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          I have spent the last three days analyzing the charts of the 100 U.S. Senators and, although I won't guarantee that my findings are as finite as I implied above, the odds appear to favor Obama for winning the November elections. 


          Some of you might recall that I wrote in one of my previous newsletters that I wasn't going to attempt to predict who would win the election after I had called it wrong by predicting that Hillary would win.  Recently, though, I became curious to see what an analysis of every U.S. Senator would reveal with regard to the elections.  Hoping to avoid my own bias, I analyzed the Senators' charts blind, meaning the method I used to do my analysis didn't enable to me know whose numbers I was viewing or whether they were those of a Republican or a Democrat.  


          I used three different criteria to arrive at my conclusions for all of the charts:  1. the numbers present on the days up to and directly following election day, 2. the numerical influences occurring during the full years of 2008 and 2009 in their charts, and 3. the number influences of 4-month segments around election time and the inauguration in January 2009.




          The end result of this process showed more pluses for the Democrats at and around election time and during the year up to and following the election (Dems: 29 pluses, 19 minuses; Reps: 18 pluses, 31 minuses).  Of course, there can be other circumstances going on in the Senators' lives that can account for those pluses and minuses in their charts, but since this is such a significant presidential race in so many ways, I felt a study of the numerological charts of those who are sitting on the front lines of this event might offer something worth expressing in my newsletter.  I was right. 


          [POSTSCRIPT]  In early August, I received an email from a client with an attachment that contained the consensus of a group of well-known astrologers who advised that the astronomical aspects affecting the USofA in and around election time could cause a situation so grave that it might preclude the elections even coming off.  (For those of you who are interested in probing further into this assertion, Google "The Cosmically Stressed Election of 2008" and find a link that takes you to the full article.)  If McCain continues taking the stance of casting off his Candidate Cap for his Senator Suit (as he did recently when he asked for a postponement of the debate with Obama on Friday, the 26th of September, that just might happen!!)




          The unfolding of the Wall Street "Big House Financiers'" crisis prompted me to analyze the charts of the following powerful and in most cases excessively monetarily solvent "big wigs":


U.S. Secretary/Treasurer Henry Merritt Paulson, Jr. (3/28/48),

Warren Edward Buffett (8/30/30),

Henry Alfred Kissinger (5/27/23),

William Henry Gates (10/28/55),

Chairman of the FED Ben Shalom Bernanke (12/13/53),

Charles Robert Schwab, Jr. (7/29/37),

NYC Mayor Michael Rubens Bloomberg (2/14/1942),

Lehman Bros. CEO Richard Severin Fuld, Jr.,

White House Chief of Staff Joshua Brewster Bolten (8/16/54),

Thomas Bone Pickins, Jr. (5/22/28),

CEO of Wachovia Robert Steel (8/3/1951),

CEO Merrill Lynch John Alexander Thain (5/26/1955),

Chairman of Citigroup Robert Edward Rubin (8/29/38),

President of World Bank Robert Bruce Zoellick (5/25/53)


I chose the men listed above because I presumed that each of them would likely be strongly affected by the financial meltdown of 2008 and 2009.  After analyzing each of their charts, and so many others, I came to the conclusion, that the worst of this current US and world financial crisis is going to arrive in 2009 and reach into 2011 and beyond, for many. 

As an example, Warren Buffett, as financially astute and sound as he obviously is, has quite difficult and even downright negative numbers coming in his chart from 2010 through 2020.  These numbers are not only associated with his business and/or financial life, but also his emotional life.  Since there doesn't appear to be any scandals about how Mr. Buffett has earned his position as the world's #1 wealthiest billionaire in the world, I'm assuming those numbers are there because of circumstances in his life that are beyond his ability to control.  My conjecture is that his negative numbers might have a lot to do with the tumbling "house of cards" in the United States and world financial trade markets - but they could also stem from really, really bad weather conditions - or both! :)


          Ben Bernanke has a VERY difficult number in his chart, in a most significant position, starting on his birthday on December 12th and remaining there until his next birthday in 2009.  This number denotes that his career and self-esteem will take a nosedive this year, likely within the first 4 months after his birthday - through April of 2009, that can leave him feeling stripped of all that he felt was important to him.  Because of this influence, it is my opinion that he won't be the Chairman of the FED by this time next year.


          Secretary/Treasure of the US Henry Paulson has had the "testing" numbers in his chart since 2006.  Apparently, he saw this crisis coming some time ago.  From 2008 through 2011, Mr. Paulson has what I call "stress numbers."  In 2012, however, he has a most auspicious number influence come in that appears as though he gets bailed out himself.  Hummm.


          I would like to offer something about each of the charts I analyzed, but suffice it to say that most of them had the same kinds of influences affecting their lives from this time through to 2020 and, in some cases, beyond 2020.  I think we're all in for a long ride in a Big Bummer Boat!


Who is Governor Sarah Louise Heath Palin (2/11/64)?


        First and foremost, Ms. Palin has a need to lead, according to her numerological chart, and there is no hesitation on her part to steadfastly lay down rules and administer them (she has the same name numbers as my mother and, trust me, my Mom, whom I love dearly, was a strong enforcer of right and wrong in my life).  Ms. Palin also has the exact same destiny number as President George W. Bush (33/6), which means that when she decides that something is right or wrong, there is no other way to think as far as she is concerned.  She can be righteous (and self-righteous), sometimes a martyr, and she can be a peacemaker (born on the 11th) and sometimes fanatical (which is the negative side of the 11).  She has the two most "set-in-their ways" numbers in numerology - the numbers 6 and 8.  Both of those numbers are also considered "giver" numbers, which means that she is likely very giving and caring in her community and to her family and friends.  I believe President Bush has shown similar qualities in his personal life, but did that make him a good president?  Is the "Good Ol' Boy" image the one we want in the White House again? - 'cause Sarah Palin appears most certainly to be a "Good Ol' Girl," from her use of slang to her down-home behavior which is likely to become more emphasized if she were to be "one breath away" from being President of the United States of America. 


          Let's just hope (and pray) that the next President of this great country will be psychologically, physically, emotionally, and spiritually able to not only withstand the heavy burden that appears to be facing us in the very near future, but also bring the American people back to a position of honor and respect in the world community for the good deeds we do and the exemplary manner in which we do them. 




What Helped Make Michael Phelps, Shawn Johnson and Nastia Liukin Become the Best of the Best in the Olympics?


          Michael Fred Phelps (born 6/30/85) has a 5 destiny (the "destiny number" is most powerful influence in a numerological chart) which is associated with energy, flexibility, speed, daring, unconventionality, and versatility.  The 30 (his day of birth) is associated with self-expression, creativity, discipline (when doing something he enjoys), and good fortune.  Also, whenever the zero is associated with any number, as in the case of the 30, it is said to offer Divine guidance, Divine inspiration and Divine protection.  His name number is a 7 which is associated with perfectionism, deep thinking, uniqueness, and originality.  Mr. Phelps definitely rose to the highest resonance of his numerological influences during this year's Olympics!   


          Shawn Machel Johnson (born 1/19/92) also has a 5 destiny, so she has many of the same qualities as Michael Phelps.  Being born on the 19th provides her with determination, courage, self-reliance, the desire to lead and be a winner, and graciousness (which was very apparent at the Olympics).   Her name number is a 4 which is comparable to the 19th.  Both the 4 and the 19 offered Shawn the resolve to never give up once she has set a goal for herself.  Like Michael Phelps, she accessed the highest force of her winning combination of numbers.


          Anastasia ("Nastia") Valeryevna Liukin (born on 10/30/89) has the 4 as her "destiny number," which is comparable to Shawn Johnson's name number, giving her unrestrained determination, dedication, discipline, endurance, and unwavering resolve.  She was born on the 30th, as was Michael Phelps (self-expression, creativity, discipline, and good fortune), and her name number is a 7, like Michael Phelps (perfectionism, originality, etc.)  Her numbers aside, Ms. Liukin's grace, elegance, and strength of character were also accounted for her high scores. 


          These three extraordinary athletes had very comparable numbers, almost as if they were cut from the same cloth.  Apart from their numbers, I believe they were fortunate enough to have ignited in their psyches a spark of inspiration that grew into a blazing desire that couldn't be extinguished.  Michael, Shawn and Nastia are grand examples of how superlative human beings can become when they set their minds to achieving a seemingly impossible dream.




          Paul Newman has the distinction of being the only actor who merited a framed picture on my bedroom wall.  This wasn't during my teen years.  No, this was when I was in my 30s and 40s!  He was such a fine feast for the eyes!  Born on January 26, 1925, his day of birth reduced to an 8 (2+6 = 8) and he had an 8 destiny.  The 8 is the number of the Class Act, the Exemplar, the Teacher of Teachers, the Chairman of the Board, the General, the Judge, the Producer/Director, and the Patriarch.  He was all that and MORE!  He was also a philanthropist, a humanitarian, a gentleman, a race car driver, an actor, an entrepreneur, a devoted husband and father, a beer drinker (hey, he wasn't infallible J), and a humble human being!  Like the Olympic champions listed above, Mr. Newman is another grand example of how superlative a human being can be.  I imagine if he were to reincarnate, he would come back in the 11th dimension (the highest dimension known to quantum physicists at this time) because, in my opinion, anything lower would dishonor his spirit.  Paul Newman is forever immortalized in more than 60 movies.  In his passing, we can take great comfort watching his exceptional talent and striking presence on the silver screen.  He left a legacy of having been someone worthy of emulation - that's for sure!  


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