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In my last newsletter, I focused on greatness in terms of riches. Continuing in this theme, the fall newsletter examines greatness in terms of "genius." Genius means many things to different people. Below, I will look at those with exceptional I.Q. scores as well as those who have displayed brilliance through their work. I also give you the tools to determine your own destiny number and find the type of work in which you can best reveal your own genius.


Have you ever wondered what makes a genius? The Pocket Oxford English Dictionary's definitions are 1) exceptional natural ability, and 2) an exceptionally intelligent or able person.

Abbie F. Salny, Ph.D., the Supervisory Psychologist for American MENSA, in his book "The Question of "Genius", states, "It has been said that a 140 I.Q. is a 'genius' score, however there is no definition, as such, in either my psychological dictionaries about 'genius.' Neither is there an I.Q. score ranked as 'genius' . . . Genius may be in the eye of the beholder. Furthermore, a true genius may not score particularly well on a standard I.Q. test. And really, those who are what we call a genius don't need a score to prove it."


In my research about geniuses, I found 32 who had authenticated I.Q. scores between 155 and 300 (the latter was only one person who scored between 250 and 300. His name is William James Sidis and he taught himself to read the New York Times at age 18 months. At 2 he taught himself Latin, at 3 Greek and ultimately spoke 40 languages and dialects. He was accepted at Harvard at age 11 and graduated cum laude at age 16 and became the youngest professor in history. Notably, he deduced the possibility of black holes 20 years before they were "discovered." His Destiny Number was a 22/4.)

The high-I.Q. list I studied also included John Quincy Adams, Ludwig Beethoven, Copernicus, Leonardo da Vinci, Descartes, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Benjamin Franklin, Goethe, Handel, Thomas Jefferson, Immanuel Kant, Abraham Lincoln, Isaac Newton, Rembrandt, Thomas Wolsey, and a few other who were not as illustrious as those named above.

Of this group, the majority had 4 (or 22 -- the higher vibration of 4) or 6 destinies. I use the destiny number as the primary signifier for what motivates an individual -- what he/she gravitates toward in their lifetime and why.) Most individuals who possess the 4 (or 22) destiny number tend to be workaholics. They are highly driven and dedicated workers in their line of endeavor or hobby. I have a 4/22 destiny, and I must say that I am virtually consumed with my interest in numerology, and I love it. Most people with 4 destinies love to work, no matter what the work may be.

People with 6 destinies are very service-oriented. They are individuals who "go the extra mile" in whatever cause or career they may be involved. They are also highly principled, moral, and humanitarian people, for the most part, and therefore would work endlessly toward designing or devising something that would help others in some significant way. Einstein had a 6 destiny.

Among these extraordinary geniuses, the 1, 3, 5, 7, and 9 destinies numbers were equally represented, with 3 each. These destiny numbers are all action-oriented and each has a distinctive set of qualities that would enable their possessors to be very ingenious. The smallest showings among these geniuses in terms of destiny numbers were the 2 and the 8. Both of these numbers have exceptional qualities that could land them in the high ranks of genius-hood, and that may have been the case had this study involved more than 32 individuals.


It was interesting for me to learn that there are only 34 women who have been awarded the Nobel Prize (2 for physics; 10 for chemistry, 10 for literature, and 12 for peace). The Nobel Prize came from an estate endowment by Alfred Nobel (the inventor of dynamite) after his death in 1897. The Nobel Prize is awarded to people whose work most benefits humanity.

It would take too much space in this newsletter to enumerate all the extraordinary women and offer their credentials, so I will offer my numerological analysis of the 27 whose birth dates I was able to find.

The majority of these exceptional women were born on "1" and "7" days (i.e., the 1st, 10th, 19th, or 28th or the 7th, 16th, and 25th) Also, half of them had the 1 or 7 as their destiny number. It should go without saying that in order to become a Nobel Prize winner these women would likely be scholarly, research and analysis oriented, and consumed by their career endeavor, which are all traits of those with the 7 destiny number. They would also likely be innovative, risk takers in their area of endeavor, and leaders among their peers, which are all traits of those who possess 1 destiny number. Both the 1 and the 7 are also inclined to be workaholics through love and/or obsession of their career work.


One easy and most informative way to compute your personal "destiny number" is to go online to my website www.sfnumber.com and get your Wizard's Star. Just click in the box next to the words "Get Your Star" and follow the instructions. The Wizard's Star gives you your destiny number along with the other 5 most significant numbers in your numerological chart. Otherwise, add all the numbers of your birth date together and reduce the end result (if it is a compound number) to a single digit. A brief synopsis of each destiny number follows:

1 - innovative, risk-taking, original
2/11 - nurturing, peacekeeping, visionary
3 - creative, risk-taking, insightful
4/22 - dedicated, determined, industrious
5 - ingenious, progressive, perceptive
6 - humanitarian, resourceful, ethical
7 - scholarly, inquisitive, profound thinkers
8 - ambitious, dedicated, competent,
9 - inspired, humane, idealistic, passionate


There are three trilogies in numerology. These trilogies are numbers that are most compatible in partnerships and relationships because they have similar motivations and desires. They can apply to the Character number (the number that is derived from your full name from birth), the Personality number (the number derived from the day of the month you were born), and the Destiny number (the number that is derived from adding together all the numbers in your birth date).

These trilogies include the following combinations:

1, 4 (or 22)* and 7
2 (or 11)**, 5 and 8
3, 6 and 9

*The 22 is the higher vibration of the 4 (2+2 = 4) and it is considered a master number. **The 11 is the higher vibration of the 2 (1+1 = 2) and is considered a master number. People whose birth dates reduce to either of these numbers will live much of their lives as 4-destiny or as 2-destiny people because the higher vibrations require one to rise to a higher calling, like effecting a very selfless, compassionate and giving nature, comparable to Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey (both of whom have 22 destiny numbers) and Pres. Bill Clinton and Pres. Ronald Reagan (both of whom have the 11 destiny numbers).


If you have a 1, a 4/22 or a 7 DESTINY number, you work best as entrepreneurs, trail-blazers, and pioneers. Your best work is done in an atmosphere where you have the greatest autonomy. People with the 4/22 DESTINY, however, like more interaction with others than the 1 or 7 DESTINIES require, but they can work very successfully independently, too.

ONE-DESTINY people, when they are following the high side of their destiny number (being original, innovative, creative, risk-taking, adventuresome, fact finding, etc.) are found among some of the greatest writers, news reporters, inventors, athletes, actors, and occupations that enable them to work independently. You are a highly competitive lot, and therefore do not take put a lot of effort into any job that doesn't enable you to eventually move to the top spot, or one close to it.

Those individuals with a 4 DESTINY are the most dedicated, responsible, conscientious, hardworking, reliable employees on the planet (that is, when they are gravitating to the high side of their destiny number. If they aren't properly stimulated to affect this high side, some can be quite lazy and lackluster.) Their greatest challenge is learning to take orders without arguing or complaining, and learning how to say "no" when asked to do more than they feel is fair. They work best in your own business because very few employers will ever pay them for the amount of work they expend and dedication they extend as an employee. Logical, organized, detail-oriented, service-oriented, and basically "low maintenance" are the modus operandi of these worker bees. They can succeed well in any business or position because of their dedication and sound work ethic.

The 22 DESTINY, as expressed above, is available to most people who have a 4 DESTINY, but they have to decide if they have the dedication, determination, and selfless, compassionate driving forces that will take them to the elevated position of a "Master Builder" which is the cornerstone of this destiny number. Donald Trump, even though it doesn't appear as though he is very selfless and compassionate, is an example of a workaholic, risk taker with a 22 DESTINY.

The 7-DESTINY people are the most unique of all the numbers. They walk to the beat of a very different drum than most of us. They are attracted to the unique and unusual and love to constantly increase their knowledge bank. They are quirky and quiet, clever and closed off, dynamic and dignified. They are somewhat like a walking, talking oxymoron, especially if they are born on the 7th, 16th, or 25th. Scholarly and highly intuitive and innovative they are often found doing research and analysis work (something they love), or involved in teaching (usually with a Ph.D. behind their name), medicine, the law, and working on or by water (7-DESTINY people have an affinity with the ocean and other large bodies of water). They are good at anything that calls for precision and supreme dedication and intellectual discipline. Any employer will soon learn that they are highly independent and individualistic, and therefore need to be given the latitude to do their own thing in their own time and in their own way in order to do their best work.

Bill Gates (22/4), Oprah Winfrey (22/4), Steve Jobs (1), the guys who started Google (both 22/4s), Tiger Woods (1) Steven Hawking (7), Dylan Thomas (7), Ernest Hemmingway (1), George Eliot (7), Nikola Tesla (7), Sir Isaac Newton (1), Leonardo da Vince (22/4), and William Shakespeare (7) are a few exceptional people who fall in this trilogy of independent and individualistic thinkers.


If you have a 2/11, 5 or 8 DESTINY number, you are generally involved in people-oriented occupations.

The 2 is a number of peacemaking, compromising, and compliance. It is the strong administrative person behind the leader. Many with the 2 DESTINY number are found in health work or administrative work or in jobs that involves comfort and care of others, including the culinary arts. When 2-DESTINY people are cooks, they are some of the best because they love to nourish people and see them enjoy things that are derived from their own composition or efforts.

The 11, being the more high-powered version of the 2, is considered a peaceKEEPING symbol (as opposed to the "peacemaking" trait of the 2), which puts a different emphasis on the individual from a career standpoint. The 11 is also the number of "illumination" and therefore many with this destiny number become very well-known and even famous. In fact, 11 United States Presidents had the 11 as their birthday number or destiny number (Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton are the last two presidents who had 11 DESTINIES). The 11-DESTINY person is also someone who can be very successful in the world of entertainment or any people-oriented occupation. Most individuals with this destiny number are easy-going and compliment any working atmosphere. Many, who gravitate to this high vibration of the 2, rise to top positions because of their ability to bring opposing forces together in a positive and productive fashion, and because they are visionaries.

FIVE-DESTINY people are found in all types of careers but, recently I analyzed the charts of 305 CEOs of major corporations (thanks to the wonderful resources of the internet) and found that a high majority (33%) had 5 DESTINIES. It makes sense to me that so many in the hierarchy of the corporate world would have 5 DESTINIES because they are people who love to be "in the know, on the go, and up with the times." Five-destiny people also love to travel and have a tendency to get things done faster and more efficiently and effectively than others. They can easily affect a chameleon nature that fits readily in the corporate world with all the diverse personalities that come with it. They are some of the best promoters and salespeople in the Universe! They are well-known for their ability to influence others when they have embraced a mission, or are endorsing or selling a product or idea. Some 5-DESTINY people are known to be social climbers who go out of their way to ensure that they will end up in the top spot, and they usually do. (Presidents Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson, and Franklin Roosevelt, along with Charles Darwin, Walter Cronkite, Lee Iacocca, and Evita Peron are a few people who reached the pinnacle of illumination with a 5 DESTINY.

Individuals with 8 DESTINIES are also found in diverse endeavors. Some are more right-brain oriented and therefore enjoy the world of arts and entertainment. Others, who are more left-brain oriented, have an affinity with numbers and figures and are therefore found in the worlds of science, medicine, business and finance. Many superlative surgeons, fine artists, politicians, military officers, and financiers have 8 DESTINIES. Condoleezza Rice, General Douglas MacArthur, Lawrence Olivier, Rembrandt, Jonas Salk, Mickey Mantel, Jane Fonda, Martha Stewart, and Barbara Streisand are among the more eminent bearers of an 8 DESTINY. They are the "quality operators" -- they desire the best and deliver the best. When they accept a position of challenge, they carry forward with in an undaunted fashion, always believing that they will make things turn out as perfectly as they envision them. And, interestingly, because of that determination and stalwart nature, they usually do achieve what they set out to do. They are excellent employees who deserve to head up departments and companies because of their dedication and superlative approach to everything they do.


The final trilogy is the 3-6-9 DESTINY individuals who are all highly creative, lovers of the arts, the home, and the spotlight; guardians of children and animals; the child (3), mother (6) and patriarch [or proverbial "old soul"] (9) to us all.

The 3 is the most creative of all the numbers and therefore many who possess this destiny number are found in careers in the arts and entertainment. However, like the 8-destiny people, 3-DESTINY people have two ways in which they operate. One is highly artistic, adventuresome, and carefree, and while all 3-DESTINY people tend to love the arts, whether as an observer or a participant, there is another large faction who have very serious, fastidious, left-brain oriented natures. They become physicists and accountants, architects and designers, among other things. They are careful, cautious and caring about everything in their lives. Sometimes, those in the latter category tend to take the "F-U-N" out of the 3 destiny and need to learn to lighten up a bit. Both types with the 3 DESTINY like to travel and attend or host social gatherings. They are wonderful communicators and usually very well-groomed, if not a bit on the vain side. A few prominent 3-DESTINY people are Johann Bach, Johann Strauss, Niels Bohr, Amelia Earhart, Charles Dickens, Salvador Dali, Maria Callas, Barbara Walters, Hillary Clinton, and Snoop Dog (I couldn't resist including the latter along with Bach and Strauss).

People with a 6 DESTINY are found in all fields of endeavor, but their greatest desire, more than generally speaking, is to do something that brings comfort and beauty to others. Multitudes of those with a 6 DESTINY are found in the medical field (even though they don't like the sight of blood -- just a funny quirk with most of them), or in the corporate world in management and administration (usually HR because they are such good managers of people), and in the hospitality profession, whether owning their own bed and breakfast inn or working for large hotel/hospitality establishments. They are people-oriented, make excellent real estate agents because they can see beauty in an old rundown house before anyone else can -- and describe it to potential buyers, and they are great with children, animals, and working for non-profit organizations because of their firmly planted humanitarian principles and values. They are also the BEST teachers in the land. In my first business, I hired all my employees by numerology and when I found someone with a 6 destiny, I knew I had someone who could work on their own, think of things I wouldn't even think of to do to improve the business, and who would also be loyal, efficient, dedicated, and honest. Everyone should have a 6-DESTINY employee, in my opinion. Some well-known 6-DESTINY people are Thomas Edison, Mike Wallace, Charles Shultz, Quincy Jones, Jane Goodall, John Madden, John Lennon, Steven Spielberg, Stevie Wonder and Rosie O'Donnell.

NINE-DESTINY people need to feel a sense of pride in the company or organization they work for. They are not generally inclined to be entrepreneurial because they like the perks of working for large, established organizations rather than trying to make all those things for themselves. They are the aristocrats of the numerological world and as such they most desire to be in a position that garners them a great deal of respect -- that being their primary personal need (R.E-S-P-E-C-T). NINE-DESTINY people are also known for their humanitarian work. They are drawn to and/or pulled into many situations where they use their wonderful people-pleasing qualities for fund raising or heading up a group or cause. They know how to "turn themselves out" with aplomb (although their nature is not one of ostentation or overt extroversion). They are classy, intelligent, enlightened, and usually conservative in demeanor (some of them can be quite out-going, but most of them like to maintain an aura of dignity and restraint). Since the 9 is considered to contain a faction of each of the numbers 1 through 8, there is virtually no occupation that a 9-DESTINY person couldn't do well, with the proper motivation. However, as I said above, they are more often found in positions of authority and respect (9-DESTINY people placed second highest (26% out of 9 different numbers) to the 5-DESTINY people in analysis of the Corporate C.E.O. group referred to earlier.) A few famous 9-DESTINY people are Henry David Thoreau, Frank Lloyd Wright, Albert Schweitzer, Cole Porter, Norman Rockwell, Alfred Bloomingdale, Alan Greenspan, Elvis Presley, Sharon Stone, and Steffi Graf.


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