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I was as shocked and dismayed by Michael Jackson's death as any other person who thought him to be an extraordinarily talented human being.  Having analyzed his chart for many years, I thought it would be interesting to offer something about his life from a numerological perspective.  He had a lot going for him and it appears he may have fulfilled his mission.
As always, I will appreciate any thoughts or comments you care to share at regarding this or any other topic.  I'm always looking for new material to analyze and research for my newsletters, so if you have a topic or people you would like me to write about, please send it to me.    

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Jackson's numerological chart is one among the very few famous Dharmic souls (a "Dharmic" soul is someone who didn't need to reincarnate but did so for a specific mission to help others on this earth plane).  There are many others who float among us, ostensibly unaware that they are Dharmics (unless they have come to me for a reading) and how they are positively affecting a few or many by their presence.  It's easier to ascertain the good that the famous are doing because their deeds are well publicized.  Baseball great Babe Ruth, Mohandas Gandhi, and President John F. Kennedy are examples of Dharmics who have obviously fulfilled their missions and received their galactic gold stars after returning to the vast universe.
Dharmics are also found among people who are come to show we humans how NOT to do things - like O. J. Simpson, and Adolf Hitler.  However, there are positive lessons that we learned from the evil doers, too.  In the case of the two previously mentioned, most of us developed a sense of greater compassion for those who suffered at the hands of those men, and an awareness that can help us hopefully curtail such heinous acts in the future. 
Michael's "mission" is being splashed around the world, that of being an exemplary musical talent.  Since you have all likely seen as much and more than you might care to about him, I am offering information that is a departure from what you have been listening to and reading about - and the nice thing about an emailed newsletter is that you can zap it if you just can't read another thing about Michael Jackson.   

A Numerological Perspective of Michael Jackson's Life and Death
I expressed in a newsletter a few years back that Michael Jackson would make a big comeback, but I never imagined it would be because of his death.  In fact, at age 49, he was entering a time in his life when he would make more money and have more fame than ever before.  His chart also showed that he would likely be suffering from depression or ill health during that the same time. 

From his age of 49 through age 51, he had a number that indicated difficulty with others - his family, his employees, his children, or perhaps all of them.  This number is also one that can indicate ill health. 
If Jackson had made it past age 51, his world was going to be one of living the best life he had ever lived, according to his numbers.  This influence would have gone on for a very long time - literally into his 90s.  Perhaps his chart is showing the extension of his life in death, once his spirit acclimated to the fact that he had died.  (It is said that some spirits do not understand that they have died when it is an unexpected occurrence, which obviously it was in this case).  His spirit should experience great solace (should that be something a spirit can experience) that he did what he set out to do.  It appears that his "Dharmic Soul" mission was accomplished, and accomplished very well, indeed.  Whatever the case may be, I sincerely hope that his spirit will rest in peace.

Jackson's children have their own journeys that have already included a pretty wild and crazy childhood existence with one of the most eccentric human beings known in modern times.  (As an aside, Howard Hughes, Warren Buffet, Don King, Ted Turner, Nick Nolte, John Lennon, Robert DeNiro, Stephen King, and Tom Arnold all had or have the 6 Destiny and they all have or had rather quirky dispositions, too.)

Jackson's children's numerological charts show different times in their young lives when their numbers were comparable to Jackson's own childhood, especially the boys.  It would seem obvious that little ones would feel traumatized by Jackson's need to keep them covered under veils and likely isolated while in the various, albeit palatial, hideouts of their father.  Each of the children have long stretches of difficult numbers in their futures, too, as does Jackson's mother (starting in 2011), I'm sorry to report.  Time will bring that to light, I'm sure, because the Jackson children are likely to be haunted and hunted by the paparazzi just like their father, among other things that can happen to the rich and wealthy children of the rich and famous.
Thank you for making it through to the end of my Michael Jackson indulgence.  In my opinion, he certainly deserves all the media coverage and accolades he received and continues to receive.  

Was Michael Jackson The Reincarnation of Thomas Edison?
I know this conjecture is rather far-fetched, but when I began looking for other famous people who had Jackson's same numbers, I found that he and Thomas Edison had many similarities.  After researching both men, I thought there were enough commonalities to offer the following comparisons. 
Michael Jackson and Thomas Edison -- A Rough Comparison
Michael Jackson was born on August 29th in 1958.  His "personality" number (the day of his birth) was the Master Number 11 [2+9 = 11].  The 11, as a personality number, denotes (briefly) someone who is highly sensitive to his/her surroundings, gentle and soft natured, inordinately intuitive, has a strong sense of rhythm (most people with a prevalent 11 in their charts love to dance), and requires a peaceful and harmonious environment.  The number 11, when related to a person in any way, is the number of the peacemaker, arbitrator, and mediator.  (You may recall from one of my previous newsletters that President Obama has an 11 Destiny number.)
Thomas Edison was born on February 11 in 1847.  His Personality number was also the Master Number 11.  I didn't find anything to say that Edison loved to dance or that he was a gentle, soft-natured guy, but he did like his solitude and would keep all interferences out of his working environment, including his family members, to maintain peace and quiet so he could do his best work.
Jackson's "Destiny" number (the full addition of the birth date) was a 6.  The 6 Destiny is the symbol of the humanitarian.  Those who have a 6 Destiny are kind and caring toward things and people who can't help themselves as well as others, i.e., animals, children, seniors, the challenged, and the earth.  They cherish their homes and usually make a home-like environment wherever they go - including at the office.  Their biggest challenge is overcoming a tendency toward self-righteousness.  It is very difficult to change the mind of someone with a 6 Destiny once it is made up, no matter how biased their opinion may be.  (You might recall that Ex-President George W. Bush had a 6 Destiny).  They are also inclined to feel martyred because they do tend to do so much more for others than others do for them.  (I always tell my 6-Destiny clients that they must recognize that they set up that situation, so they only have themselves blame if they begin to feel martyred.)   
Edison's "Destiny" number was also a 6.  There wasn't much written about Edison's humanitarian inclinations other than that he was very proud of the fact that he never invented anything that was harmful to people or the earth.
Jackson's name number (the "Character" number) was a 7, which represents (briefly) the "genius" who has a thirst for knowledge that is unquenchable and who may present himself in an odd and unorthodox manner in the outside world.  People with the 7 Character are considered aloof and/or shy by many.  In fact, they are people who do not like to feel crowded by others; they are very private and like to observe others before they commit to an exchange with them; they intuitively make friends with those who allow them their space.  
Edison's Character number was also a 7 and he definitely exhibited those outstanding traits as well.
Jackson was the 7th child of 9 children.
Edison was the 7th child of 9 children.
Jackson was likely educated by tutors, his family, and his own life's experiences,judging from the lack of information about any formal education. 
Edison was home schooled for all but 3 months of his formal education.  His mother pulled him out of school when his teacher labeled him "addled" which means "mixed up" or "befuddled." 
Jackson was working by age 5.
Edison went was working at or around age 8 or 9.
Jackson released his first solo song "Got To Be There" at 13 and by age 20 he was no longer an integral part of the family singing group, "The Jacksons," after launching his solo albums and career.
Edison struck out on his own at 15, leaving his family home to live on a train and printed and published a newspaper, "The Weekly Herald," which was the first newspaper ever printed on a moving train (and probably the last, too).  In August of 1862 when Edison was still 15, he saved the life of the son of a Station Agent at Mt. Clemens, Michigan and in gratitude, the boy's father taught Thomas Edison telegraphy, which became Edison's profession for the next five years.  At age 18, Edison patented his first invention, the electrical vote recorder.    
Jackson abhorred anything to do with violence and war.
Edison abhorred anything to do with violence and war.
Jackson loved nature and animals. 
Edison loved nature - and felt that God was nature.
Jackson's closest family relationship was with his mother and, as his will implies, he was likely very good to her and cherished her love.  Katherine Jackson was born on a 4 day with a 4 destiny, so she is a "giver and would have been a reliable, dependable rock in Michael's life.  Let's hope she has the strength at 70+ to care for his three young children who will need a great deal of love to overcome their dysfunctional childhood (the latter is evident in the children's numerological charts).
Edison said of his mother:  "My mother was the making of me.  She was so true, so sure of me and I felt I had someone to live for, someone I must not disappoint." 
Jackson married twice.  He was 39 years of age when he married his second wife, Debbie Rowe, and he ultimately ended up with 3 children (the last one by a different surrogate, as we all know by now).  One is his namesake and judging from this little guy's chart, he did not have a very easy and loving relationship with his father, as was the case with Edison's first-born and namesake. 
Edison was married 3 times and had 3 children by his first wife - one of them being his namesake (who interestingly died 3 years after his Edison died and who had a very estranged relationship with his famous father).  Edison married his second wife at age 39, like Jackson, and had 3 children by her as well.  He was a known to be a very austere and unavailable parent.   
Jackson was known to be ambitious, obsessive, and intense with regard to his career endeavor.  He also put extraordinary time and effort into his work which garnered him well-deserved awards, recognition, and honor. 
Edison's bio says, "Edison was highly ambitious and obsessive.  He was able to concentrate intensely for long hours on achieving a goal or solving a problem.  He put in 16-hour days fulfilling new contracts."  Edison's rewards came from his paid contracts and patents, which were as well-deserved as Jackson's, needless to say.
Jacksonseemed to have unique and odd liaisons and friends, but two of his most enduring relationships appear to have been Elizabeth Taylor and Diana Ross, likely because of the similar lives they led.
Edison had a difficult time making friends, according to his bios, but he retained Henry Ford as a lifelong friend, likely because they felt an affinity with one another because of their genius for invention, along with their common connection with fortune and fame.
Jackson was not a very capable businessman, but astute enough to hire those who were to help him with his massive income.  However, he was also well known for his extravagant and spendthrift nature.
Edison was known to be a very poor businessman.  His bio offered that he once spent $32,000 in one day on sundry items, not unlike a Jackson spending spree.
Jackson was a genius at invention in the entertainment world.
Edison was a genius at invention in the industrial world.
Before Jackson died, in 2009, he played a critical role in introducing the modern age to electrifying dance and music.
Before Edison died, in 1931, he had played a critical role in introducing the modern age to electricity. 
Jackson died on June 25, 2009, which date also reduces to a 6, so he came in and went out with a 6 destiny.  (I don't know what that means, but it was interesting to me, and another thing that Jackson and Edison had in common, so I had to include it).
Edison died on October 18, 1931 which date reduces to a 6 - so he came in with a 6 destiny and died with a 6 destiny, just like Jackson!

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