him that I had no idea how he might prepare, but I knew one thing for sure and that is that someone with his numbers would be the most likely to be involved in a situation like that.

The 7 is my favorite number in numerology from a personality standpoint. These people are, for the most part, dignified, generous, understanding, non-meddlesome, and learned. They are the Nobel Prize winners, the brilliant artists, the nerdiest of nerds, and the most peculiar people on the planet and this world wouldn’t be as interesting without them. So on the world stage Vladimir Putin stands out, as he would if he were just another guy living in whatever neighborhood he might live. It appears that his quirky ways and in many ways, his destructive reign of power, won’t dissipate until sometime in the mid 2020s.