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Michelle Obama

If ever there was evidence that women are ready, able and willing to begin manning this battered and beaten-down flag ship called “The USofA,” Michelle Obama and Ann Romney are quintessential examples of that.

I must honor First Lady Michele Obama, who I have always felt would have made a better president than her husband (judging from her numerological chart). Perhaps the fact that I’m a woman makes my attitudes and opinions a bit slanted in favor of my own gender, but I believe the speech Mrs. Obama delivered at the Democratic Convention on the 5th of September was divinely inspired. And, even though President Obama was a professor and has delivered some over-the-top inspiring and eloquent speeches since he decided to run for the presidency, I was more awe-struck and inspired by Michele Obama’s speech than any of speeches I have listened to by the President. If I were a judge, I would place her communication style and appeal slightly above that of President Bill Clinton’s who BTW is no slouch in the speech department and whose speech gave the Dems their “Dirty Harry” equivalent by MAKING THEIR DAY!

Ann Romney

Although I’m left-leaning, as most of my newsletter audience knows, I watched some of the Republican Convention and was most pleased to have seen Ann Romney’s speech. I immediately went to Wikipedia to gather her name from birth and birth date while listening to her speech and found that she was born on April 16, 1949. Her birth date reduces to a 7 destiny, the destiny number of the scholar, the sage, and the “keeper of secrets.” There’s the possibility that she has some intriguing secrets (Mitt’s taxes perhaps?), but she was so eloquent and professional in her speech delivery that she certainly merits the title of “the scholar.” Once I saw her numbers, I said to myself, “This woman could have been anything she wanted she wanted to be, from a corporate executive to a professor of poetry and a Mom of many to boot!” In fact, a day later, her illustrious husband expressed that same sentiment and for that I must applaud him.

Michelle Obama and Ann Romney are both physically beautiful women and both are glowing testaments to all women who sit in the background awaiting their time to show of what they’re really made. I salute them and feel a surge of emotion in recognizing that there are millions more just like them out there on our planet who are readying themselves to come forth and change this world for the better! The 21st Century is the millennium with the strongest female energy overtone. I predict that in the not-so-far future Mother Earth will be shrouded in peace and abundance for all forged by the nurturing qualities of this ever-expanding feminine force and it’s a force that can’t and won’t stop.

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