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It has been 4 months since I sent out a newsletter so I'm going offer brief statements of my "take" on some of the headliners during that period.

1) Prince George of Cambridge was born on July 22, 2013. All his numbers indicate he would make an outstanding King if the monarchy lasts through the reigns of his Great Grandmother Queen Elizabeth, his Grandfather Prince Charles, and his father Prince William. That would likely be around 2075-80, and if we don't stop the desecration of this beautiful earth and the vast chasm between the wealthy and the poor, then likely none of us will make it to his possible coronation. I'm just sayin' . . .

2) George Zimmerman got off clean, but if I were asked for my two cents, he would never again be allowed to own a gun, and certainly never again to act as a self-imposed neighborhood security guard, and that would have been my position even before the Trayvon Martin tragedy because of Zimmerman's volatile-prone personal numbers.

3) Anthony Weiner is exposing himself again and this time it's even more outrageous than his clandestine penile displays. I say, "Get over yourself Anthony! None of you is that attractive, including your never-say-die attitude." I guess he just needed to get another 15 minutes of infamous fame before he falls into total oblivion - - the latter of which is what his chart foretells.

4) Paula Dean cooked herself, although it appears she has enough fans and followers to allow her to maintain a rather comfortable life, after all is said and done. Bet she doesn't use the "N" word for a while. I mean, it does seem as though there are plenty others in the South (and elsewhere, of course) who don't get that derogatory words and deeds will go down in infamy these days . . . so user beware!

5) It appears Edward Snowden will survive his great escape but will be watching his back for about 15 years. Lately, we're all learning some uncomfortable truths about this country we live in and love and that includes that you don't want to mess with Uncle Sam . . .

6) Lindsay Lohan is back out on the streets and although she may continue to be a rebel without a cause, her chart indicates that she'll make a big and profitable turnaround at the ripe old age of 30 (she's currently 27).

7) Amanda Bynes will likely steal some of Lohan's Bad Girl thunder by continuing her antics until sometime in 2015 when perhaps she will have received enough "hell on wheels" notoriety to hoist her higher in her acting career. The path of some fledgling Hollywood starlets seems to be the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly in reverse.

8) Kim Kardashian (once again, I can't believe I'm contributing to her questionable fame) and Kanye West had baby North West (BTW, a very poor choice of a first name, numerologically speaking - - it portends that little North will have a challenging childhood - - who woulda thunk?) and, not-so-surprisingly, the Wests' marriage appears to be destined for the woodpile of short-lived wedded unions with major trouble brewing between them over the next couple of years, and crescendos in 2016. That's what the numbers indicate.

9) Donald Trump is once again using bombastic verbosity to maintain his position as the King of Nothing. At last glance, it appears that this time "The Donald" is in for some rocky times which last for many years to come. I believe his "It's not how much money you have but how you handle debt" Kingdom is going to start falling like dominoes over the next few years.


A friend of mine, Emily Snelling, is helping me from a holistic basis to get off my cholesterol and high blood pressure medications and hopefully lose some weight along the way, too. Emily is in the process of getting her diploma as holistic nutritionist. We all know that much of our food is being contaminated with pesticides and chemicals to make it appear fresher and have a longer shelf life. Emily sent me the following link that contains an article that tells you which produce items are most heavily sprayed with pesticides and which are the cleanest. Check it out: It is printable, too.


On a lighter note, the next link will bring a smile and, in some cases, a full belly laugh, of every woman who watches this video. It is not disparaging of men but moreover it just emphasizes what rules men in the face of an attractive woman:


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Quotes for reflection:

You teach people how to treat you by what you allow, what you stop, and what you reinforce.

Never be afraid to fall apart because it is an opportunity to rebuild yourself the way you wish had been all along.