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The weather is continuing to be "unprecedented" in many areas of the US. Two weeks ago, San Francisco experienced summer-like weather; last week it was tropical storms and then freezing; this week it's sunnier and warmer. After February, I usually don't have to put my radiator on until December, but I'm appreciating that I have a radiator (as opposed to gas or electric heat) because heating one's home is likely becoming more costly in these weird and wild weather times. This newsletter, using the science of numerology, provides some insight into the question of "what the #*@** is going on" in this confusing decade of ours.

Dennis Weaver Has Crossed Over But His Life's Quest Will Continue To Help The Multitudes

Dennis Weaver set a good example for us of how to handle these unpredictable times. After learning about his death, and having had the privilege of meeting him and his vivacious and gracious wife, Gerry, in 2002 at a book signing event in L.A., I decided to add a little something about this wonderful man whose exemplary acting career is almost shadowed by his penchant for selflessly helping others, animals and the earth. Weaver studied yoga and meditation since the 1960s. He was a renown environmentalist, who promoted simple but profound ways to help Mother Earth in our daily lives. He advocated using alternative fuels, such as solar power, eating lower on the food chain, and utilizing earth-friendly or recycled building materials. He had a big place in his heart for animals, and worked with the Genesis Awards to honor people who made exceptional contributions to animal welfare. Mr. Weaver died of complications arising from cancer at the age of 81, on February 24, 2006. He will be missed on this planet, but his legacy will live on and on, because he is one who never gave up the causes he felt were most important for all of mankind. His star shined brighter than most people knew.

Numerology and the Decades

I have found it interesting how the numbers that are associated with different decades have such a strong association with what occurred during each decade. The following offers a cursory view of how "the numbers" may have influenced the past 6 decades and may, hopefully, affect the 2000s.

THE 40s. The 4, in numerology, stands for solidity, solidarity, patriotism, determination, diligence, dedication, being principled, stalwart, honest, forthright and altruistic. The 4 is the "personality" number of the United States of America (4th of July) and, because World War II and its aftermath were the primary issues of the 40s, it's interesting to note how many of those qualities could be applied to the citizens of the USA who were so ready, willing, and able to be such a significant help -- on the home front and on the battlefield. Around the globe we saw people coming together in patriotic expressions of nationalism, for better or for worse, in response to the war or as movements to throw off the oppression of colonialism.

THE 50s. The 5 stands for change, progression, speed, being stylish and "up with the times," broadmindedness, and resourcefulness. Not surprisingly, this was a decade of scientific and technological change that forever altered our way of life. The first man-made satellite was launched (Sputnik), the first jet liner debuted, and the helical structure of DNA was discovered. The polio vaccine and organ transplants became available. The 50s also ushered in the beat generation and rock and roll (Elvis splashed on the scene in 1956, as I recall). Women were finally able to alleviate the arduous manual labor tasks associated with the homemaker, facilitated by the inventions of the TV dinner, lightweight plastic products, electric appliances and the such. Families in America had more money to spend and could afford nice homes in the "burbs" and stylish cars.

THE 60s. The 6, in numerology, represents fairness, justice, humanitarianism, ethics, idealism, compassion, and peace-making especially as they relate to our immediate environment of family and local government. The 60s were the decade of humanitarianism in our own backyard. In this spirit, the 60s brought social revolution, civil rights and human rights along with the sexual freedom and anti-war movements, all endorsed and enhanced by a constantly expanding counterculture (hippies, dropouts, guru followers, etc.). All of you born on the 6th or having a "6" destiny number, are the torch carriers of such actions. I have found many of the revolutionaries of different decades have the 6 as a prominent position in their numerological charts.

THE 70s. The 7 is a meditative, contemplative, analytical, mystical, philosophical, spiritual number vibration. The 7 has always been associated with getting inside one's head and, interestingly, the 70s were exemplary of that very thing! The decade of the 70s is referred to as the "Me Generation," as the time when we embarked on a search for self. People went to psychotherapy in record numbers, and many felt compelled to seek and follow the dictates of gurus or join cults like "The People of God." We tried out radical self-improvement systems, like EST, and took recreational drugs all in the name of learning more about ourselves.

THE 80s. The 8 is known as the number of money, power and fame. Interestingly, we chose this decade to elect our first movie-star president, Ronald Reagan. Money flowed, and we became obsessed with the "lifestyles of the rich and famous." You couldn't be too rich or too thin in the 80s. It was definitely the decade of the high life. A few other significant events of the 80s were the elimination of the Berlin Wall, fall of the Iron Curtain, student protests in Tiananmen Square, and the120,000+ who fled from Cuba to the democracy and freedom of America. Everyone seemed to want their share of the good life n the 1980s.

The 90s. The 9 is the number of Universal Humanitarianism (the 60s was localized humanitarianism - the 90s began to take on the whole world), high culture, sophistication, and philanthropy. This was the decade that brought an end to Apartheid in South Africa as well as the Cold War. The peace process began in Northern Ireland and Israel; the UK gave sovernity of Hong Kong to China; the Tibetan Freedom Concert helped to increased human rights and autonomy for the Tibetans; and our government became concerned with humanitarian interventions around the globe. This decade also saw the height of the "" bubble when overnight millionaires led a life of sophistication and explored the joys of philanthropy. We all became more technologically sophisticated with the widespread adoption of the personal computer and the internet.

The 2000s. The 2, 20, and 2000 are all numbers that represent peace, altruism, benevolence, cooperation, diplomacy, patience, modesty, humility, tolerance, and trustworthiness. Well, we still have 994+ years left to see if the world can acclimate to those wonderful qualities - but the going looks rough for the time being what with escalating social issues which include terrorism, carbon dioxide emissions, millions dying of AIDS, the Antarctic and the South Pole melting at unprecedented rates, the aftermath tsunami and Katrina devastations, the weird, weird weather, and waiting for the imminent "big one" to hit my favorite City, San Francisco. On the positive side, the numbers indicate that this current madness may be a wake-up call. Perhaps as a result of these trials, we will be forced to take on the qualities associated with the 2. Interestingly, the 2 is the most feminine number vibration in numerology, so perhaps after all the male bastions have taken their last stands (hopefully) in this new century, women's peace-loving, protective, nurturing, and healing ways will begin to emerge as the better way for humans to co-exist on this ever-changing planet. That would be a very nice change, indeed.

As a side note, Wikipedia (the online encyclopedia) stated that this decade will be known for bringing about the most rapid rate of increase of stress for the public in most nations. When you think about all the things one must learn on a day-to-day, hour-by-hour basis to keep up with all the new inventions and innovations, I'm pretty glad I had my heyday in the 60s and 70s. It seems to me, after reading the onslaught of changes and concerns in the modern age, that those times were much less complicated.

Predictions for People in the News

I'll crow a little about a few of my previous predictions. As I predicted, Sheryl Crow and Lance Armstrong split, Michael Jackson didn't go to jail, Martha Stewart will be bigger and better than ever (though she has some problems she must face over the next two years); Barry Bonds will pull out of baseball sometime between his birthday in 2005 (August 24) and his birthday in 2006 (that's still remains to be seen - but it does appear he's thinking about it); Saddam Hussein is still waiting for his two very bad years in 2007 and 2008, but he will get them.

The following are a few more predictions that I am audaciously delivering to you: 1. Paula Abdul will never marry again. Why: She is too controlling (She probably doesn't think so, but I would tell her that if she were to ask me.), and she is still not over the broken heart she experienced with Mr. Estevez. That relationship appears to have put some blocks on her heart.
2. Rudolph Giuliani had his "15 minutes of fame" and he won't ever return to the heights in popularity that he had during 9/11.
3. It appears that Lisa Marie Presley's current marriage will last for a longer time than the others (Michael Lockwood, her latest, is a Scientologist - perhaps that will help), but I believe that she will have a hard time of it. She has the number of "expected the unexpected on the home front" in her chart for the next 9 years, starting with her 37th birthday (2/1/06). Time will tell on that one. As she says, she's her own worst enemy. She has a very powerful, but volatile, set of numbers.
4. Dr. Phil, who is a very ambitious individual and also a very smart guy (in my opinion), is not as happy as one might think. He's in a period of his life that indicates he is being bumped out of his comfort zone (probably because he has contracts he must fulfill and would rather be fishing). He will make a big change around age 61 (he's born on 9/1/1950), which will lead to a much happier existence than he has in store for him for the next 4-5 years. The "happier" will undoubtedly come from the fact that he will likely be worth an outrageous amount of money and able to do anything he wants!
5. V.P. Cheney will face a major health crisis after his birthday in 2007 (his birthday is January 30th). This "health crisis" remains an influence for 2 years.
6. President Bush is well on his way to having a rather challenging period from his birthday on July 7, 2006 until he leaves office in January 2008 - as I predicted.
7. If Sen. John McCain is nominated as the Republican presidential candidate in 2007, it's likely he won't win the race, but he will continue to play a significant role in the government.
8. Donald Rumsfeld is not a "happy camper" at this time and will continue to have some consternation about his job, secret undertakings and/or family life long after he leaves the Bush administration.
9. Courtney Love has the same type of "problem" as Whitney Houston, and both will continue to have difficulties career-wise and otherwise for quite a few years. Over the next two years, Love has numbers that indicate that her addiction will get worse, but she may pull herself out of that downward spiral and come into a period of her life when she has more fame than ever before.
10. Senator Edward Kennedy, who has been especially unhappy and "tested" over the past 4 years, will be a much happier person after his birthday (February 22) in 2008 - could it be that a Democratic president will once again inhabit the White House?
11. Senator Bill Frist will have a difficult year after his birthday in 2008 due to a major loss of some kind (the Presidential election?). Interestingly, his birthday is the same as Edward Kennedy's.
12. It will take Jennifer Anniston a few years to get over the what Brad did to her - although it appears she was aware of some trouble on the home front long before Angelina Jolie came on the scene. However, Brad will soon learn how Anniston feels when Jolie dumps him like she did her first two husbands. There will be rumblings in early 2007 and their marriage may be over in 2008, if it lasts that long.
13. It appears that Katherine Holmes has, and will continue to have for about 4 years, someone in her life who really irritates her - hum, wonder who that might be. Analyzing her chart, it appears that she was never "in love" with Tom Cruise, and it seems that the same holds true for Tom. Katy is a VERY strong young lady (she has the same birthday as Brad Pitt - December 18, and a 1 destiny [the "me first"], just like Tom). Her career will get back on track sometime in 2009 when she will have more fame than ever before.
14. Senator Hilary Clinton has some very good numbers coming in after her birthday in 2007 (October 26), but do I "see" her as becoming the next President of the United States? Well, I will have to hold my speculation on this one until I know who enters in the race. As it begins, I will analyze all the potential candidates and definitely keep you apprised of my numerological findings.

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