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Okay, okay!! I guess I was wrong. It appears that Hillary's bid for "the Most Powerful Position in the World" has diminished significantly at this time. My bold prediction that Hillary would win the election didn't take into account her numbers at the time of the nomination. When I checked out Hillary's chart, she doesn't have negative numbers right now, nor at the time of the Democratic Convention, but Obama had a number come into his chart in a significant position on April 4 (and it remains as an influence until his birthday on August 4) that is a Master Number - the 22 -- which portends that if he lives up to great responsibility, he will prevail with success at whatever he is trying to achieve. Hillary had the number 30 come into her chart on February 26 (an influence which will remain until June 26) in that same significant position and the 30 is the number, on the high side, of "bounty and good fortune."

So, even if I were to analyze each candidate during the pre-nomination period, I would have had a hard time judging which one would get the nomination because each has positive numbers throughout their charts. (I likely would have predicted Hillary because, although I won't be disappointed with Obama's nomination (and perhaps there's still some hope that there might be a double bill of BHO/HRC), I would have loved to experience a woman - a highly qualified woman, I must say to Hillary's credit -- reigning in that "Most Powerful Position in the World."

My election prediction was based on the fact that Hillary has the number 35 as a significant vibration influencing her chart at the time of the elections (that number proclaims being honored, winning, rising up in one's career, etc.) and, well, Obama has the number 30 at that time (see definition above). Hopefully, the number 30 will be the winning vibration for him to seize the election in November, along with his many attributes, of course.

McCain, on the other hand, has the number 28 - "expect the unexpected" - in his chart in that same significant position, which can mean that he might think he doesn't have a chance to win against Obama, and then he does. Or, a more likely scenario (judging from his political commentary) is that he will believe he IS going to win the election, and then doesn't.

This was a good lesson for me. There have been so many twists and turns in the primaries that I continued to believe until recently that Hillary would likely prevail. I must admit that I had some bias in my opinion, and I realize I bet my reputation in favor of my bias. I have gone over and over, ad nauseam, both Hillary's and Obama's charts during the primaries and became more and more uncomfortable as I watched the results. Alas, I must cede.

Now, I will likely drive myself nuts analyzing Obama's and McCain's charts, but you won't find me making a prediction about the Presidential election. I had my go at that with one of the most interesting and exciting Democratic political campaigns in my lifetime.


As I anxiously held out that Hillary would prevail as the Democratic nominee, I thought about all the statistics I have been gathering about women making gains -- educationally, economically, and politically -- in the U.S. of A. So, I take pleasure in saying, "Watch out 'Old Boys Club' 'cause WOMEN ARE ON THE MOVE!"

The following are some interesting statistics and facts about Women in Business gathered by SCORE, Counselors for America's Small Business, at www.score.org:

As of 2005, there were an estimated 10.1 million majority-owned, privately-held, women-owned firms in the U.S., employing 18.2 million people and generating $2.32 trillion in sales. Women-owned businesses account for 28% of all businesses in the U.S. and represent about 775,000 new startups per year and account for 55% of new startups.

Since 1987, the number of women-owned firms in the U.S. has doubled, employment has increased four-fold and their revenues have risen five-fold.

84.8% of all businesses owned by women are sole proprietorships. Sole proprietorships operated by women in the U.S. underwent dramatic increases from 1990 to 1998 in terms of numbers, gross receipts and net income.

Women-owned businesses are as financially sound and creditworthy as the typical firm in the U.S. economy, and are more likely to remain in business than the average U.S. firm.

Women-owned firms continue to diversify across industries, with the fastest growth rates seen in nontraditional industries, including construction, agricultural services and transportation.

(Sources: Center for Women's Business Research, Business Women's Network, and the Dynamics of Women-Owned Sole Proprietorships by Dr. Ying Lowrey.)

WOMEN ARE MAKING GIANT "GLASS-CEILING- BREAKING" STRIDES IN THE CORPORATE WORLD: (Source: Forbes Special Report, The 100 Most Powerful Women in 2007) [This report included women worldwide, but I have specified only women in the U.S. corporate enclave]:

1. Indra K. Nooyi - CEO, PepsiCo
2. Irene Rosenfeld - CEO, Kraft Foods
3. Anne M. Mucahy - CEO, Xerox
4. Mary Sammos - CEO/President, Rite Aid Corp.
5. Oprah Winfrey, Chairman, Harpo
6. Margaret Whitman - CEO/President, Ebay
7. Safra E. Arnold - President, CFO, Oracle
8. Susan E. Arnold - President, Proctor & Gamble
9. Andrea Jung - Chairman, CEO, MTV Networks
10. Dr. Julie Louise Gerberding - Director, Center for Disease Control & Prevention
11. Zoe Cruz - Co-president, Morgan Stanley
12. Ann Livermore - Executive V.P., Hewlett-Packard
13. Renetta McCann - CEO, Starcom MediaVest Group
14. Susan M. Ivey - Chairmn, CEO, President, Reynolds American
15. Janet L. Robinson - CEO, President, The New York Times Company
16. Christine Poon - Vice Chairman, Johnson & Johnson
17. Drew Gilpin Faust - President, Harvard University
18. Paula Rosput Reynolds - CEO/President, Safeco
19. Nancy Tellem - President, CBS Paramount Television Entertainment Corp.
20. Dawn Hudson - CEO/President, Pepsi-Cola North America
21. Christina Gold - CEO/President, Western Union
22. Ann Moore - Chairman, CEO, Time Inc.
23. Susan Desmond-Hellmann - President, Product Development, Genentech
24. Sharon Allen - Chairman, Teloitte & Touche
25. Beth Brooke - Global Vice Chairman, Ernst & Young
26. Colleen Barrett - President, Southwest Airlines

It wasn't very long ago that there wasn't a woman to be found among the ranks of Chief Executives and Presidents of major corporations, and judging from the following information from the Department for Professional Employees, AFL-CIO, Fact Sheet 2007, entitled "Professional Women: Vital Statistics," the above referenced women are just a tiny wave of the tsunami-like swell of women gaining ground through attaining the majority of the higher educational degrees. Read on:

- Women are the majority (57%) of workers in the occupational category expected to grow most rapidly: the professional and related occupations, which are expected to increase by more than 21.2% from 2004 to 2014.
- Women have been earning more bachelor's degrees than men since 1982 and they have been earning more master's degrees than men since 1981. They are projected to earn 58% of all postsecondary degrees conferred in 2007.
- Women are projected to earn more than 50% of the first professional degrees conferred in 2007, up from 2.6% in 1961.
- Women are projected to earn 48% of all doctorial degrees in 2007, while in 1961 they earned only 10.54% of all doctorial degrees.
- The proportion of women in law school increased from 3.7% in 1963 to more than 44% in academic year 2006-07.
- The proportion of women in medical school increased from 5.8% in academic year 1960-61 to almost 49% in academic year 2005-06.
- Between academic years 1959-60 and 2002-03, the percentage of degrees in dentistry earned by women increased from 0.8% to 42%.

There are many more interesting facts and figures in this report, which can be found at www.dpeaflcio.org/programs/factsheets/fs_2007_Professional_women.htm.

Politically, women have been effecting unprecedented changes in Washington, D.C. over the past two decades. In 1987, there were only 24 women in the House of Representatives, and only 2 Senators. In 1997, there were 58 women in the House of Representatives and 9 in the Senate.

In 2007, there are 110 women in the House of Representatives and 16 in the Senate. That's more than a 300% overall gain in women's presence in the House of Representatives and the Senate in 20 years! Like Einstein said, "Something's moving," and it appears to be WOMEN!


In a newsletter I wrote in the late 1990s, I expressed, from a numerological standpoint, that the 2000s is the "WOMAN'S MILLENIUM." The 1900s through 1999, were ruled by the number 1 - the most primal, self-concerned and self-consumed number of all. We needed the innovative and pioneering influence of that number to gain the agricultural, industrial. and technological benefits that were proffered in that millennium. The negative features of that number, however -- those of possessiveness, aggressive power, control, domination, and authoritarianism -- are not what are needed now.

The number 2 is the most female-oriented vibration of all. Its attributes include nurturing, balance, peace, harmonious relations and companionship, cooperation, hospitality, patience, diplomacy - among other things. Wouldn't it be simply wonderful if we could exist in a world where those kinds of qualities were the most prevalent?! I do believe that it won't be long before the innate tendencies of womankind will become the mode of the times - and that can't come soon enough for my liking. YOU GO GIRLS!!

I wish a happy summertime to you all! Perhaps if we could all get into a collective thinking mode to lower the price of gas, and change the weather to be void of cyclones, earthquakes, hurricanes, tsunamis, tornados, and the like, as is touted in "The Secret," it might happen. Thoughts are things and I think this is worth some collaborated thought.