Happy New Year! I hope this newsletter finds you happy and well. I've been busy analyzing all of the massive changes we've been seeing in the news - presidential transition, economic collapse, food shortages - and I thought I would share some of my findings with you.

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Goodbye 2008, Hello 2009!

2008 was a 28/1 year. It was a year, from a numerological standpoint, of new beginnings coming through unusual, unique and unexpected events. It was certainly in sync with that description, considering the bombshell economic downturn to the "unprecedented" weather conditions. 
2009 is a "spiritual test" year. The 29, in numerology, is a number that brings great changes to people's lives that sometimes come through losses, or unexpected moves, or other unanticipated challenges. Some of those challenges may occur for many in this New Year, but the 29's influence is not all negative. For many, its influence may affect greater spiritual enlightenment, an awakening that will help eradicate unhelpful ideals, desires, habits, and circumstances that hindered or discouraged higher thinking and values. I have offered the titles of a few books at the end of this newsletter that might help with that process.

The Passing of the Presidential Torch

It's my opinion that we had to experience the last administration in order to get this nation to a point of wanting radical change and enabling American to come to terms with what our true values are as a nation and as individuals. I'm hoping most of us are taking global warming seriously and plan to do something to help eradicate further destruction and erosion of our beautiful planet.  
It is interesting to contemplate how many of the seven deadly sins (lust, gluttony, greed, sloth, wrath, envy and pride) were glorified in the world of politics, religion, commerce, entertainment, industry and technology during the past 16 years: we witnessed never-ending wars, the globalization of the media, the exploitation of the "Great American Dream" of owning a house by the financial world, (leading not to an ownership society, but a debt-ridden society), and the exposure of numerous seemingly accomplished, highly-regarded individuals in government positions and in the financial world  behind whose deceptive masks lurked unconscionable skullduggery and unbecoming physical indiscretions (to say the least). The glorification of these "sins" in the last two eight-year government administrations - yes, I'm saying BOTH the Bush and the Clinton Administrations, and likely numerous administrations before them - has gotten us where we are today.  
Are we finally ready to face our mental and spiritual sloth in light of all that has been exposed over the past few years: the denigration of our dear Country, defamation of the US in the world, loss of our strong-hold as the "most powerful nation in the world?" We need to be ready for change and hard work. President-Elect Obama's administration may be our chance to start to reverse some of those blights, but we are all going to have to play a part in saving our precious earth.

Did Hillary Win?

In January 2008, I audaciously predicted that Hillary Clinton would win the Presidential election. That prediction was primarily based on the positive numbers she had in her chart around election time. Barack Obama also had good numbers in his chart at that time, but I didn't feel they were as good as Hillary's. And, even though President-Elect Barack Obama won the election, I tend to agree with the statement made by one of my clients in an email I received in December 2008:
Your predictions are vindicated! You had called Hillary as the winner, but she may be. She will be Sec of State, traveling the world, building her prestige. Barack will be back home dealing with the economy. No wonder Hillary's numbers looked slightly more positive leading you to your call that she would win. It looks like she may have the better deal / outcome and is in fact a winner in this election.
If I had the choice of being President or Secretary of State, I would choose being Secretary of State. With all the heavy issues that are facing the President-Elect, it might be the best thing that a man won this election so he can spend the next few years cleaning up the messes that his own gender has discharged on our planet. Did I say that!! I don't mean to be disparaging about the entire male gender, but if you consider those who are in the most powerful positions in our nation and those who have been exposed and expelled due to their own greed and physical dalliances over the past umpteen years, well, as they say, it is STILL a Good Old
Boy-run nation.

Insight into Top Obama Appointees (from a numerological perspective, of course)

The following are a few of the top cabinet members President-Elect Obama has appointed to date and a short adjective-laden synopsis of each individual according to their numerological "Personality" numbers (day of month) and "Destiny" number (the full addition of their birth date):
1. Rahm Emanuel (White House Chief of Staff), born on November 29, 1959:  An eloquent, albeit somewhat bristly, calculating, resolute mastermind of wit, grit, and winning strategies.  (1 Destiny)
2. Peter Orszag (Director of Management & Budget), born on December 16, 1968:  A brilliant, very private, pensive, possibly a bit peculiar, service-oriented Master of perfection and thinking "out of the box." (7 Destiny)
3. Robert Gates (Secretary of Defense), born on September 25, 1943:  A cautious, contained, honorable, service-oriented scholar with a passion for liberty and justice.  (6 Destiny)
4. Janet Napolitano (Secretary of Homeland Security), born on November 29, 1957:  An eloquent, exemplary, team-oriented, highly principled leader with a penchant for upholding the law of the land.  (8 Destiny)
5. Leon Panetta (Director of the CIA), born June 28, 1938:  An assertive, determined, courageous, forward-looking, influential, hardnosed, gentle leader.  (1 Destiny)
6. Steve Chu (Secretary of Energy), born on February 28, 1948:  A scholarly, analytical, calculating, risk-taking conservative and master of innovative thinking. (7 Destiny)
7. Anne Duncan (Secretary of Education), born on November 6, 1964:  A hyper-charged, single-minded, service-oriented, bottom-line operator with a penchant for prevailing against the odds.  (1 Destiny)
8. Eric Shinseki (Secretary of Veteran Affairs), born on November 28, 1942:  A good-natured, dynamic, dedicated, straight-forward, bottom-line operator with a steel-trap mind for collecting and retaining information, and a trail-blazing innovator.  (1 Destiny)
9. Hilda Solis (Secretary of Labor), born on October 20, 1957:  A scholarly, analytical, reflective  perfectionist who has extraordinary perceptivity and loves to cook. (I know, the latter doesn't have anything to do with her position, but it's likely true).  (7 Destiny)
10. Timothy Geithner (Secretary of the Treasury), born on August 18, 1961:  A conservative, scholarly, genteel, universal humanitarian with a passion for excellence in everything he does.  (7 Destiny)
11. Larry Summers (Director of the Economic Council), born on November 30, 1954:  A eloquent, principled, cautious and conservative gentleman and scholar.  He has comparable numbers to Warren Buffet!  (6 Destiny)
12. Lisa Jackson (Administrator of the EPA), born on February 8, 1962:  A commanding, progressive, resolute, intrepid leader with a powerful and persistent fondness for defeating anyone or anything opposing her better judgment.  (In other words, you don't want to mess with Lisa!) 
(1 Destiny)
13. Hillary Clinton (Secretary of State), born October 26, 1947:  A profoundly qualified 5-star general of government service with a drill-sergeant deportment and a penchant for quality and exactitude.  (We all know this.)  (3 Destiny)
14. Eric Holder (Attorney General), born on January 21, 1951.  A fluent, charismatic, affable, highly perceptive, judicious arbitrator/mediator, and visionary.  (11 Destiny)
15. Susan Rice (US Ambassador to the UN), born on November 17, 1964: A Hillary Clinton twin soul.  She is a Scorpio like Hillary, born on an 8 day like Hillary (1+7 = 8) and has a 3 Destiny like Hillary, and hey, I believe any woman who can make it to the top of the pile as a government official in our Good-Old-Boy-dominated political system has to have the qualities of Hillary Clinton and Martha Stewart (the latter of whom has the same numbers as Hillary, too - go figure!). 
Numerologically, it is interesting to note that of the 27 nominees I have analyzed to date:
  • 8 were born on a 1 day or had a 1 Destiny [the resolute risk-taker, trail-blazer, winner against odds];
  • 9 were either born on a 7 day or had a 7 Destiny [the dignified scholars and perfectionists];
  • 8 were either born on a 6 day or had a 6 Destiny [the officiators of fairness and justice], and
  • 6 were born on a 3 day or had a 3 Destiny [the creative, disciplined, precision-oriented, eternal optimists].
Of course, there's always the "good news" related to every number, but they also have opposite or reverse qualities associated with them. For a more in-depth study of all the numbers, you might want to order my book, Motivational Numerology: How Numbers Affect Your Life either from me (and I will sign it and write something splendid about you in it according to your numbers) or through Amazon.com. 
It's quite interesting to note that of the 27 appointees I analyzed, 7 were born in November and 8 were born in December, and 11 are Sagittarians, a sign that produces ambitious, generous, freedom-loving individuals and seekers of challenges, who are open to new ideas and exploration. (I'd say they definitely have the "challenge" thing covered with this Administration.)  Sagittarians are also known for their love of philosophy, higher learning and broad concepts.

What does all this analysis foretell of the Obama Cabinet?
In my opinion, these potential power-brokers of government create an unstoppable enclave of the  smartest, most potent assemblage of cabinet members in recent history. There are enough highly-principled, stalwart and steadfast gentlemen/women and scholars allied with highly-educated, can-do renegades to compliment and enhance President-Elect Obama's arbitrator/mediator, peace-making disposition. I imagine we will see significant and important changes in our government that have never happened before and perhaps never will again. I also will predict at this time that, if my numbers prove right, Obama's reign will last for 8 years.   

Will Caroline Kennedy Win the New York Senate Seat?

Of course, and she's doing so because her Uncle Ted wants her to, from what I can determine from her chart.  Her numbers do not indicate she is going to assume this position with as much enthusiasm and zeal as one would think is required to take it on. She, like so many of the Obama Cabinet nominees, is born on a 9 day (universal humanitarian/stateswoman) with a 6 destiny (service to fellow humans, with greatest concern for helping those who can't help themselves - children, mentally/physically challenged, animals, the earth), and she is also a Sagittarius. I guess this is the Season of the Sagittarians. 

Have You Heard About 2012?
If you haven't heard about the events that are supposed to occur in 2012, I would first advise you to Google "2012" and watch some of the videos (the one by David Wilcock is especially intriguing) and read some of the plethora of information that is offered there. Then, if you feel you would like more information about the prognostications and predictions, I suggest you order (and read, of course?) the following books:
  • 2012, Predictions, Prophecies and Possibilities by numerous authors
  • The Mayan Code by Barbara Hand Clow
  • The Orion Prophecy - Will the World Be Destroyed in 2012? by Patrick Geryl & Gino Ratinckx
  • Serpent of Light Beyond 2012 by Drunvalo Melchizedek
  • 2012: You Have A Choice!  Archangelic Answers & Practices for the Quantum Leap by Wiscom Teach Sri Ram Kaa and Angelic Oracle Kira Raa
  • The Oneness Blessing by Arjuna Ardagh
  • Deeksha: The Fire From Heaven by Kira Windrider and Grace Sears
  • Galactic Alighnment - The transformation of Consciousness According to Mayan, Egyptian, and Vedic Traditions by John Major Jenkins
  • The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce?  (Interdimensional Comunication and Global Transofrmation) by Wynn Free with David Wilcock

The 2012 prophesies suggest that in the years leading up to this great alignment, time will seem to move quicker and we will all need to fasten our seat belts to keep up. It seems that the ancients sure knew what they were talking about! Here's to an exciting and enlightening 2009!
Sally Faubion, Numerologist

P.S. Don't forget to let me know how you like the new format!

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