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An enumerated analysis (compiled from internet research and metaphysics) of Bill Gates and Steven Jobs. For anyone who has been on another planet for the past 20 years and might not know who these two guys are, Mr. Gates is the co-founder and current Chairman of Microsoft, the computer software giant located in Seattle, Washington, and Mr. Jobs is the co-founder and current CEO of Apple, the computer software giant located in Silicon Valley, producer of the MacIntosh, the iMax, the iPod, iTunes, and most recently the iPhone, among other things.


There are numerous interesting similarities in these two outstanding and extraordinary "super minds," as follows:

1) Both were born in 1955 on the West Coast (Bill Gates in Seattle and Steven Jobs in San Francisco) and were raised with stable, nurturing parents.

2) Astrologically, they both have Water Sun signs (Bill Gates is a Scorpio and Steven Jobs is a Pisces), and they both have their Moon in Aries (making them emotionally desirous to be the center of attention, and endowing them an audacious, dynamic, and visionary personal style);

3) Both are dropouts of elite colleges (Bill Gates in his second year at Harvard; Steven Jobs after one semester at Reed - he continued to audit classes at Reed for more than a year after dropping out);

4) Both have maintained business partnerships and personal relationships with the men who helped them to establish their businesses (Bill Gates with Paul Allen, whose friendship began in middle school, and Steven Jobs with Stephan Wozniak whose friendship began as summer students at Hewlett-Packard in 1972);

5) Both have been married only once and each has three children (Steven Jobs has a fourth child, Lisa Jobs, whose mother Jobs didn't marry.)

6) Both are married to well-educated, career-oriented wives who concentrate their efforts on being moms and heading up philanthropic concerns;

7) Both have one of the "renegade" ("renegade" because they have difficulty following mainstream dictates, are their own counsel, and prefer independent/individualistic companions [like themselves] who give them space) destiny numbers which include the 1, the 4/22 [the 22 is considered the higher vibration of the 4] and the 7). Bill Gates has a 22/4 and Steven Jobs has a 1. Interestingly, the two guys who started Google (Larry Page and Sergey Brin) also have the 22/4, and Michael Dell (with whom Steven Jobs has had some contentious relations) has a 1, and Oracle's founder Larry Ellison has a 7. These are all individuals who can, and obviously do, think "out of the box."

8) Both are known for being forthright (even blunt), bottom-line communicators which, by the way, is part of their innate (numerological) personality traits;

9) Both are listed on Forbes 400 World's Wealthiest list (Bill Gates is number 1 and Steven Jobs is number 140 - but Mr. Jobs salary at Apple is only $1 annually which may account for the fact that he isn't a bit higher on that list).

Bill Gates is kind of like a Bill Clinton of the business world. He is revered and respected by people throughout the world, and yet criticized and scrutinized for every action he takes or has ever taken - while still remaining at the top of his game and continually moving forward. It appears that both Mr. Gates and President Clinton have the "Teflon" quality going for them.

Steven Jobs is kind of like a Madonna of the business world. He is a multi-talented, charismatic (even sexy, some might say), super salesman who is constantly reinventing himself and his company's product line with a newsworthy, star-like quality. Mr. Jobs and Madonna could be compared to comic book superheros.

Bill Gates appears to be in excellent health, although his numerological chart indicates that he might need to lighten up a bit. His chart shows that currently he may be feeling as though he is carrying the weight of the world on his shoulders. Well, hey, can you just imagine how much $56 Billion dollars might weigh - even in paper money!! That would be one heavy load to pack around (but there are likely some nice perks that he gets to pick out of his billion-dollar satchel, too, that make the weight of that load much less burdensome, I'm sure).

Steven Jobs had a health scare in 2004, which is evident in his numerological chart. He had the number that "bumps one out of one's comfort zone" - being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer would surely do that. Mr. Jobs may be completely cured of this malady at this time, and it appears that he has many more years ahead of him, likely at the helm of Apple. People with 1 destinies outlive everyone else because they're so committed to staying alive and doing their thing.

If you want to know your destiny number, you can figure it by adding all the numbers in your birth date and reducing the outcome to a single digit (unless it reduces to the 11 or 22, in which case you would have a "master numbers" destiny). Example: November 23, 1948 would reduce to 29 and 2+9 = 11 (1+1+2+3+1+9+4+8 = 29 and 2+9 = 11). (You can order my book, Motivational Numerology ($15 plus postage), to get a more complete understanding of you and your numbers, or anyone else's numbers, at sfnumber@gmail.com.)

Hope this weird spring weather isn't curtailing your having a wonderful and productive springtime season.
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