September 2010 NEWSLETTER

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Predictions: Facebook founder Zuckerberg; Michael Douglas, Lindsay Lohan, Mel Gibson, Steven Tyler, J Lo, Lady Gaga, Ashton Kutcher, Demi Moore, Bill Gates, Nancy Pelosi, Christine O'Donnell, Amanda Knox, and Jordan Van Der Sloot

Recently, I learned that most of the 20s to 50s-somethings don't want to, or have the time to, read much detail in newsletters these days. They're all becoming Tweeters. Not being a Tweetter, I decided to send a newsletter with predictions because they seem to be opened by more of my email addressees than others. I am working on my blog at this time and will likely send the next newsletter with links to my blog that refer to people and events in the news at that time. That way you can click on the links that most interest you, or simply read the entire blog on my website at

The following are a few people whose charts I have analyzed who are either in the current headlines or who continue to make the news:

Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg (born 5/14/1984): Mark is in for the ride of his life in the coming years. Even though he will likely be a multi-billionaire, his life will have its ups and downs. His personality numbers can make him as volatile as his life will be - all 5s and 9s, both numbers that could make it difficult for him to keep a lid on what is likely a temperamental nature. It'll be interesting to see how he manages his bounty and his life. A few days ago he donated $100 million to Newark, New Jersey schools. That's a most positive step in the right direction!

Michael Douglas (born 9/25/44; recently diagnosed with cancer): He will face some grave times until he hits 70 in 2014 and then it appears that he will have survived the cancer. In the well-making process, he has numbers that show he could have a mind-altering, higher-consciousness experience and, along the way, become a major philanthropist for "the cure" and other causes. Those strong possibilities are all in line with his "character" number 8 - the class act.

Lindsay Lohan (born 7/2/1986): She will continue to have difficulties until sometime after her birthday in 2012. Then, her chart shows that she will have a kind of metamorphosis and move into her future in a much more serious fashion - with rather grand success, I might add.

Mel Gibson (1/3/56)/Oksana Grigorieva (2/25/1970): *Mel* will continue to plague himself with problems of what appear to be a "little man complex" for many years to come; Oksana will also have her own self-inflicted drama for the next couple of years, but will eventually marry and (perhaps) live happily ever after. Okay, maybe not, but her life takes a very positive turn in her mid-40s. To her credit, it is purported that she is a rather brilliant pianist/song writer.

Arrowsmith's Steven Tyler (born 3/26/1948): He will be starting a stint with American Idol this fall and his chart indicates that he will not be the happiest camper in that capacity but it appears that he will stay through the 2012 season - - and walk away with some major moolah.

Jennifer Lopez of "J Lo" fame (born 7/24/1969): J Lo will also be starting this fall with American Idol and she will some difficulties either with that occupation or otherwise. Her chart indicates that she will feel left out and like nobody is in her camp for the next two years. There's a change for her in 2012 and I see big bucks in her future, too. Talent, beauty, loving husband, twins -- and the "money numbers"! It just seems as though some people were born treasure chests!

Lady Gaga (born 3/28/86): Who IS she!! Well, for one thing, she is talented and brainy. Her numbers are comparable to another over-the-top iconic Gollywood creation, Anna Nicole Smith, sans the drugs (likely) and the size-K breasts. Anna Nicole Smith was no dummy, and totally in control of her life when she was cognizant enough to manage it. Lady Gaga is what Anna Nicole could have been had she been raised by Italian Americans like Lady Gaga (real name Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta!!). Lady Gaga likely has overseers from her own family, like Madonna, who will ensure that nobody and nothing messes with her. I applaud her audacity and show-biz brilliance. Her numbers are all "renegade" in comportment - 1s, 4s, and 7s. What-a gal. Actually, she could be her own Italian Dona.

Ashton Kutcher (born 2/7/78)/Demi Moore (born 11/11/62): I've seen rumblings in the chart of Ashton leading a stealth-like existence for a few years. His numbers make him a grand keeper of secrets, being "double 7s" - the number that indicates an attraction to the clandestine and one who would find a thrill in leading a double life. His chart indicates that he could have a child of his own after age 40. Hummm. Demi's chart indicates that she has been bumped out of her comfort zone recently and that influence will continue for the next couple of years. Ultimately, whatever occurs between them, the numbers indicate she will recover in fine style. She's another one of those "treasure chest" people.

Bill Gates (born 10/28/55): Bill continues to be the Numero Uno Wealthiest Man in America according to Forbes Magazine but interestingly his chart shows that he is moving into a three-year period of the most challenging numbers anyone could have in a numerological chart. He will definitely be tested on many levels over the next three years, including spiritually. His life is filled with many changes after that period and doesn't settle back down until around 2023 when he's 68. Unless this has something to do with the looming "big shift [2012]," could it be that Larry Ellison (Oracle) or Steven Jobs (Apple) finally unseat his "most wealthy" throne by introducing something that outshines Microsoft and its giant octopus-like subsidiaries?

Nancy Pelosi (born 3/26/40): She continues to do well despite all the rhetoric to the contrary in the media and right-wing talk shows. She has two especially positive, popularity gaining years in 2012 and 2013 when other charts of prominent individuals' in Washington D.C. show much more difficult numbers. Her chart causes me to vacillate about whether Obama will have a two-term presidency or not. Humm.

Christine O'Donnell (born 8/27/69): I predict along with Satirist/Comedian Bill Maher that Christine O'Donnell will not win the senate seat nomination in November. On the other hand, should that occur, because more unimaginable things have happened in elections, she will likely rue the day she ever ran for that office, according to the numbers in her numerological chart. For the next five years, she will face some strong self-examination, under the possible guise of depression, that may help her to turn her life around in a way that would eventually be a tribute to the seat she is vying for at this time.

Amanda Knox (born 7/9/87): I don't know whether Amanda is guilty or innocent of what she is accused, but if she remains in jail, regardless of what is being said about the Italian jails and justice system, I believe there is likely more than just the reckless actions of her past that put her there. Her numbers show that she would have a terrific, if not horrific, temper - all 9s and 5s. Those numbers have very positives sides to them, too, but they are the numbers I always look to for determining whether someone can be become out-of-control and volatile. Amanda's chart shows that she was traumatized between the ages of 6 to 11 and the rest of her childhood shows difficulty and unrest, perhaps because of what she was receiving from her surroundings either at home or in school, or both. I do believe, because of her personality numbers, that she was a difficult child to raise. I can't determine from her chart whether she will be released from jail or not. Her numbers reflect difficulties through most of her life's journey. I feel great compassion for her.

Jordan Van Der Sloot (born 8/6/87): Here's a piece of work! For one thing, he's most intelligent but, for another thing, I would tend to agree with those who have described him as a psychopath. Astrologically, he has 7 out of 10 of the planet positions in his chart in fire signs (Leo, Aries, and Sagittarius), and the other three are in water signs (Cancer and Scorpio), so he runs hot and cold, but mostly hot in order to fulfill his outsized ego needs. Numerologically, he doesn't have the 9s and 5s that show temper and volatility, but he has numbers of cunning, calculation and manipulation - a sneakier way of wreaking havoc on his unsuspecting victims. He will experience some extraordinarily difficult years in his future, especially from 2013-2017. There are numbers that show he could alter his self-deprecating ways after 2017 and that would clearly show that even very lost souls can find their way to the "white light." Time will tell.