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Happy Summer 2005!

While compiling information for my new book, "A Winning Number: Choose the Jersey Number That Is Right For You" (more about that below), I found numerous quotes by Mark Twain on the internet that I felt would elicit a summer smile: "Clothes make the man; naked people have little or no influence on society." "I'm an old man and have known many troubles, but most of them never happened." "Few things are harder to put up with than a good example." ""It usually takes me three weeks to write a good impromptu speech." "Let us live so that when we die even the undertaker will be sorry."


I thought it would be interesting to include the numerological profiles of a few people who are prominent in the news. I chose four individuals whose numerological charts have impressed me. They are: Lance Armstrong, Condoleezza Rice, Colonel Eileen Collins, and Supreme Court Justice Nominee John Roberts, Jr.

LANCE ARMSTRONG (Born 9/18/1971):

Lance Armstrong was born Lance Gunderson on September 18, 1971. His birth name, Lance Gunderson, reduces to an 8, which is the number of the "teacher of teachers," the "exemplar," and the "class act." It appears that he possesses all of those superlative qualities. The birth name, regardless of what other names someone may assume, remains a strong influence through life.

Lance's adopted name, Lance Armstrong, reduces to the number 7, which is the number of the "genius," the "perfectionist," and the "unique individualist." He certainly seems to have acclimated himself to those positive traits, along with the qualities associated with the number 8. As an interesting aside with regard to the number 7 is that Lance decided to end his Tour de France bicycling career after his 7th win. Perhaps he's aware of the significance of that auspicious number in his life.

Another number that plays significantly in Lance's life is the number 9. He was born in a 9 month, on a 9 day (1+8= 9), in a 9 year (1+9+7+1 = 18, 1+8 = 9). So, the entire delineation of his birth date is filled with 9s.

The number 9 is referred to as the symbol of the "natural healer" and once again Mr. Armstrong bats a thousand! The downside of his numbers is that he could have a fairly volatile temperament; he would definitely be a workaholic (5 planets in Virgo) and feel his best when he's working toward a goal (not very positive for romance), and could be quite egotistical. Those things expressed, I must say that the manner in which he presents himself in the public and as an athlete far outweighs any faults this man might have - and, unless you were to live with him, you would never know the negative side of his personality anyway because people with 9s generally show their negative traits only to their most intimate relations.

The number 36 is Lance's "attitude" number in his second phase of life (from ages 27 through age 36 [he's currently 34]). That number usually indicates the likelihood of parenthood during the phase that it is in, which is the case for him. It also indicates "sacrificing one's own needs for the sake of others," but that sacrificing is usually experienced with some benefit and pleasure, rather than as a burdensome obligation.

It appears Lance will remarry in his third phase (ages 37 through 45) but I'm not convinced that his marriage mate will be Sheryl Crow. She's born on the same month and day as Jennifer Aniston, so it may be that she will marry another "catch of the century" (like Jennifer did) but the marriage may not last (like Jennifer's didn't) or, even more likely, it may never happen. Lance's chart shows some kind of major upset at ages 37-39. Observing Sheryl's chart, it appears their romantic life has numerous challenges. Time will tell . . .

CONDOLEEZZA RICE (Born November 14, 1954):

Who is this woman who has risen so high in our government? Well, she is a Scorpio, her Moon is in Cancer, Mercury in Scorpio, Venus in Scorpio, Jupiter in Cancer, Saturn in Scorpio and Uranus is in Scorpio. In other words, she has a TON of water signs in her chart (well actually only 7! - out of 10). That means that she would tend to be a pretty emotional individual (perhaps she has learned to control her emotional spills by putting on that grimacing and rather haughty face she occasionally displays). Also, because of all those water signs, she would tend to be very tenacious, scrupulous, cautious, conscientious, strong-willed, thorough, and she would keep her cards pretty close to her chest.

Ms. Rice's name reduces to an 8 and, like Lance Armstrong, she's the "teacher of teachers," the "exemplar," and the "class act." I would have to say that she definitely lives up to those descriptions - as least from what we know of her in the media. She was born on the 14th, which would give her a highly adaptable disposition (if the requirements for her adaptation were in line with her strong principles); she should also be a quick study, stylish (she is), and abundantly energetic (she surely needs that trait with her schedule). Her destiny number (the full addition of her birth date) reduces to the "master number" of 44/8. This is a very calculating number, both from a numerical and personal standpoint, and I'm sure that she calculated her way up that ladder of success - along with acquiring and developing superlative skills and knowledge along the way to help her get there.

On the high side of the 44/8, Ms. Rice would be the "good soldier" and have indomitable principles and ethics. She is certainly a good soldier in the Bush camp, and appears (on face value) to have the principles and ethics of a 19th Century schoolmarm (judging from the fact that there's nothing untoward in the media about her personal life). Even though I'm somewhat critical of her facial expressions, I believe she would agree with my assessment of her (maybe not the facial part). If she were gravitating to the negative side of her numbers and astrological influences, she would be self-serving, a super crybaby, scheming, conniving, rigid, and dictatorial. If she possesses any or all of those qualities, I would venture to say that they are likely well hidden behind her disciplined and fastidious demeanor, or I don't believe she would have risen to the level she has - being that she's a woman, after all. I give her an A+ for exhibiting the highest side of her numbers, even though her political bent is quite alien to my own - (:


Here is another superlative individual. Commander Collins is a FIRST Woman Commander of a space shuttle! I'm impressed!

Commander Collin's name number reduces to a 9 - the aristocratic, genteel "old soul," the "visionary," and the "enlightened." Yeah! She's got the stuff of someone who's OUT OF THIS WORLD! (I just couldn't help that.)

She is born on the 19th which indicates she has leadership qualities (obviously), she tends to think of others before herself (very admirable quality), and she doesn't tend to act as though she's "Da Man." Her destiny number is a 6 - the "gentle administrator," and the "cosmic parent," among other things. Basically, she has numbers that would make it easy for others, especially those under her command on the Discovery team, to respect and easily adapt to her command. She can be tough if she needs to be, but she will always assert herself with fairness and justice for all. She's the quintessential team-player leader.

Many features of her chart indicate that she's as exemplar as her numbers represent, and that she will make it back safe and sound to the earth plane.

JOHN GLOVER ROBERTS, JR. (Born: 1/27/1955):

We do not know at this time whether John Roberts will become the replacement for Sandra Day O'Connor as a Supreme Court Justice but, after checking out his numerological chart, it's my assessment that he will.

We have already heard that he is very intelligent (he's born under the King of Clubs from the playing card science - which gives him the birth right to be exceptionally brainy). He's born on the 27th which makes him, like Commander Collins, an aristocratic, genteel "old soul." In fact, he has what I call a "Dharmic" chart, which means he came to this earth plane with a specific mission to help the many rather than a few -- and well, by gosh, it appears he may be headed in that direction! Let's hope that's the case.

Mr. Roberts' destiny number is a 3, which means that he can be a stickler for order and obedience. It appears to me that he is going to make his decisions on a conservative, intellectual and by-the-rules basis. His should have a kind and gentle heart (Moon in Pisces) and the innate wisdom to help him make decisions that are not just by the book. It appears he will have some tough decisions in 2010 to 2013 - decisions that will make him feel as though he stands alone in some way. That will be a very interesting stance since he will be sitting on a bench with primarily very conservative judges - like himself.


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