Steph Curry, the phenom of the NBA, is born on March 14, 1988, which just happens to be Einstein’s birthday!  His Destiny Number (full addition of his birth date) is a 7, which is the number of the savant or genius. He certainly impresses the masses with his agility and precision when shooting for the hoop. His jersey number 30 is a very positive number with which to associated oneself, because it’s the number of “bounty and good fortune.”  I would say that he has a future full of those very things, but he it does appear that he will have more challenges physically. However, those challenges will entirely clear out by next season.  The rest of this season, offers an influence that portends to expect the unexpected, and it’s in Curry’s chart through to the final game of the playoffs on June 15th. I’m that regard, I’m conjecturing that “unexpected” circumstance could be that Mr. Curry may have never anticipated how exceptional the Golden Warriors were when they end the season with an unprecedented scoring victory!