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        In my last newsletter I related that the number 2011 can be reduced to four different numbers, 4, 13, 22, and 31, depending on how the number is added together.  There are, of course, personality qualities associated with those numbers but the forecasts related below represent what those numbers portend in relation to our social and physical environment at this time.


        The number 13 forecasts transformation, upheaval and destruction. It is also a symbol of power which, if wrongly used, can wreak destruction and the dismantling of structures and societies.  It is a number of a warning of the unknown or unexpected.


        The number 22 forecasts breakthroughs that make life better for mankind. 


        The number 31 represents a battle of life in which everyone is trying to do something in their own way; lack of serenity and mental restlessness accompany these battles of will.


        It would appear that those forecast possibilities are bubbling to the surface in the Middle East as well as on our own home front (i.e., Wisconsin and Ohio in the Union battles) and the year has just begun!


        February 11th, 2011 was the day of a major shift in

human consciousness to a higher realm according to the spiritual avatars and others who predict such things.  It's therefore interesting that it was on that day that dictator Muhammed Hosni Mubarak stepped down as a most malicious ruler over the Egyptian people.  It certainly does appear that some kind of shift is adrift in the entire Middle East and there are societal unrest rumblings in other regions of our globe as well.  My prayers are with all who are hoping for and fighting for freedom from oppression and that appears to be a few billion people at this point in time.


        On the bright side, I predict that 2012 will bring forth a crescendo of positive insights, medical cures, and changes to our existence that will make even the most stringent Doubting Thomases begin to believe in miracles!  I may find the need to amend that foresight in the future, but hey! I can dream, and I'm also a believer.      




        Well, Charlie, I guess we haven't seen the last of you for a while.  I can offer that from a numerological standpoint, Charlie could easily find himself experiencing a nervous breakdown (if, in fact, that's not what is occurring at this time).  I know that's old news, but from my vantage point, Carlos Irwin Esteves (aka Charlie Sheen) is in the 7th year of a rather hellish existence.  Who knew?!  Wouldn't most of us have thought that he was having the time of his life and just using his "real life" as a stage to exhibit an even worse bad boy than his "Two and A Half Men" character presents? 


        It appears that this year will deliver the grand slam (and I'm not talking about a hit out of the bleachers, but a flat out face-down on the pavement grand slam).  It may then take him another year to recover from the woes he causes himself this year, but if he survives (which I believe is likely), he will go on for a few more years with some slip-n-slide activity until he hits age 54 when his life takes a turn that is likely to leave him wondering where he went wrong once again . . . but this time it will last for more than two decades!  We'll see.  I'm sure I'll be writing about him again in the future, but for now, let's hope his family and/or his friend Sean Penn come to his aid from what appears to be a desperate call for help. 


        Martin Sheen's chart shows that he has been facing a number that is primarily associated with family and close relationships which portends "expect the unexpected."  Charlie is likely the close relationship who is filling that bill.  That influence stays in Martin's chart until late April when perhaps there will be some sort of turnaround in Charlie's destructive nature.  Around December of 2011, however, Martin's chart shows numbers that could indicate that Charlie once again deludes and dismantles himself. If that is the case, I would say that his father will release his hold on his "hope rope" and let Charlie fall where he may after too many years of coming to Charlie's rescue.  Martin's chart shows much greater success for his own career, which is nice to know since he seems to have an admirably humanitarian approach to life. 




        These three guys have so much in common in their numerological charts that it made me wonder if there might be some veiled formula in the Middle East for creating a dictator.  The following are a few examples of their affinities:


        1) Their first names are all representative of veneration for the Islamic leader Muhammad which gives them certain characteristics that represent rebels and revolutionaries.  Yeaahh. 


        2)  I have expressed before that those who have 1s, 4s, and 7s as personality or destiny numbers tend to be "renegades," or, more appropriately, those who don't follow the social norms and who are usually independent individualists.  Ahmadinejad was born on a 28th (which reduces to a 1), Mubarak was born on the 4th, and Gaddafi was born on the 7th.  Renegades all!


        3)  The numbers that are most found among the leaders of the SS Nazi regime are 5s and 11s.  Ahmadinejad has a 5 destiny; Mubarak has a 11 destiny, and Gaddafi also has a 11 destiny.  For anyone who has read about the atrocities of Mussolini in WWII, it's interesting to note that he also had an 11 destiny number and, interestingly, Osama bin Laden also has a 5 destiny.  The negative qualities associated with these numbers can be quite ominous -- fanaticism, zealousness, frenetic temper, radicalism, intolerance . . . well, you get the picture.  Hitler had a 5 destiny and a vast majority of the SS Nazi leaders had 11 destinies. 


        Aside:  The numbers 5 and 11 also have positive traits and qualities associated with them, i.e., sociability, peacemaking, broadmindedness, style, wit, charisma, eloquence, and charm, to name a few.  Some of the U.S. Presidents who are expressing or have expressed the positive traits of the 5 and 11 are Presidents Barak Obama, Bill Clinton, Ronald Reagan, FDR, William Harrison, Calvin Coolidge, and Herbert Hoover. 


        We already know Mubarak has left Egypt and it appears that he will be consumed with trying to maintain a grip on that $$ spewing well that has filled his coffers for the past 30 years.  However, it also appears that he might not be able to do much more than ensure the safety of his life for the next number of years.  Whatever the case,   good riddance to such a starkly amoral lout!


        Gaddafi is going to be ousted this year before his next birthday which is June 7th.  It appears he will walk away with $$$$ in which he will revel for three years when suddenly, in 2014, something appears to occur which could put an end to his Scrooge Duck [remember those comics?] dives into his money pool.  If he survives his 72nd year (in 2014), it appears he will begin a well-deserved, long and drawn out life of living in fear for his life and safety, much like Mubarak.  He has some very difficult numbers in his future, especially for someone who has lived as he - in abject wealthy squalor.


        Ahmadinejad is in a position of losing his position over the next couple of years.  If that does occur, he will leave a well-heeled man who will likely remain loyal to those who rule the masses in Iran.  If not, he will continue to rise in power for many years (that is only if I have his correct name which is difficult to discern, so I could be totally off with this character).  There are so many well-educated people in Iran and the majority of the people are under 26, so I would imagine that sooner than later democracy will find its way into that country, too. 




        In my opinion, Donald Trump borders on being the first and foremost egomaniacal, mega-media-maniac who has far outreached Charlie Sheen's exploits.  Although I considered it an impossibility that he might even come close to winning the Republican nomination for President of the US in the summer of 2012, I did, nevertheless, check out his chart. 


        Lo and behold, it appears that he will definitely make a run for it but around February to June of 2012 (perhaps sooner), his grandiose dreams of ruling the world appear to be dashed.  This outcome is also noted in the charts of his wife, daughter Ivanka, and sons Donald, Jr. and Erik.  Too bad for good ol' boy Donald.  I guess he'll just have to continue finding the most outrageous and seemingly inappropriate people for his likely faltering TV show "The Apprentice."  I'm sure he'll continue to think of ways to keep himself on the forefront of inconsequential news, though.