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Saturday night I watched the movie Invictus which centers around Nelson Mandela's Presidency in South Africa and the South African Rugby team. It's a wonderfully uplifting movie with a Hollywood happy ending, based on a true story. (Unfortunately, I have just ruined the suspenseful ending for those who haven't seen it yet, but that shouldn't deter anyone from seeing it. There's so much more to gain from watching it than what occurs at the end.)

I was so impressed by the movie's portrayal of Mr. Mandela that I immediately checked out his Wikipedia page and found that it concurred with the projection of him in the movie. I wrote about Mr. Mandela in my newsletter about philanthropists because he is the founder of The Elders, an organization formed on July 18, 2007, in Johannesburg, South Africa, on his 89th birthday. The Elders is an international non-government organization of statesmen, peace activists, and human rights advocates who work on solutions for global problems such as climate change, HIV/AIDS, and poverty, and who use their political independence to help resolve some of the world's most intractable conflicts. Some of the other illustrious members of this organization include Desmond Tutu, Jimmy Carter, Richard Branson, Kofi Annan, and Mary Robinson.

Mr. Mandela is an example of someone who lives on the "High Side" of his numbers. His "personality" number is a 9, the high side of which is the selfless server of the masses. His calling in life or "destiny" number is an 8 which represents the class act and the exemplar, among other things. He certainly exhibits those qualities and continues, even into his 90s, to awe and inspire. On his 90th birthday he gave a speech at Hyde Park in London urging the rich people of our planet to help poor people around the world. His numbers and his character reflect that he is a very advanced soul.


Jillian (Jill) Costello (born 12/1/1987) is currently finishing her senior year at Cal Berkeley with the highest academic honors and, most notably, she is also a coxswain of Women's Crew that finished second in the Grand Finale, Division I eights, at Lake Natoma, CA on Sunday. You might wonder why being a member of the Cal Berkeley women's crew team is all that notable. It's because athletic, non-smoking Ms. Costello was diagnosed with Stage IV lung cancer in June of 2009 and, even after enduring innumerable chemotherapy and radiation treatments, she continues to live her life in a manner befitting a super hero.

On July 1, 2009, Jill wrote in her blog at www.CaringBridge.com, less than a month after her diagnosis, the following:

So here's what I've learned so far:
  1. Love. Do it all the time, under all conditions, without restrictions or limitations. Don't hold back your love; constantly remind the people you love that you do. Talk about things you love, books you love, places you love, food you love, people you love, experiences you loved. Don't waste your time criticizing or complaining, there is no time for that.

  2. Live. Your life is happening right now and this is the only moment you can control. This is the only minute that really matters. If you are constantly dwelling on something that happened in the past or feeling anxious about the future, you are missing out on YOUR LIFE. Do what makes you happy in this moment and your life will be full.

  3. Be grateful. Learn to appreciate every good thing that happens to you. I've been keeping a gratitude journal to remind me of the blessings I receive daily. Whether it was a parking spot right in front of the hospital, a nap with my Grandma, a meaningful conversation with a friend, an especially caring nurse, or a beautiful bouquet, I want to remember all the positive experiences I have on a daily basis (which FAR outweigh the negative pains and pricks of a cancer patient's life).

  4. Visualize. I've always believed in visualization, especially as preparation for big events like tests and regattas, but I have grown even more confident in its powers after reading The Secret. You have complete control over the energy you send out into the universe, so make sure it is positive. Knowing exactly what you want and believing you can have it is the key to living to your best life. So, dream of great things and always believe that what you want is attainable.

In August 2009, Jill, along with Team-Jill (Jill's entourage of friends, family, and others who graciously and lovingly signed up to help with Jill's cause) walked in a 5K for the Bonnie J. Addario Lung Cancer Foundation. They raised close to $9,000 for the cause. After that likely exhaustive trek, and because she is a adventuress, Jill also went biking, kayaking, and rafting in Tahoe, along with getting what I presume was some rest and recharging.

During this past year of numerous chemo and radiation therapy sessions, Jill attended her classes at Cal Berkeley, showed up for what I would consider greuling crew practice, and competed with her crew team in their competitions to qualify for the Grand Finale. In fact, in the annual "Big Row" against rival Stanford, her crew team competed as "Team Jill" in support of Jill. The team uniforms and oars were changed to navy blue and aquamarine green, Jill's favorite colors. In an amazing show of atheltic comradery, the Stanford women crew also raced in special uniforms to honor Costello. The Cal Bears raced against the best college crew teams in the country last Sunday - - Virginia (placing first) Stanford (third), Brown, Yale, Princeton, and Wisconsin and came in an impressive second.

Excerpt from SF Chronicle front-page article by Staff Reporter John Crumpacker on 5/29/2010: "Costello is sharing her experiences on www.CaringBridge.com, using social media to keep people up to date on the kind of journey no one wants to take. Her journal reveals intelligence, sensitivity and hope. After the recent birth of Crew Coach O'Neill's son, Costello wrote, "The fact that joy exists even when everything seems to be falling apart is what keeps me going every day."

From a numerological perspective, Jill's personality number "1" is that of a leader who is strong-willed, confident, achieving, determined, forward looking, and full of spirit. I would say she is a stellar example of someone with those qualities. Her destiny number is the 11, which I call the "angel of the earth" number. That's because people who are born with the 11 destiny come to this earth plane to help others by 1) being good listeners, 2) being understanding, 3) using their innate peacemaking faculties, and 4) delivering wisdom that comes from their extra-dimensional intuition and personal trials and experiences. Jill's obvious grace and humility, along with her courage and committed perseverance to withstand, and hopefully overcome, such a debilitating health challenge can only be described as super-human and brilliant. She's in the same league as Lance Armstrong in my book!

IN THE INDY 500 - 2010

Another gripping event that took place this past weekend was the Indy 500. In that race, for the first time in its history, four women were in the competition (listed below chronologically by finish):

  1. Danica Patrick (3/25/1982 - destiny No. 3), who raced her 5th Indy 500 this past Sunday, has finished in the top 10 in four out of five races in which she has participated. Having finished 6th out of 33 participants on Sunday, in this male-dominated, mechanically-oriented, macho sport, can only be called AWESOME!

    Danica has "master numbers" (11s and 22s) throughout her numerological chart, which indicates that she was born to be well known for something. Danica's numbers give her the base qualities of a genius risk-taker -- and that she is. She was born on the same birthday as Gloria Steinem, another female who definitely raised the hackles of most men in America during the 60s and 70s by showing her brainy prowess and power while forging radical changes for women.

  2. Simona de Silvertro (9/1/1988 - destiny No. 9) who ran her first Indy 500 race on Sunday - at age 22!! - finished 13th, triumphing over 20 other racers! Her numbers make her highly competitive (no kidding!), and someone who will never take her eyes off the prize. It is likely that we will watch her climb higher in the rankings in her future races.

  3. Ana Beatriz (3/18/1985 - destiny No. 8) who also ran her first Indy 500 race on Sunday - at age 25! - finished 21st. Her numbers indicate she will be back for more. She has the same personality and destiny numbers as Nelson Mandela, so it's likely that she will make a much better showing as she continues to compete.

  4. Sarah Fisher, (10/4/1980 - destiny No. 5), finished 26th on Sunday. Her numbers indicate that she will likely be back for more, too, although she appears to be a bit accident prone (5 out of 8 races she was involved in accidents that sent her into the end rankings). Go figure! Why does she keep coming back for more? I tend to think of that behavior a guy thing. )


I imagine that most everyone who has observed Ms. Amanpour over the past 18 years as CNN's Chief International News Correspondent has been impressed by her professional decorum and engaging delivery. She was born 1/12/1958, interestingly the same birthday (different year, of course) as Talk Jocks Howard Stern and Rush Limbaugh and, even more interestingly Kirstie Allie (considering the latter's lack of professional decorum and engaging delivery - in my humble opinion, of course ).

Here's one of Ms. Amanpour's more outstanding statements. After being criticized for her professional objectivity and complaints that her reports were unjustified and favored the Bosnian Muslims, she had the hutzpa (dictionary def: Yiddish for "unmitigated effrontery or impudence") while reporting on the frontlines in Saravejo during the Siege of Saravego, to say "There are some situations one simply cannot be neutral about, because when you are neutral you are an accomplice. Objectivity doesn't mean treating all sides equally. It means giving each side a hearing." This is a rare example of a news reporter who had the courage to respond from her heart while treading ever so softly on news reporter protocol.

It's good to know that she will be taking over the anchor spot on ABC's This Week in August. Good because there are just too many frontlines these days on which she could find herself putting her life in considerable jeopardy for a news report. She has paid her dues in the Bosnian War and many other conflict zones and she is well-deserving of an elevated indoor post.


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