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It's interesting how unappealing the news is these days.  I suppose it always has been since the news media definitely focuses on the negative, but it does appear to have escalated in that direction lately -- or is it that there are simply MORE and MORE dastardly things occurring?!
I have, therefore, decided to write about a light topic in this newsletter -- Children in the News.  There has been a bevy of newborns lately and babies of the rich and famous are apparently newsworthy, judging from the tabloids, so I decided to put in my two cents about some of the children who are getting the most press -- and some who aren't, but thought they might be interesting, just the same. 
This "Children in the News" idea was given to me by one of my clients, and I invite you to offer me a topic you would like me to write about in my next newsletter at   
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THE OBAMA CHILDREN -- Malia Ann (born on July 4, 1998) and Natasha Leo
(born on August 1, 2001)

When I began analyzing the charts of Malia and Sasha, they brought to mind England's royal Princes, William and Harry.  I think it so fitting that the most advanced country in the world -- the USofA -- has two girls as the youngest representatives of our First Family.  By the time Malia and Sasha are in their 20s, they will likely have rather princely degrees and professions themselves, judging from the tremendous strides women are making today both educationally and in the workforce. 
ASIDE:  It is a fact that between the years of 1975 and 2001 the total increase in bachelor degrees awarded during that period showed males earning 8% of them and females earning 92% of them.   Between the years 1990 and 2007, the increase in females earning professional degrees was 62% in comparison to  males earning an increase of 7%.  (National Center for Educational Statistics).  So you can see that women are forging forward in unprecedented numbers in all professional arenas as we move further and faster into the 21st Century. 
Watch out world, 'cause Malia and Sasha are just two of the females who will eventually be helping to change our country and world from its current testosterone-oriented greed and domination rule to a more kind, nurturing, compassionate, and benevolent stage for all the humans and things of the earth on which to thrive.  (But that's just my opinion :) ).
Who is Malia Ann?  Her name is a 7 (the number of the gifted genius/scholar) which is the same name number as that of her mother.  This number provides her with the quality of being observant and anaylitical -- giving her a composed and reserved demeanor as one who would rather be watching others than being center stage.  Being born on the 4th (which is the same "personality" number as her father), she will be very studious, conscientious, and determined with her school work and her personal commitments.  She also has the same "destiny" number (full addition of the date of birth) as her mother AND father, which is the 11. 
In numerology, the 11 represents the peacemaker, the arbitrator, and one who has the potentential to become famous or rise to a position of prominence in their career endeavor.  Malia's chart shows that in her mid-20s and early 30s she will rise to a position of recognition, and in her mid-40s, she has another surge of notariety that could involve her running for and winning the 2044 Presidential election! (You heard it here first :)!  There is no doubt that she will one day achieve a status in her life that will make her parents and, perhaps her country, proud as can be. 

Malia's primary numerological influences are a composite of both her mother and father.  This family was meant to be illuminated in some manner and who better for Malia to emulate than her own exceptional parents.
ASIDE:  Malia has the same birthday as President Calvin Coolidge, who also had an 11 destiny, like Malia.  Eleven other US Presidents were either born on an 11 day or had the 11 destiny -- they include: John Adams, John Quincy Adams, Wm. Harrison, John Tyler, Franklin Pierce, Wm. McKinley, Herbert Hoover, John F. Kennedy, Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton, and Barack Obama.  
Who is Sasha?  Sasha's (Natasha at birth) name number is the 11 which gives her the ability to move others through their emotions with her words.  (I'm sure she is quite skilled at working her parents with her words and cuteness, along with being their "baby".)  The 11 is also a number of "putting ones name in lights."  Could it be that we have two potential US Presidents in this lineage?  My take is that Sasha will more likely become famous on the stage.
Sasha's was born on the 10th which is the number of the gentle and compassionate leader, and she has the number 3 destiny which endows her with an undauntable enthusiasm, combined with an optimistic, self-assurance countenance.  She will gravitate to the arts and likely find her own recognition in something far removed from politics.  She's definitely the Prince Harry component of this dignified family.  In 2011, she will experience some constraints that will not be easy for her to deal with.  Her father will be going through some difficulty at that time too, judging from the numbers in his chart, so she may be intuitively picking up on that too.  At that time, Michelle's and Malia's charts show that they will be in her corner as firm and steadying influences.  

How To Calculate Your Child's "Attitude" Number
The "Attitude" number is most powerful in the first phase of someone's life and it's influence is present until ages 27 through 35, depending on the "destiny" number (the full addition of the birth date).  Subtract the single-digit destiny number from 36 to determine the Attitude number's completion date. 
The Attitude number is found by adding the month your child was born to the day your child was born (you can use this process for your own birthday as well to determine your Attitude number, which can have an subtle effect throughout your life, regardless of how old you are.)
Example:  If your child (or you) were born on November 25, you would add 11 + 25 which equals 36 and then add 3+6 which equals 9.  The Attitude number is 9.  See below for brief definitions.  Be mindful that your child does not automatically assume the "Minus" traits.  They are offered because I feel it is good for parents to understand a few of the negative possibilities, along with the Plusses, because all children aren't born to be  angels in disguise :).
Attitude Number
1 - Plus:  Strong-willed, determined, original, self-confident, inquisitive, aspiring, active, adventurous, bold
Minus:  changeable, indifferent, contrary, stubborn, lazy
2 - Plus: Agreeable, cautious, compliant, tactful, gentle, soft-hearted, kind, tolerant, trustworthy, harmonizing
Minus:  Super-sensitive, fearful, devious, apathetic, shy
3 - Plus: Amusing, animated, self-expressive, gracious, happy, optimistic, social, tasteful, friendly, considerate
Minus:  Anxious, shy, vain, prideful, shallow, withdrawn
4 - Plus:  Candid, competent, compliant, determined, dependable, earnest, industrious, organized, systematic
Minus:  Argumentative, stubborn, blunt, lazy, lethargic
5 - Plus:  Active, agreeable, clever, creative, fun-loving, stylish, sociable, exuberant, quick-witted, savvy
Minuses:  Hot temper, nervous, thrill-seeking, unpredictable, unresponsive
6 - Plus:  Congenial, conscientious, dutiful, faithful, helpful, sentimental, unselfish, patient, moral, domestic
Minus:  Dependent, discontent, melancholic, cynical, disillusioned
7 - Plus:  Different wavelength, gifted, idealistic, calm, bookish, responsible, truth-seeking, analytical, astute
Minus:  Uncertain, aloof, secretive, fanatic, fault-finding, stubborn
8 - Plus:  Ambitious, astute, clever, competent, resolute, disciplined, efficient, honest, industrious, principled, loyal
Minus:  Awkward, blunt, bullying, dishonest, rebellious, scheming
9 - Plus:  Amiable, compliant, enlightened, gracious, loyal, modest, sentimental, high-minded, helpful, idealistic
Minus:   Detached, half-hearted, obstinate, cranky, hot-headed
(If you want more detailed information about the Attitude number, you can purchase my book at a discount ($15.00, which includes postage) via check or Master Card or Visa by requesting it in an email to me at

Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg's children 
Rose Kennedy Schlossberg, born June 25, 1988; Tatiana Celia Kennedy Schlossberg, born May 5, 1990, and John Bouvier Kennedy Schlossberg, born January 19, 1993. 
After analyzing the charts of these three heirs to the Kennedy dynasty, what struck me as most remarkable is that all three of their charts are considered Dharmic as opposed to Karmic.  In my practice, the Dharmic charts are approximately 10% of the overall charts I analyze.  A Dharmic chart is one that denotes someone who is here on a mission.  Everyone has a "destiny" and purpose in this life, but not everyone comes with a specific mission.  Dharmics are people who come to set an example, to help others achieve faster evolution through their example.  They may come to show how NOT to do something, as in the case of Hitler (who had a Dharmic chart) or to show how to help effect something that helps the masses like Mahatma Gandhi or President John F. Kennedy, both of whom were Dharmic souls.  In fact, Presidents John F. Kennedy and Bill Clinton are the only two Dharmic U.S. Presidents to date.  The Royal Windsors in England have numerous Dharmics among them -- Princes Charles, William and Harry being the most prominent at this time.
Rose Schlossberg has numbers that compare to her great uncle Joseph P. Kennedy, Jr., who died in a plane crash during WWII.  Her name number is 100, which is a very auspicious numerical symbol in numerology, denoting that she has divine inspiration, divine guidance, and divine protection in all that she attempts in the outside world (the name number influences ones outside self).  It also indicates that she has innate leadership skills, and the ability to lead without getting carried away with her own self-importance.  She was born on the 25th which gives her a dignified demeanor and a thirst for knowledge.  It also influences her ability to think "out of the box," which is always an asset in any career endeavor.  She has a 3 destiny which can make her an adventuress, and/or someone who is very precision oriented, using her left-brain orientation more than her more free-flowing right hemisphere.  She will also be  attracted to the arts and likely become a benefactor to them at some point in her life, like her mother and grandmother Jacqueline.
Tatiana Schlossberg is a more complex character than Rose.  Her name is a 4, like her mother's name number, which gives her a very analytical and linear mind, as well as a pragmatic, no-nonsense approach to the outside world.  This influence can also make her a skilled debater and someone who speaks her truth very effectively.  She is born on the 5th of May, which endows her with a strong-willed attitude and abundant reservoir of energy.  She has an 11 destiny, like her grandmother Jacqueline, which portends that her name will be known for some good work she does to help the many.  Her Dharmic chart gives her a boost for achieving that prophesy.
John Schlossberg's chart shows that he will likely become a lawyer like his mother, or involved in some kind of humanitarian work.  He is all about fairness and justice for all (6 destiny).  He will likely find a way to use that strong humanitarian calling to help those most in need, regardless of his occupation.  His mother has that same destiny number and she is known for her philanthropic work.  John was born on the 19th which is the same personality number as his father.  The 19 gives him leadership abilities and he will ultimately have strong and resolute opinions and principles.  He has the 11 as his "attitude" number which gives him a soft-hearted nature, even one that is super-sensitive.  His name number is also an 11, which indicates he will be an eloquent and captivating speaker one day.  All of these positive qualities will eventually help him to attract a strong following for his humanitarian mission.

Miscellaneous Famous Children
The Brangelina Flock:
Maddox Vibol (born 8/5/2001).  Maddox, who has a 7 destiny, may become a scholar, a champion athlete, or a renowned astrophysicist -- if having money and fame at such an early age doesn't dissipate his motivation.  Like Willie Mays, Bruce Lee, Mohammed Ali, Billy Joel, and Johnny Depp, all of whom have a 7 destiny, Maddox has come into this life to become masterful at something.  Since he is starting out life with grand slam parents and plenty of monetary support, I'm sure he will be given every opportunity to affect that purpose.  His chart shows that he will maintain a very stable and industrious life.  Even though he is a Leo, he is not the type who craves being the center of attention and he will likely focus on a career that will enable him to avoid the spotlight.  

Zahara Marley (born on 7/6/2005).  Zahara has an 11 destiny, and her birth date is one of many famous people -- Merv Griffin, Nancy Reagan, Sylvester Stallone, Ned Beatty, and even George W. Bush and the Dalai Lama.  She will likely adore being in the limelight and follow her parents into show biz.  Her 11 destiny will help to put her name in lights, along with the fact that her parents are Hollywood royalty.  Being born on the 6th gives her a strong sense of humanitarianism, so she may eventually join her parents' humanitarian causes and could "illuminate" (which is a feature of the 11) herself doing something that helps the many.
Shiloh Nouvel (born on May 27, 2006) has the identical numbers as those of her father Brad Pitt (born on December 18, 1963).  Both were born on a 9 day (2+7=9; 1+8=9) and both have a 22/4 destiny.  These are numbers of universal humanitarians and "master builders."  Shiloh's numbers show a calling that is as elevated as her father's (it is evident that Brad has reckoned with his soul's mission to help the many).  Shiloh was born with unparalleled beauty and a soul to match, and she will likely become known for following in her father's and mother's humanitarian footsteps.
Pax Thien (born 11/29/2003).  Pax has a 9 destiny which indicates he will be the most inclined to gravitate to the world of fame and fan fair.  He is born on an 11 day, which means that he is destined to have his name known and his 9 destiny influence will increase his reverie in being the center of attention.  Pax has the same birth date and destiny number as Howie Mandell and Bugby Berkeley so he could end up being quite the showman.  He could definitely make a resounding master of ceremonies, like Howie, because of the illuminating and appealing influence of the 11s in his birth chart.
Knox Leon and Vivienne Marcheline (born on 7/12/2008).  Twins are so interesting because many times one of them is an angel and the other is a little devil in disguise.  After analyzing their charts, it appears that Knox is (will be) the latter and Vivienne is (will be) the angel.  Knox will be attracted to things in his early years that will make him vulnerable to deception or situations that don't pan out as he had hoped.  Vivienne, on the other hand, has a much more cautious nature.  She may be the bossy twin, especially to her twin brother, and likely one day find herself in a position of being the "big shoulders" or a counselor for those who are troubled.  Both Knox and Vivienne have what I call the "Angel of the Earth" destiny number (the 47/11), but it appears that Knox may take a route that will give him a first-hand taste of what those he will be helping have gone through.  Whatever the case, if both of these children grow up to do things that help others through their professions, they will be undertaking the mission associated with their destiny number.     
Madonna's Trio -- Lourdes, Rocco and David
Lourdes Maria Ciccone Leon (born 10/14/1996).  Lourdes' chart shows she was quite dismantled when her bro Rooco was born.  He came along when she was 4 and it took her until she was 8 to get over the trauma of not being the only shining star in her mother's life.  She now has mother-like numbers herself, indicating that she has likely taken to David in a nurturing way.  If Madonna was problematic for her father when she was in her teens, well, this kid will give Madonna a bit more than she bargained for when she enters her high school years, too.  Lourdes has a 6 "attitude" number which can make her very conscientious and nurturing, along with the tendency to develop very strong principles about fairness and justice, whom she will likely express in a very forthright manner in her teens (and they are likely not to concur with her mother's principles, as most parents of teens know).  There are also signs of her being quite the hot-head (having a 5 "personality" number -- the sign of the "flash temper" -- and stubborn (having a 22/4 destiny -- the influence of someone who is determined to prevail.)  Her long-range future looks quite bright, however, but it appears that she will focus more on her marriage (which may take place when she's 28) and being a mom, than following in her mother's avant-garde shoes. 
Rocco John Ritchie (born 8/11/2000) has a 1 "attitude" number which is one sign among many in his chart that this little guy may have reincarnated from a most recent past life as a member of the Britain's Royal Marine Commandos (the fiercest military corp of England).  This kid is a fighter and he has been fighting since he was a baby for his position in his famous family.  His name number is an 11 and he was born on an 11 day which gives him a sponge-like presence -- soaking in every nuance and innuendo in his surroundings.  His chart indicates that for the past 8 years, his home front wasn't very placid.  Things changed for him for the better this year and will continue to be much more positive for many years to come.  Perhaps the Madonna/Guy divorce was the remedy to enable him to have some peace.  He has a 3 destiny, which means he will be attracted to the arts, which can include sports.  His destiny is one of being enthusiastic, optimistic, and along the way developing a taste for the high life.  He will be rich (and possibly famous) and his greatest nemesis in his life will be his affect ional relationships (his marriage(s) included).
David Banda Mwale Ciccone Ritchie (born 9/24/2005) has a 6 "attitude" number which makes him a little sweetheart in his youngest years, but he will have a penchant for argumentation in his adolescence.  He also has the 22/4 destiny, like his big sister Lourdes, which gives him the stalwart determination to achieve all his goals.  He has the most nurturing numbers of everyone in this family, and will likely find his calling in humanitarian work or some other occupation that enables him to give from his heart.  What a nice addition he is to our planet.  It could be that he will eventually find a way to help people in his home country.   
Little Suri Cruize
Suri Cruise (born on 4/18/2006).  If Suri Cruise is her given name, then she comes into this life with quite a lot of challenging karma.  Although she is born into a privileged life, her chart indicates that she is being raised to be a very dutiful child.  Her numbers would describe a different story, but the delineation of her name indicates that she will follow the dictates of whatever it is she is supposed to be learning or doing and rarely be the cause of much angst for her parents.  Maybe that's because she has two of the most controlling parents one could have.  Her father has a 3 personality number (the disciplinarian) and a 1 destiny (the traditional patriarchal figurehead who is the bottom-line in everything in his life) and her mother is born on a 9 day (the aristocratic and genteel matriarch) and also has a 1 destiny -- so if Tom isn't telling her what to do and how to be, then her mother would be picking up the slack with her controlling needs.  Fortunately, Suri's chart shows that even though she may experience some depression in her teen years, her life is going to be quite pleasant and fortuitous.      

The Schwarzenegger Brood
Katherine Eunice Schwarzenegger (born  12/13/1989).  Katherine has a 7 "attitude" number and a 7 destiny.  This is a child who sees her family as being different (no kidding!) and because of that feels like she doesn't fit in with other kids.  I know this from analyzing hundreds of kids and having that validated by their parents and the kids themselves.  However, when the destiny and attitude are 7s, this child will not be telling anyone much of anything about how she feels.  She is the classic "stuffer."  Someone who doesn't want to draw negative attention to herself.  I'm sure that she is the easiest child in the Schwarzenegger household because her three other siblings have much more outgoing and dramatic influences in their charts.  Because she has the 7 attitude and destiny, and is born on the 13th (the number of the dedicated, conscientious, and eventual workaholic), with a 1 as her name number, she will emphatically become a leader in her field of endeavor, which can be anything from the arts to the sciences.  This kid is a winner and she has a chart that shows that, but she definitely isn't the chip off her Dad's block, nor her mother's, for that matter.  She has numbers more like her Uncle Timothy Shriver who has a Ph.D. in education and is the chairman of the Special Olympics. 
Christina Maria Aurelia Schwarzenegger (born on 7/23/1991) has a 9 name number, is born on a 5 day and has a 5 destiny.  There is no doubt in my mind that this child spells trouble with a capital T!  The 9 is the number of the "Mt.Vesuvius" temper and the 5 is the number of the "flash" temper.  She is also a Leo, which means she has a fixed temperament and strong opinions.  I do believe that Christina is Arnold's and Maria's greatest challenge among their children. She would need constant mental and physical stimulation -- being always on the go, and she would want to be with the "in crowd" and wear the latest fashions, and love being the center of attention.  She will likely gravitate to the world of show biz or some other high profile existence because she will love hob-knobbing with the rich and famous.  She could have an indulgence problem and hopefully that will simply be that she will love to shop 'til she drops.  She has a very powerful spirit, and she will eventually put that power to work doing something that keeps her in the know, on the go, and up with the times -- perhaps journalism, like her Mom. 
Patrick Arnold Shriver Schwarzenegger (born on 9/18/1993) has a 4 destiny like his father (so he can be quite forthright, sometimes in an alarming or impulsive way -- like his father), and his name number is also a 4 which gives him a double influence of verbally shooting from the hip.  He was born on a 9 day, which makes him dignified and gentlemanly, but he will also have that Mt.Vesuvius temper lurking behind his seemingly collected demeanor.  He's born on Lance Armstrong's birthday, and because of his 4 destiny, he would have a comparable determination and drive to that of Mr. Armstrong.  He is another Dharmic soul, so he has a mission to help others and having the 4 destiny is another indication that he would be motivated to do something with his career that helps people.  His chart shows much success in his future and this young man will work for it.
Christopher Sargent Shriver Schwarzenegger (born 9/27/1997).  It's interesting that the two Schwarzenegger boys were born in the 9 month on 9 days.  The 9 month child is many times unexpected because they usually are conceived during the Winter Holiday season when people are drinkin' and sometimes they ain't thinkin'.  Children born in the 9 month are usually very dutiful, especially to their mother.  I think that would be a prerequisite for being a child of Mama Maria because she is one strong woman (she has a 1 destiny! -- and I imagine she is definitely the bottom-line force on the home front).  Chris has an 8 destiny, which means he will ultimately be an exemplar -- a class act who came to show others how to do things right -- "the teacher of teachers" and the "chairman of the board."  He also has a Dharmic chart like his brother Patrick.  This child is a good and noble human being.  He and his brother and father all have "giver" destiny numbers.  The women are the "takers" in this family, however, because they are also females, they will be instinctively inclined to do their share of giving too.  Maria once said on some TV program that she has raised all of her children to serve humanity in some way, and interestingly they all come into this life with numbers that would not resist that focus as their calling. 

"A Diamond in your Pocket" by Gangaji
"Oneness" by Rasha
"The Universe in a Single Atom" by His Holiness the Dalai Lama
"A New Earth" by Eckhart Tolle
"Out of The Dark" by JoAnn Ainsworth, read reviews:

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