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Palin for President?!

 Will Brett Favre play 'Til he's 50?! 

What Prince William's wedding day portends?

Will Oprah Winfrey Have Continued Success? 

What's Wrong with Charlie Sheen?

Will Rep. Rangel rangle out of his ethical and legal wrong doings?

What makes Susan Boyle such an anomaly? 

What's behind J.K. Rowling's Writing Success?





        I have kept abreast of Sarah Palin's chart since she hit the Big Time political scene in August of 2008 as Senator McCain's running mate.  As is obvious to all, she is audacious and dogged which are admirable traits in such a male bastion playground.  Her good looks play in her favor in that respect, but dare I say she may become the "fall gal" for the vitriolic Republican-rule machine come around campaign time.  Actually, her numbers show she may already be staring down the barrel of a Republican-cast cannon situated strategically to blow her back into the flush forests of Alaska by 2012. 


        Her personality numbers show that she definitely likes the celebrity that has garnered her some significant $$$, which I'm sure she also enjoys.  She would also be, however, a stanch believer in her values and political attitudes, whatever they are, and will go the extra mile to help pave the way for their ratification.  If I were to be critical, I might even call her a zealot, but that wouldn't be fair because in her own party she is likely considered to be more of a diehard enthusiast.  Either way, I don't see her political career advancing beyond the rather impressive Tea Party wave of approval that exists at this time.  If I were a betting person, I would bet big that she will already have met with that cannon ball referred to above prior to the Republican primary in the summer of 2012.   




          From my vantage point, Brett Farve has a few things that work in his favor for continuing on his quest to beat George Blanda's record for the oldest football player ever (if he's hoping to beat Blanda's record, he has 8 more years to go):  1) He's an intelligent player (albeit temper prone); 2) he has a giant ego enhancing his thirst for victory; 3) he has leadership numbers; 4) he has numbers through 2013, when he's 44 (he's currently 41), that show him working at something he loves; and 5) he has numbers from 45 through 49 that show him reaching some kind of pinnacle of success that is quite rare to see in a numerological chart.  Even if he ends his quest at 44, he will have already gained an outstanding record in the football annals. 




          April 29, 2011 is perfectly suited to a royal wedding couple.  I equate the wedding day with the birth of a child, meaning that I look at what qualities and characteristics would a child have if it were born on that day.  For one, it would work hard at gaining the approval of his or her parents  - - in this case, Queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles.  It would also feel an inordinate sense of responsibility toward all things and people in its life (having the No. 33 as its "attitude" number), and it would experience constant activity but find that it spent much of its time alone or away from those it loved (having the 55/1 as its destiny number).  The number 29 is a "Master Number" in numerology and as such will bring into play many emotional tests for the young royal couple. 


          Overall, it appears this handsome young couple's marriage will be a chip off the block of all those royal weddings that preceded it, including Prince William's own parents.  Hopefully there will be more loosening of the old and staid traditions as the younger generation assumes their positions in that hierarchical clan.  The young royals are certainly getting better looking, that's for sure!




          There are some troubling times coming into Oprah's numerological chart after her next birthday in January 2011 and I really don't know if the "test" numbers that I see have to do with a diminishing of her success or because of some personal situation that just doesn't go away.  Whatever the case, she may never reveal what she is going through but I can say that she will definitely be experiencing something over the next five to six years that is very different from what her life has been before.  I offer this about Oprah only because I think it's sometimes interesting to learn that even when someone seems to have everything going for them, there can still be tests and challenges that come along that cannot be rectified by money or knowledge.  I hope those numbers are associated with her ascension into higher consciousness which can definitely be personally challenging, but ultimately enormously gratifying.




          From analyzing the numbers in his chart, it appears that for the majority of Charlie Sheen's life (born 9/3/1965) he has not been a happy camper.  His childhood from ages 5 through 16 shows the beginnings of his life of angst.  He has had especially difficult numbers in his chart from age 28 through and into his birthday in 2011.  His actions over the past few years have certainly exhibited his seeming inability to seek help for his mid-life crisis mode.  This year, his 45th year, is the year that brings a temporary 5-year end to his rolls in the hay of havoc and abandon.  It appears he will stand up, brush himself off, and carry on without much incident . . . until he's in his 50s when his demons of despair seem to gain entry into his cranial brain once again.  He might be labeled a "hard nut" because it does appear that he succumbs to his wild and wonton ways with fervor throughout his 60s as well.   He is talented and his destiny number (33) would give him a sense of responsibility to his work, his children and his family in general.  Too bad it may take him a very long time to fully live up to that high calling.




          This man is obviously a liar, a cheat, and a thief, and yet, as it goes with the good ol' boys, it appears that he will likely face the perfunctory slap on the hand from his constituents and colleagues alike, and in 2012 and 2013, he will come into some payoffs of some sort.  He has in his chart at that time one of the most fortunate numbers (the one O. J. Simpson had in during his first trial) that portends money gained that one didn't have to work for, honors, and rewards.  I, for one, will be quite happy when all those good ol' boys have finally gone to badlands below, if there is such a thing.  Rangel is just the Bad Boy of this hour, and tomorrow he will likely have a replacement, and so it goes.




          Susan Magdalane Boyle (born 4/1/1961) has a chart that shows much good fortune coming into her life from 42 through to the end of her life.  That doesn't mean that she will go merrily along, however, as it does appear that she struggles with life in ways that money and fame can't dispel.  She certainly does have plenty of money numbers throughout her 40s through her 80s, but she also has numbers that show she is super sensitive and emotional.  Interestingly, she has master numbers throughout her chart, and those numbers enable someone to rise to a higher calling but also put much more responsibility on the individual.  That has certainly occurred with Ms. Boyle.  Her name number is the 11, which indicates that she can easily traverse into the extra-dimensional channels available to us all.  Her "destiny" number is the 22, which is the number of fame and reverence, along with the master builder - basically meaning an individual possessing that number might easily become a workaholic.  Oprah Winfrey, Bill Gates, Donald Trump, and the Google Guys Larry Page and Sergey Brin all have the 22 destiny.   So, obviously Ms. Boyle was destined to have the path that has opened her up to fame and fortune, and even though it may be hard on her in many ways, she is certainly an inspiration for many.  That's the blessing that master numbers give when they are fully lived.





          Joanne Rowling's ("J.K.") (born 7/31/1965) chart shows she has a mind for collecting and retaining facts and ideas, along with the ability to speedily deliver those contents from her brain to paper, as it were.  It also shows that her "intelligence" line is liken to that of Sir Isaac Newton and Sir Francis Bacon, ostensibly giving her the ability to be a physicist, a mathematician, an astronomer, a theologian and an alchemist, on the one hand, and a philosopher, scientist, lawyer, and author, on the other.  In some of her writings, it appears that she has used facets of all of those occupations.  Since Sir Francis Bacon was born in 1561 and Sir Isaac Newton in 1643, and they were both Englishmen, she may have been both of them in past lives!  As you can see, I have quite an imagination myself!