By Numerologist Sally Faubion

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Ten days ago I attended a wonderful spiritual retreat that was orchestrated by Celebration of Life Ministries (CLM) out of Chicago. Prior to this gathering, I had given a brief reading to the Pastor of CLM, “Padre Paul,” and because I knew his birth date, my observation while listening to him speak with such enthusiasm it was obvious that he was living his true calling.

Padre Paul’s destiny number is 9. That is the destiny of someone who has come into this life to selflessly serve the masses, and to gravitate toward humanitarian causes; to be an upstanding leader of the community in which he lives, and to express love, compassion and understanding to all. Padre Paul fills that bill with aplomb!

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Referring to my observation of Padre Paul, I thought it might be inspiring for you to learn a few of the vibrational qualities associated with your destiny number to determine if you are connecting with what you came onto this earth plane desiring to accomplish. You might also want to check out the number vibration of the day you were born, too (i.e., the 5th, 16th, 30th, etc.) because sometimes it will express your Inner Self yearning and it’s your destiny number can make it manifest.

FYI: HOW TO CALCULATE YOUR BIRTH DAY AND DESTINY NUMBERS: The “birth day” number is found by simply reducing the day number (10th, 21st, etc.) to a single digit. The destiny number, which is the most powerful motivational force in your life, is found by adding all the numbers in a birth date together and reducing to a single digit, i.e., November 22, 1987 is added as follows: 1+1 +2+2 + 1+9+8+7 which equals 31 and 3+1 = 4. If your birth date reduces to an 11 as the final compound it should not be reduced to the 2 as it is a “master number” which will be explained later.

Following the quality descriptions of each destiny number, I have offered names of well-known people who share those same numbers and who, because of their prominence in the world, likely found their true calling.

DESTINY/BIRTH DAY OF NUMBER ONE: Ones are teachers, revolutionaries, writers, athletes, leaders - - those who pursue intellectual, creative, executive and innovative pursuits. You are competitive and do your best work as solo-operators. As the most competitive of all the numbers, you can be the best of all the rest . . . but only when you are committed, enthusiastic, and inspired by your work endeavor. Otherwise, you can tend to get in ruts and do half measures. Most of you desire and eventually find a way to work for yourselves, and you can also be great champions of causes in which you believe.

A few well-know individuals with One destinies are: Isaac Newton, Henry Ford, Ernest Hemingway, Noel Coward, Andrew Wyeth, Billy Graham, Maya Angelo, Walt Disney, Martin Luther King, Jr.; Ralph Nader, Dr. Suess, Pierre Cardin, Carl Sagan, Barbara Walters, Adrianna Huffington, Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, Bruce Springsteen, Sally Ride, Steve Jobs, Michael Dell, Michio Kaku, George Clooney, Yo Yo Ma, Shaq O’Neil, Tiger Woods, Kristie Yamaguchi, LaBron James, Lady Gaga, 23andMe Anne Wojcicki, Wangari Maathai (founder of the Green Belt Movement in Kenya), Sri Sir Ravi Shankar, Gro Harlem Brundtland (Deputy Chair of “The Elders,” an international non-governmental organization for peace and human rights), Tom Shadyac (film producer of I AM, a documentary of how to help change the world for the better), Julian Assange.

DESTINY/BIRTH DAY OF NUMBERS TWO/ELEVEN: Those whose ”birth day” or destiny number reduce to the TWO or ELEVEN, on the high side, are desirous of working to bring about peace, harmony, and truth. You don’t need the spotlight to do good work. In fact, you can be fulfilled working behind the scenes helping make those in the limelight shine better because of your efforts. You are mediators and arbitrators; ambassador types who are tactful, diplomatic and cooperative. Civic service jobs, analysts, librarians, detail workers, novel writers, and anything that has to do with animals, nature, and nurturing can appeal to you. You also enjoy the domestic scene and are usually excellent cooks, housekeepers and nurturing mates and parents.

The 11 is the “higher octave” of the TWO, which doesn’t mean the TWO is less, just that those with a TWO destiny will be more domestically-inclined than those with the ELEVEN. Many of you gravitate to yoga, meditation, holistic medicine, organic food, and require quiet and serenity to feel your best. I call those with the ELEVEN destiny the “angels of the earth” because you are good listeners and have a reservoir of “pearls of wisdom” to impart when you feel it’s appropriate. The stage is where you could find your true calling because you have the ability to hold the attention of a crowd easier than any other destiny number by delivering the words that people want to hear. You are high minded, usually esoterically inclined, and can work in any capacity that calls for diplomacy, patience, compassion, handling details, and ministering.

Here are a few well-know people with the TWO/ELEVEN destinies: Kahlil Gibran, Bob Hope, Sen. John Glenn, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, Oleg Cassini, Rosa Parks, Pres. Ronald Reagan, Pres. Bill Clinton, Pres. Barack Obama, Tony Bennett, Al Gore, Jerry Lee Lewis, Gen. Colin Powell, Pelé, Diana Ross, Jose Feliciano, Andrew Lloyd Webber, Jeffrey Skoll, Robert Duvall, Norman Schwarzkopf, Pat Sajak, Joe Montana, Vidal Sassoon, Madonna, Whoopi Goldberg, Michael Jordan, Robert Downey, Jr., Lucy Liu, Kelly Ripa, and Mark Wahlberg.

DESTINY/BIRTH DAY OF NUMBER THREE: Those born on THREE days or who have a THREE destiny are self-expressive, especially as lecturers, writers, and actors. You are very social, love parties and are great hosts/hostesses, gathering many friends and fans throughout your life. Because you are ambitious, independent and sometimes fearless (you love a good adventure), you are found in many diverse professions, notably the arts and/or sciences. Many great scientists, physicists and medical practitioners have 3 destinies. Being one who knows how to use your best features to your advantage, many of you help others to achieve those results as beauticians, hair stylists and salespeople of products that deal with health and beauty. Most of you also enjoy teaching or working with children.

Here are a few well-know people with the THREE destiny: Jane Austen, Charles Dickens, William Yeats, Edith Piaf, Niels Bohr, Henry Miller, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Amelia Earhart, Anne Frank, Bing Crosby, Salvador Dali, John Wayne, Jack Kerouac, Judy Garland, Gore Vidal, Miles Davis, Neil Simon, Maggie Smith, Rod Stewart, Carlos Santana, Sec. Hillary Clinton, Alec Baldwin, Jon Stewart, Chris Rock, Physicist Brian Green, Physicist Neil deGrasse Tyson, Marissa Mayer, Jennifer Lopez, Cameron Diaz. Humanitarians: Futurist Australian Michael Elliott, Shirin Ebadi (Iranian human rights activist and founder of Defenders of Human Rights Center in Iran), Indira Gandhi, Sri, Sri Ravi Shankar (spiritual leader and ambassador of peace who founded the Art of Living Foundation), Edward Snowden [yes/no?].

DESTINY/BIRTH DAY OF NUMBER FOUR: Those of you who are born on FOUR days or who have a FOUR destiny tend to be practical, dependable, reliable, and forthright. Yours is the word of gold because you honor your commitments. Many of you are found in service-oriented jobs or employed by the government. You like to work and any business or organization that is fortunate enough to get a FOUR person to work for them will never want to lose you because of the aforementioned qualities. You work best, however, on your own as entrepreneurs in service businesses. Other occupations that suit your linear-inclined approach are working with computers in any capacity, administration management, contractor, architect, and accountant. FOUR destiny people are here to give to others through their work, principally work that empowers others to better themselves. If you find your niche, you can become obsessively dedicated to whatever that is (I know because I have a FOUR destiny :) .

The following are a few well-known people who have FOUR destinies: Leonardo da Vinci, Mark Twain, Sigmund Freud, Marie Curie, Will Rogers, Babe Ruth, Frank Sinatra, J. D. Salinger, Isaac Stern, Lenny Bruce, Clint Eastwood, Margaret Thatcher, Bono, Bob Geldof, Desmond Tutu, Richard Branson, Google’s Larry Page and Sergy Brin, Microsoft’s Bill Gates and Paul Allen, Facebook’s Chris Hughes and Dustin Moskovitz, Brad Pitt, Hugh Hefner, Woody Allen, Oprah Winfrey, Itzhak Perlman, Steve Harvey, Paul McCartney, Martina Navratilova, Russell Crowe, Matthew McConnaughey, Hilary Swank, and Gary Sinise (of Forrest Gump fame who now works with wounded veterans of war).

DESTINY/BIRTH DAY OF NUMBER FIVE: Those with FIVE destinies are people who are in the know, on the go, and up with the times. You lean toward people-oriented occupations that entail adventure, glamour, travel, exceptional communication skills and any job that allows you the freedom to come and go on at your own will. You are the best promoters of causes and salespeople. Because of your abundance of energy, many of you are business owners of travel agencies, travel guides, and event planners. You have strong intuition and can work well as investigators, detectives, psychologists, and for the most energetic of your lot, real estate and stock/commodity brokers, and professional athletes. As you will note below, many FIVE destiny people are also great artists, writers, and actors.

The following are a few well-known people who have FIVE destinies: Benjamin Franklin, Pres. Abraham Lincoln, Louis Braille, Charles Darwin, Paul Cezanne, Pierre Auguste Renoir, Vincent Van Gogh, Helen Keller, Pres. Franklin Roosevelt, James Joyce, Georgia O’Keefe, Linus Pauling, John Steinbeck, Tennessee Willliams, Albert Camus, Walter Cronkite, Evita Peron, Marlon Brando, Lee Iacocca, Malcolm X, Johnny Carson, Willie Nelson, Chi Chi Rodriguez, Willie McCovey, Gov. Jerry Brown, Billy Jean King, Judy Bari (principal organizer of “Earth First”), Kathy Rigby, Mick Jagger, Howard Stern, Ron Howard, Denzel Washington, Ellen DeGeneres, Rosie O’Donnell, Sean Penn, Jon Bon Jovi, J. K. Rowling, Andre Agassi, Joaquin Phoenix, Angelina Jolie, Venus Williams.

DESTINY/BIRTH DAY OF NUMBER SIX: Those of you with SIX destinies are good parents, responsible in your community, and lovers of the home and family. In fact, you can be very successful at selling products for the home, being homemakers, being extraordinary teachers, doctors, nurses, musicians, interior decorators, cooks, managers in any business, and civic workers. You also enjoy bringing comfort and harmony to any environment in which you work or live. Any capacity that deals with the public is your calling and your honesty and willingness to go the extra mile make you great entrepreneurs, especially in service-oriented businesses. You also love research an analysis and many of you are found in the sciences because of that passion.

The following are a few well-know people who have SIX destinies: Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison, Fred Astaire, Ian Fleming, Che Guevara, Eleanor Roosevelt, Cary Grant, Charles Shulz, Mike Wallace, Beverly Sills, Warren Buffett, Quincy Jones, James Brown, Hank Aaron, Sandy Koufax, John Madden, Ted Turner, Kofi Annan, Francis Ford Coppola, John Lennon, Robert DeNiro, Sylvester Stallone, Stephen King, Stephen Spielberg, Meryl Streep, Stevie Wonder, Bruce Willis, Michael Jackson, Eddie Murphy, Charlie Sheen, Salma Hayek, Edward Norton, Jr., Ben Affleck, Jeff Bezos, Jessica Alba, Britney Spears.

DESTINY/BIRTH DAY OF NUMBER SEVEN: Those of you who have a SEVEN destiny are deep thinkers. Being intellectual, scientific, and studious, you never accept a premise unless you have analyzed the situation thoroughly and reached your own conclusion. You dislike manual labor and are not very domesticated in nature. You require quite, calm surroundings to do your work and you do your best work when given the greatest autonomy. Your focused mentality tends to lean to the following for career endeavors: scientist, inventor, teacher, musicians, non-fiction writer, research and analyses, lawyer, actor (Shakespearean type), and religious or spiritual leaders.

The following are a few well-know people with SEVEN destinies: William Shakespeare, Rembrandt, Beethoven, Fredric Chopin, Franz Liszt, Emily Dickinson, Tchaikovsky, Paul Gauguin, Marie Curie, Winston Churchill, Diego Rivera, Stephen Bechtel, Ansel Adams, Vladmir Horowitz, Dylan Thomas, Pres. John F. Kennedy, Leonard Bernstein, Queen Elizabeth II, Dalai Lama, Marilyn Monroe, Neil Armstrong, Willie Mays, Mel Brooks, Gene Wilder, Bruce Lee, Leslie Stahl, Stephen Hawking, Larry Ellison, Sheryl Sandberg, Gerry Garcia, Mohammed Ali, Michael Douglas, Susan Sarandon, Jerry Seinfeld, Chris Evert Lloyd, Carl Lewis, Princess Diana, Johnny Depp, Leonardo DiCaprio, Tesla’s Elon Musk., Norman Borlaug (father of the Green Revolution), Vincente Moncho (spent his life helping improve the lives of the poor in Southern India), Greg Mortenson (founded educational charity Pennies for Peace).

DESTINY/BIRTH DAY OF NUMBER EIGHT: Those of you with an EIGHT destiny require balance and organization to function well. You are the teacher of teachers, the Chairman/woman of the Board, the Producer/Director, the Judge and the Jury, the exemplars and the class acts. You have a lot to live up to and because you tend to be such “good soldiers,” it is easy for you to assume or be assigned to leadership positions. You can be a CEO or a manager, an efficiency expert or a financial analyst, or an interior decorator; a superlative homemaker or a grand teacher; a brilliant novel writer or a stockbroker. Your advantage is that you can use your left brain orientation (linear) as well as your right brain (artistic and creative). Let’s face it, you can do everything, and do it well! Your greatest fulfillment, however, will come from doing something that helps the earth, animals or fellow humans in need.

The following are a few well-known people with 8 destinies: Mary Wollstonecraft (18th Century writer, philosopher, and advocate for women’s rights – Hey! This was amazing for those times!) Pablo Piccaso, Andrew Carnegie, Pres. Lyndon Johnson, Pres. Gerald Ford, Timothy Leary, Paul Newman, Nelson Mandela, Edward Albee, Bob Newhart, Dick Clark, Ken Kesey Jane Fonda, Bob Dylan, Martha Stewart, Barbra Streisand, Betty Williams (won co-funded Community of Peace People; won the Nobel Peace Prize), Martin Scorsese, Annie Leibovitz, Nathan Lane, Robin Williams, Diane Sawyer, Oliver Stone, Richard Gere, Paul Shaffer, Dana Carvey, Wayne Gretzky, Sandra Bullock, Ben Stiller, Matt Damon, Penelope Cruz, Jessica Simpson.

DESTINY/BIRTH DAY OF NUMBER NINE: I wrote about the NINE in the first paragraph when referring to Padre Paul. However, there are many other careers and work endeavors that suit the NINE destiny person because you come into this life multi-talented. You possess certain qualities of all the numbers 1 through 8, and therefore you can succeed as a doctor, nurse, humanitarian, lawyer, writer, painter, dancer, community service, you name it. You have the innate talent to make a success of whatever you feel the greatest urge to do. Remember, though, you have come to this earth plan as a “universal humanitarian,” so you will garner the greatest fulfillment in work that takes you hither and yon doing good work that is motivated by your heart and soul, like Padre Paul.

The following are a few notable people with the No. 9 destiny: Henry David Thoreau, Frank Lloyd Wright, Erté, Cole Porter, Mother Teresa, Karl Jung, Dr. Albert Schweitzer, Mahatma Gandhi, Paramahansa Yogananda, Charles Lindburgh, Lawrence Welk, Alan Greenspan, Ray Charles, Julia Child, Billy Holiday, Elvis Presley, Erich Fromm, Kurt Vonnegut, Pres. Jimmy Carter, Gloria Steinem, Susan Sontag, Morgan Freeman, Jimi Hendrix, Jim Carrey, Spike Lee, Whitney Houston, Bob Marley, Tyra Banks, Malala Yousafzai, 12 Catholic Popes (of the 76 whose birth dates were listed), and numerous Noble Peace Prize winners.

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