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By Numerologist Sally Faubion

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The following are posts from my blog at, which I add to every week. I have chosen certain posts for this newsletter of subject matter that may be more interesting to my newsletter audience than others.  If you have already read some of these, thank you for visiting my blog. 


Numerology of Shock Radio: Limbaugh and Stern


These two men have made their careers by being loud and offensive on and off the airwaves. But the differences couldn't be greater between ultra-conservative Rush Limbaugh and hold-nothing-back Howard Stern. Find out more about the lives and destinies of two of America's most famous radio show hosts:


 Whitney Houston: Numbers of an Angel


Tragedy struck when one of music's greatest voices died at the tender age of 48. While it's hard to understand what could make such a strong, talented woman succumb to the demons of addiction, it is apparent in her chart that Whitney came into this world much like Michael Jackson before her: a highly evolved spirit. And, like Jackson, Whitney Houston left us as an angel. Read the whole article:


Adele's Grammy Winning Numbers


Eerily, the big winner on Grammy night, Adele, has the same 9 destiny number as legendary Whitney Houston who literally died the day before the Grammys. The soulful songbird will continue this level of success for many years to come: her years of power (28-54) are teeming with money and fame. Check out more:


  Keeping Up With the Krazy Kardashians


There's a reason the family you love to hate has had such success off very minimal talent - it's in their numbers. Unfortunately, the numbers don't have a lot of good news for their future personal lives. Read more to get the scoop on the marriages of Kourtney, Kim and Khloe.


 Numerology Behind Sex Scandals of U.S. Politicians


The recent outing of JFK's secret affair with a White House intern piqued my interest in what causes politicians to cheat. Check out what's really behind power, sex, and politics:



Magical Bridge


One of my most magnanimous and humanitarian clients, Olenka Villarreal, has founded "Magical Bridge" which is the first of its kind playground for children with and without special needs in her communiity (Palo Alto, CA).  It is my pleasure to introduce this unique and beneficial project. You may be inspired to begin something comparable in your own community or to offer a donation at