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One can hardly avoid all the political hullabaloo going on at this time, and the continual coverage of desperate people doing despicable things that leave many bereft in their wake, and the horrific weather here and there and everywhere, to say nothing of the continuing "longest war in United States history."  Therefore, I decided to offer a few things in this Newsletter that might warm your heart or give you pause to reflect on something positive. 
I came across the following link that was very inspiring to me. Just imagine how wonderful it would be if just 10% of the US citizens, or 3,200,000+ people, were to take this pledge and make a concerted effort to do something positive for someone or something outside of their regular agenda on a frequent basis.

Envisioned by the Dalai Lama, A Force for Good is a world where people pledge to effect actions that are motivated by genuine concern for others.  Here is the link: 

In numerology, there is what is called the "Soulful Purpose Number."  It is found by adding the Character (Name) number to the Destiny Number.  It is this number that indicates the underlying Purpose of ones life relating to humanitarianism.  It is the Soul's Mission.  SEE BELOW TO CALCULATE YOUR "SOULFUL PURPOSE NUMBER."
Below are brief definitions of each "Soulful Purpose Number," 1 through 9 and 11 and 22:
1:  To leave behind a gift to future generations of something you pioneered - a concept, a product, a foundation.
2:  To bring comfort and harmony to your fellow humans.
3:  To use your creative and imaginative talents to produce a product, an idea, a book, a film, or some other form of artful expression to helps others better appreciate their own creativity.
4: To build a stable foundation that helps people in need.
5:  To effect progressive changes that make life better for future generations.
6:  To instigate, teach, and help others through humanitarian causes; to care for home, family and be socially responsible.
7: To proffer to your fellow humans greater insight and understanding of subject matter that you have collected and mastered.
8:  To lead, direct, initiate and instigate, as a leader or executive, philanthropic causes or foundations that help the less fortunate. 
9:  To be an exemplar for others as a mate, a citizen, a minister, a counselor, a politician, a businessperson, a philanthropist, working for the betterment of mankind.
11:  To help and uplift people on the spiritual, psychological, philosophical, and mental planes by using your elevated intuitive powers and words of wisdom and actions of grace.
22:  To organize, build, and maintain enterprises or foundations that offer work and help to others by giving humanitarian service to localized communities and the world at large.
Here are a few notable humanitarian-oriented people of our times, including their causes and Soulful Purpose Numbers:
Bill Gates (Soulful Purpose No. 7) Melinda Gates (Soulful Purpose No. 4) The Gates Foundation is well-known for contributing to a sundry of causes that help those in need around the world.
Bono (Soulful Purpose No. 7).  Bono has been dubbed, "the face of fusion philanthropy," both for his success enlisting powerful allies from a diverse spectrum of, as well as spearheading new organizational networks that bind global humanitarian relief.
Larry Ellison (Soulful Purpose No. 6). Mr. Ellison pledged to give more than half the value of his stock in Oracle Corporation to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.
George Clooney (Soulful Purpose No. 5).  Mr. Clooney is known for his humanitarian work in the Darfur conflict, organizing "Hope for Haiti Now, " his involvement in "Not On Our Watch," and many other organizations and personal involvements to help end oppression and world suffering. 
Oprah Winfrey (Soulful Purpose No. 11).  Ms. Winfrey's estimated donations are above $300 million, and she is the founder of "Oprah's Angel Network," formed to inspire individuals to create opportunities that enable underserved women and children to rise to their potential  which is among many other of her charitable contributions.
J. K. Rowling (Soulful Purpose No. 9).  Ms. Rowling is the President of "One Parent Families" and an advocate for social equality.

Angelina Jolie (Soulful Purpose No. 1).  Ms. Jolie is well known for her humanitarian worldwide and being a Goodwill Ambassador for the UN Refugee Agency, along so many other inspiring contributions.
Lady Gaga (Soulful Purpose No. 9).  Lady Gaga is the Founder of "Born This Way Foundation," a charity committed to supporting the wellness of young people, and empowering them to create a kinder and braver world.
Bon Jovi (Soulful Purpose 9). The Jon Bon Jovi Soul Foundation exists to combat issues that force families and individuals into economic despair to break the cycle of poverty and homelessness.
Tiger Woods (Soulful Purpose No. 9).  Even though Mr. Woods has not lived up to his Soulful Purpose No. 9 in every way, he remains one of the most charitable athletes of all time.  The Tiger Woods Foundation, formed in 1996 with his father, has delivered unique experiences and innovative educational opportunities to millions of youth worldwide.
First, if you have an Android or iPhone, you can readily find your "Character" and "Destiny" numbers by using my app "Cosmic Mates."  Once you have both those numbers, add them together and reduce them to a single digit, and that will give you your "Soulful Purpose Number."
Second, you can find your Soulful Purpose Number manually by adding together all the numbers associated with the letters of your name. Use the name on your birth certificate to get the correct Soulful Purpose Number.
THE LETTER VALUES ARE: A-1, B-2, C-3, D-4, E-5, F-6, G-7, H-8, I-9, J-1, K-2, L-3, M-4, N-5, O-6, P-7, Q-8, R-9, S-1, T-2, U-3, V-4, W-5, X-6, Y-7, Z-8. 
Once you have the compound number of your name (called the "Character Number") reduce it to a single digit. 
To determine your "Destiny" Number, add together all the numbers in your birth date (be sure to include all the numbers in the year of birth) and reduce that compound number to a single digit. 
Finally, add the "Character Number" to the "Destiny Number" and reduce that number to a single digit, and you will have your "Soulful Purpose Number."  

Here is a good giving idea to consider and donate to help millions of people in Latin American and other countries in dire need of clean and safe drinking water. 

Agua Pura Para El Pueblo is a nonprofit, nongovernmental organization founded to help communities and families obtain safe, clean drinking water and improve their sanitation. Over one billion people world wide lack access to safe water, and a million children die each year due to preventable diarrheal diseases. With a focus on Latin America, we promote simple small scale methods and techniques that people can use to make their water safe to drink. We also give seminars and demonstrations both in the United States and in Latin America to other nongovernmental organizations and to community groups on methods of water purification.
This program was initiated by my cousin Tom Carter of Portland, OR and he and his wife Susan spend many months a year implementing and training in Latin American Countries to effect this safe and clean water process. Tom and Susan do this work sans compensation.


We just returned from Honduras where we trained managers of small cooperative community pharmacies in remote areas of the country. We taught them our procedures for testing and purifying drinking water and sanitation, and now they can offer the service to their neighbors.   We also  brought nurses and water engineers as well to tackle various problems in the communities.  It was our second trip to the area and we were happy to see changes and improvements in peoples efforts to keep themselves and their families healthy.

We also provided water filters to the pharmacies so that their patients could have clean water to take their medicines.  Susan always works with the school children to promote hand washing and distributes bars of soap to the kids.


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