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Well, spring has almost sprung and let's hope it will usher in a calming effect to the weather around our beautiful country.  
On a lighter note, did you know that the first St. Patrick's Day parade did not take place in Ireland but in New York City on March 17, 1762?  Today the New York City St. Patrick's Day Parade is the oldest civilian parade in the world and the largest in the United States with over 150,000 participants. 
Happy St. Patrick's Day to you all!

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Robber Barons Madoff and Stanford

What type of characters are Bernard Madoff and Allen Stanford besides the obvious - knavish, unprincipled, unscrupulous, dishonest, deceitful, disgusting rogues?
Madoff's and Stanford's numerological influences could have been positively interpreted if it weren't for the fact that they had already degenerated to the low side of their numbers.  I can understand, however, from viewing their numerological charts, why people were so deluded by these two sleazy thieves. 
Bernard Lawrence Madoff (born on April 29, 1938) has an 8 Name number which, on the high side, is referred to as the "Chairman of the Board," the class act, and the exemplar.  He also has a 9 Destiny which is given the designation of the aristocratic and genteel statesman.  Having been born on the 29th, he would be positively characterized as possessing the qualities of an eloquent orator and visionary. 
The opposite or low side of those same numbers could describe Madoff as a grandiose dreamer and schemer, dictatorial, authoritarian, cunning, crafty and calculating, an elitist and opportunist.  There are other, much more explicit (expletive) words that I'm sure those who have lost so much in his Ponzie scheme would feel were better ways to describe him.  He likely outwardly expressed many of the more positive qualities of his numbers throughout his villainous reign, so perhaps you can understand how he may have had an appealing demeanor to his victims. 
This year Madoff has three fierce test numbers (in different positions) in his numerological chart.  However, it appears that something will occur in his life next year, after his birthday in 2010 that will give him a better situation.  His chart also indicates that he might be receiving money or increased status between his ages of 72 to 81 (he's currently 71).  Hopefully, he won't be allowed to benefit from writing his story, unless that money were to go to those who suffered from his obscenely selfish and greedy nature. 
Robert Allen Stanford (born on March 24, 1950 ) has a 3 Name number (positively defined as eloquent, creative, gregarious, charming, and entertaining).  He has a 6 Destiny number (positively defined as being associated with someone possessing the qualities of a humanitarian, and a caring, prudent, responsible, family-oriented citizen).  He was born on a 6 day which gives him a double influence of those same qualities.  On the negative side of those same numbers, he could be described as a seductive, self-righteous, argumentative, envious, officious, weak-willed jerk.  One definition of "jerk" in the dictionary is "someone who takes unfair advantage of, deceives, and manipulates others" ---- that fits!
Starting with Stanford's birthday this year, he has numerous negative influences, one of which can wreak misery on him for a solid five years.  His worst number influences this year come in around October/November of 2009.  Prior to that, his chart indicates that he will likely be working his buns off trying to find a way to avoid the inevitable - getting his buns thrown in the pokey for good!  Six years out, however, he has numbers that indicate he will have a very different existence - one that could give him fame and possibly good fortune.  It could be that he eventually writes about his high ride to the bottom, as Madoff might, and the royalties from that would hopefully be used to give something back to those he victimized.  

Is the Mother of the Octuplets Off Her Rocker?
 (She may be "off" to some degree, but she will definitely be "in" a rocker for quite some time, too.)
Born on October 12, 1975, Nadya [Suleman] Doud, the "Octo-Mom" as the media depicts her, has numbers that indicate that she can be a class act, the teacher of teachers, the exemplar, and the "Chairman of the Board."  Does this sound familiar?  It should because Ms. Shuleman has some of the same numbers as Bernard Madoff.  It's interesting that both of these characters are involved in such extreme situations. 
As mentioned above, the number 8, which both Suleman and Madoff have as their Name numbers, indicates that they would want or need to be in an important position in their lives to feel good about themselves.  They are dreamers of grandiose dreams and schemes and they both must have thought that they struck pay dirt - Madoff with his seemingly failsafe Ponzie scheme, and Suleman by bearing 8 children, regardless of whether she was scheming or not. 
The 8 is the number of the equalizer - what goes around comes around.  Remember what happened to Coby Bryant when he was wearing jersey No. 8?  Now he wears jersey No. 24, the number of responsibility and love (or perhaps in his case it's responsibility TO his love).
If Nadya Suleman's birth name was Natalie Denise Doud (which she was known as in high school), she would have had a better life than anyone might expect.  Analyzing the delineation of that name, it appears she could receive a great deal of publicity as the children are older - around 5 and 6 - and there will be much good fortune associated with that publicity or notoriety.  If her name from birth was Nadya Doud, which is likely, her future looks much more difficult for a very long time.  I suppose raising 14 children could find her experiencing both circumstances.  I wish her the best for the sake of all those beautiful children.

What's Up with Rappers Chris Brown and Rihanna?

Christopher Maurice Brown (born on May 5, 1989) has a 1 Destiny, which, if expressed negatively, means he can be very controlling, inclined to feelings of jealousy, and have the need to be the bottom line decision-maker in everything that involves his life, which would include Rihanna should she be foolish enough to stay with him.  Brown was also born under the sign of Taurus, a negative attribute of which is explosive tempers.  And, he was born on the 5th, which reinforces the tendency toward flash temper, especially when it's associated with the Personality number (which it is in Brown's case). 
So this guy has a lethal combination, in my opinion, and it is going to be very difficult for him to avoid the pitfalls of his tempestuousness because of his childhood, which, according to him, involved watching his father beat his mother.  He needs a great deal of therapy to disengage that kind of psychological damage.
 Robyn Rihanna Fenty (born on February 20, 1988 ) is the "faithful mate" type.  Her numbers indicate that she would defer to Brown to stay in his good graces if she believes she is in love with him.  Being born on the 20th, she is inclined to be a peacemaker, and therefore possibly an enabler.  Her numbers indicate she will always try to do what she thinks is best for those she loves. 
Rihanna's Destiny number is a 3 which indicates that she could have somewhat of a childlike nature and could, therefore, easily fall prey to Brown's strong-armed manner of control.  Interestingly, she has the same Destiny number (No. 3) as Nicole Brown Simpson, and Chris Brown has the same Destiny number (No. 1) as O. J. Simpson.  The Destiny number is the most powerful aspect of a numerological chart and a female with a 3 destiny usually wouldn't have as strong a defense mechanism as the powerful and manipulative No. 1 destiny. 
A positive side to those with a 1-destiny is their charm and original talent.  Those features can be very enticing to a young woman in love, so let's hope Rihanna doesn't get too bound in Brown's beguiling web
without being mindful of his grizzly bear side.

Cable History Channel
I have been watching the History Channel quite extensively lately.  There are so many interesting programs about new discoveries about our universe, the earth, the galaxy, the future in medicine, and prognostications by the ancients of what lies ahead for all we humans if we don't start changing our ways.  Even if only some of it comes to pass, we are in for some life-altering changes. 
Most of these TV programs offer that we as humans have a choice as to whether the changes are positive or destructive.  It is all about becoming enlightened of and embracing the concept that we are one with all things in the earth.  If you're interested in learning one way to do that, I suggest you Google "Oneness Blessing" and read about this free and fast-spreading method for rapidly enhancing your personal level of enlightenment. 

Wishing you blessings and good cheer, 
Sally Faubion, Numerologist
(415) 474-6210

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