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(Some, or maybe all of the above, may not interest you that much, but I am so passionate about my science that I analyze every individual who makes the news if I can find their full birth date and name from birth. So, once again, I've decided to offer a cursory view of my findings to my clients and friends of a few of the well-known and in some cases the notorious figures in our news these days (even though I'm sure that you wonder, as I have on more than one occasion, WHY, WHY, WHY do some of these individuals merit any of the attention the media gives them!)

The Hollywood Brats

Britney Ann Spears (born on 12/2/1981): From the looks of things, Ms. Spears came into a great deal of money after her 25th birthday, after a very long stretch of sacrificing her personal life and other things to attain the stature she did in the music world. She's, therefore, probably cursed with the "I'm too big for my britches" syndrome, along with the "I deserve to do whatever I want now because I've paid my dues" syndrome, which collide into an indulgence-crazed bust for Ms. Spears. Her birth date indicates that she should be a very conscientious mother (33/6 is her Destiny number - the over-the-top humanitarian and caretaker of all; always going the extra mile, etc.). However, she may be expressing the negative side of the 33/6, that of the martyr and self-righteousness and, if that's the case, then there's no getting through to her. President Bush has that same Destiny number and, if reports in the news are right, it's pretty hard to get through to him, too, these days. If Ms. Spears is operating on the high side of the numbers that are in her chart in the next few years, she will begin to work very, very hard to regain her career momentum. In the meantime, though, it appears she will be experiencing some very difficult circumstances in her personal life which continue on for the next 8-9 years. After learning the lessons she obviously needs to learn from that period, her chart indicates that she will be living quite the privileged life.

Lindsay Dee Lohan (born on 7/2/1986): Ms. Lohan had a very difficult childhood, especially through the first 12 years of her life, according to her numerological chart. She, like Ms. Spears, has come into a phase of her life where she is likely feeling invincible, along with being rather "full up" of herself. It isn't until after her birthday in 2008 that she has a major turning point (you'd think she would have already experienced that, but it doesn't appear to be so). This turning point may make her become even more rebellious for a number of years - especially toward her family or those who are trying to help her. Interestingly, Ms. Lohan has the same Destiny number as Britney Spears. The 33/6 Destiny would make her an exemplary actress because of the effort she puts into her work; but that same Destiny number can produce a stubborn, smug, and sanctimonious personality, that may keep her out of the work scene in Hollywood for some time to come. It is, therefore, not difficult to predict that her future (over the next 20 years) will contain many lessons learned the hard way. Both she and Ms. Spears have the "big money" number in their charts in their 40s, so whether she makes a comeback or not, her future looks well-supplied with by money and perhaps fame, depending on how she weathers the next few years. Ms. Lohan's major challenges in her lifetime are learning to compromise and cooperate, and those attributes may take some time for her to acquire.

Paris Whitney Hilton (born on 2/17/1981): Judging from her numerological chart, Ms. Hilton has some of the same syndromes as Ms. Spears and Ms. Lohan - those of being rather ego-consumed. Her popularity (which is amazing to me) appears to wane over the next couple of years, but she has a surge of fame or money, or both, at age 29 which continues until she's 33. At 33 it appears that she goes through a rather tumultuous love relationship/marriage, which finally culminates at age 41. It is likely, though, that Ms. Hilton will have the monetary abundance and influential contacts at her disposal to ensure that she will be able to manage whatever obstacles she may face in the future.

Nicole Camille Escovedo (Richie) (born on 9/21/1981): Ms. Richie's life shows that she is experiencing changes like never before in her life - positive ones. Of course, her pregnancy and engagement to Joel Madden are likely the weightiest elements of change at this time. She also has health problems, and will have them for some time to come. The numbers in her chart show that she needs rest and recuperation. She may not have thoroughly learned that drinking and drugs are not the escapist routes to take when she's feeling low. She has a stubborn and determined nature, so it will be entirely up to her to make the changes that enable her to regain and improve her health issues. If she's psychologically well adjusted enough to accept the positive energy that Mr. Madden brings to her life, they might have a chance; but it appears from looking at both charts that a long-term relationship is going to be a struggle, mainly because of the possibility (maybe even probability) of Ms. Richie continuing to be enchanted with all the trappings of "the good life." I think the Richie/Madden match is a good one, but it may have come together at the wrong time. Time will tell.


Starlet Marie Jones-Reynolds (born on 3/24/1962): I have noticed that Star Jones is being hammered in blogs because of the way she looks now that she's lost weight; whether her marriage will endure, and other mean things. Her numerological chart indicates that she is not likely to make her comeback stick (she's going to do a "Judge Judy", only it'll likely be called "Judge Star" and that's just what will happen to her - SHE will be rather harshly judged). She has problematical numbers that come into her chart after her birthday in 2008 that reign large for many years. Her biggest problem, from my knowledge of the numbers and astrological factors, is learning to handle her sizeable ego and her emotions.

Roseann (Rosie) Theresa O'Donnell (born on 3/21/1962): Observing some of the reports on TV and in the news, Rosie seems to be a bit out of whack these days. She has some numbers that indicate that she will struggle quite a bit between now and her birthday in 2010. When she's 47 (in 2009), it appears she will have to face herself and her psychological problems square on. In 2010, something occurs that will take her to the heights of fame and recognition she experienced when she was in her mid-30s. So, the "fat lady" ain't singin' in Rosie's life quite yet.

Caryn Elaine Johnson (Whoopie Goldberg) (born on 11/13/1955): According to Whoppi's chart, she has gone through many years of dealing with personal difficulties and recently she was lamenting on a radio program (which I used to listen to when I took my long walks) that no one wanted her anymore, that she was only able to get the radio gig even after winning an Emmy, an Oscar, a Grammy, and a Tony Award. I sent an email to her while she was still at the radio station advising her that things should begin to look up for her in the near future and really take off for her, giving her fame like never before, starting after her birthday in 2008 through to 2015. She will begin to make money like she never has before, too. I believe The View is just the starting point for Whoppi. We are going to be seeing a lot more of Whoopi in the movies and elsewhere as she rolls into 2008 and beyond.

Sherri Evonne Shepherd (the Newest Addition to "The View," born on 4/22/1967): Ms. Shepherd personality and destiny numbers are both the number 22, which is a Master number in numerology. She was almost destined for fame, however, she will have to watch her mouth a bit because she also will find it very difficult not to express "her truth" when the need strikes her. She is going through a difficult period of her life at this time, having decided to remain with her husband even after she found that he had an affair. From viewing her numerological chart, it appears that her marriage is still on very, very shaky ground and I would say, since she will be entering her "personal 9 year" on her next birthday in 2008, that her marriage will likely end in that year, or at the latest, in 2009. She is a very conscientious, hard-working, dedicated and diligent person who will make sure that she doesn't neglect her career responsibilities, but this iffy marriage will take its toll on her and it will e a few years before the ramifications of its demise are behind her.

Barbara Jill Walters (born on 9/24/1929 - yes, that makes her 78! And what a boon she is to women her age!): Although life has thrown some challenges at Ms. Walters over the years, at this time in her life, she has a fairly smooth ride. There may be some controversy on "The View" or elsewhere in her life after her birthday in 2008, and perhaps she will think seriously of retiring after her birthday in 2009 (when she's the big 8-0!), but from the looks of things, she will live a long and healthy life for many more years to come. She has a "1" destiny number and people with that destiny tend to live longer than others because they usually find a way to make things go as they want in their lives, so life is less of a hassle for them (it could be called "controlling" but who would think that about Ms. Walters?).

Josephina (Joy) Victoria Behar (born on 10/7/1943): Joy has had some angst in her life the past year and continuing through this year to her next birthday, according to her numerological chart. I believe she is the "favorite one" of Ms. Walters on the show, and she should get on well with Whoopi and Sherri, as she obviously did with Rosie O'Donnell. Her views, politically and otherwise, don't appear to mesh well with Ms. Hasselbeck. Could it be that Ms. Behar would like to throw a punch Ms. Hasselbeck's way but restrains herself for the sake of keeping the peace (which she would be inclined to do because she is born on a 7 day with a 7 destiny and the cornerstone of the 7 is maintaining Dignity, with a capital D). If the ratings slump, which is a possibility over the next couple of years, I would predict that Ms. Behar would retire from the show along with Ms. Walters - and there you have it - shows over.

Elizabeth Grace Filarski (Hasselbeck) (born on 5/28/1977): Ms. Hasselbeck is a feisty, even Pollyiann-ish, dyed-in-the-wool Republican. It appears that something rather cataclysmic occurs for Ms. Hasselbeck in 2009. I'm thinking it could be the end of "The View" (that's when I "see" major changes in Barbara Walter's, Joy Behar's and Sherri Shepherd's charts, too) because her numbers show that in 2010-2011 her career takes a nosedive. She recovers in 2012, or some kind of beneficial contract/business deal befalls her then (maybe she decides to just stay home and happily raise her babies), and she goes merrily along for five more years. In her 40s, many interesting upsets occur in her life that may change a lot of how Ms. Hasselbeck thinks, referring to her obvious idealism, in her future. I could even predict a divorce (or the rumblings thereof) on her horizon, but that's not until her mid-40s.


David Robert Joseph Beckham (born on 5/2/1975): Although it appears (from his numbers and from news reports) that Mr. Beckham is a very nice guy personally, his professional situation is not so nice. This year, after signing a multi-million contract to play soccer for the Los Angeles Galaxy, and just 20 days after he played his first league game for them, he seriously injured his right knee and has been unable to play in any matches since then. His numbers indicate that either his "Achilles" left ankle or his injured right knee will keep him in jeopardy for some time to come. He is scheduled play some of the remaining Galaxy matches at this time, but if I were a betting person, I wouldn't be putting my money on Beckham. In fact, it appears he will lose a lot of his fan base over this move to the Galaxy team and it will take him at least 3 years to get his momentum going again, and by then he might just be too old to play ball. But when you've got millions, I mean, he can just go play!

Barry Lamar Bonds (born on 7/24/1964): My prediction that Mr. Bonds would cease playing ball for the SF Giants after his birthday in 2006 didn't pan out. It came close, however, and even though he didn't get his contract renewed with the Giants, it appears that he will play for another team, but his numbers indicate that he won't be any happier a camper with his new team. I read sports news pieces that say that Mr. Bonds has an unattractive attitude - kind of like the Hollywood Brats - and, although he should be a pretty decent guy overall, his reputation with those he worked for and with, and those who love the game of baseball, will stick with him for the rest of his life. In fact, he may have stayed with the Giants all these years because the name of the team fit his ego. : Oh well, over time Mr. Bonds might do a "Marion Jones" second act, because his chart shows he will have a few challenges in the future that are greater than any he's faced to date.

Marion Jones (born on 10/12/1975): The confession Ms. Jones offered to the world recently is admirable, in my opinion. Her admitted use of steroids while training for the Olympics was less than admirable, but she had the mettle to come clean and I believe the truth has set her free. Her chart indicates that she lived the worst years of her life from 2000 through 2004. She has no comparable numbers in her future, although it's not entirely clear sailing for Ms. Jones, she won't go through the angst she experienced during 2000-2004 again (judging from her numerological chart, of course).

Orenthal James (O.J.) Simpson (born on 7/9/1947): I'm pleased to report that, although Mr. Simpson may believe he's invincible where the law is concerned this year, his chart shows that around June of 2008 through 2013 he has numbers comparable to those that were in his chart in 1997 through 2005 (1997 was the year he was convicted of murdering Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman by a Civil Court jury). Those numbers are major "test" numbers that I like to call the "Are We Having Fun Yet - I Don't Think So" numbers. Hmmm, couldn't happen to a more deserving guy.

Michael Dwayne Vick (born on 6/26/1980): This may be old news at this point but it's interesting to note that Mr. Vick will be reckoning with his inhumane pastime for many years to come. There are indications that he is at the onset of a few years of depression, presumably for losing a career with such wonderful potential for becoming a multi-millionaire and doing something he loved as well. His deadly dog dealings were certainly justification; but, this situation begs the question: Where's the same consideration for the women/wives of these big bruiser athletes who are manhandled and physically and emotionally abused? I guess that will come in time when women finally become the arbiters for how women should be treated -- and, trust me, that's not too far away.

Eldrick (Tiger) Woods (born on 12/30/1975): I love this man! I love watching golf because of this man! He is living his "numbers" so perfectly and conscientiously that he is my numerological poster-child. He has a "1 destiny." That means that his intended journey in this life would (should, could) steer him, through his innate qualities of perseverance, dedication, tenacity, determination, concentration, and inordinate need to be a winner, toward a leadership position in society. You might say he's almost gotten carried away with that mission. Then, because he was born on the 30th, on the high side of his birthday number (30), he is blessed with extraordinary self-discipline, charm, courage, eloquence, vanity (yes, he's probably a bit vane, but it looks good on him), daring, and audacity, all of which he appears to have mastered. He will reach even greater heights in his 40s - which should be so exceptional as to make him appear super human - oh, excuse me, I think he has already done that, too. Anyway, it's so nice to have an athlete like Tiger to give a charge to those of us who just enjoy some good clean fun.