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After thinking, "OMG! First John Edwards! and then David Letterman! and now Tiger Woods, too!!" I decided to run the charts of the most media covered philanderers, from the past and present, to see if there might be a strong strain amongst them relating to their metaphysical signs and numbers that could offer a possible signature profile.

First, I analyzed them from four numerological standpoints, 1) the "cornerstone" [first letter of the first name], 2) the "inner self" [first vowel in the first name], 3) the day of birth, and 4) the destiny number). The final two categories show their sun signs in Western astrologically, and their Chinese astrology Lunar Moon Signs.

The following is, needless to say, an unscientific analysis based on 60 well-known married cheaters, from Tiger Woods and John Edwards to Woody Allen and Pres. John Fitzgerald Kennedy, with a few women throw into that pile, too.


Most prevalent first letters of the first names of these 60 heartbreakers. (This letter is known in numerology as the "cornerstone" of the personality. It expresses the foundation upon which the life is built) [the numbers in parentheses next to the letter represent the amount of people out of the 60 who had that particular letter]:

J (10), S (4), A (2) = (27%) - The letters A, J, and S are ruled all by the number 1. Their vibration gives their possessors a powerful, aggressive, self-confident, and extroverted personality, along with a desire and propensity to rise to prominence in their lives.

D (8), M (7) = (25%) - These letters are ruled by the number 4. These individuals tend to be risk takers; to have strong opinions and be wholly self-confident in their decision-making process. As a consequence, many rise to leadership positions in their fields of endeavor, like those with A, J, and S, above.

E (6), W (3), N (1) = (17%) - These letters are ruled by the number 5. These people are chameleons because they can quickly "change their colors" to adapt to whoever or whatever their audience might be. They are charming and charismatic. They easily attract admirers and, therefore, potential paramours.

The most prevalent first vowels in the first names of those analyzed. (The first vowel expresses the "inner self" and is associated with producing the external emotional responses of an individual)

A (34%) -- This vowel produces a forthright, audacious, and self- confident expression. These people always like to appear at the top of their game, and their social/business expression personifies that.

E (20%) -- This vowel is associated with excitement, curiosity, open-mindedness and charm. Easily adaptable, attentive to their audience, and with a inclination to love all the spices that life offers, they forever seek new and delectable experiences.

O (20%) - The expression of this vowel is that of pleasing others by saying what they intuit those in their audience are likely wanting to hear. They are careful not to offend and therefore are generally trusted and admired, even though they are not prone to speaking their honest truth.

Highest percentages of the day of birth (1 through 9) of these 60 purveyors of hanky-panky:

1 (18%) - This includes the 1st, 10th, 19th, and 28th. These people are aggressive, self-confident, audacious, innovative, and love to be in control. Very private and sometimes excessively secretive, they tend to loath the spotlight being shined on their personal lives. Pres. Bill Clinton, Sen. John Edwards, Woody Allen, and Eliot Spitzer are among these sexy swingers.

5 (14%) - This includes the 5th, 14th, and 23rd. People born under the 5 vibration are often over-indulgent. Their indulgences can come in any form from alcohol/drug abuse to over-spending or over eating. In this group, the addiction obviously involved an elevated sexual appetite. Donald Trump, Prince Charles, and Coby Bryant are among these randy players.

3 (12%) - This includes the 3rd, 12th, 21st, and 30th. The "3" personality includes people who are very adept story-tellers and entertainers. The "3" vibration also denotes individuals who express the "Peter Pan" syndrome - that of never wanting to grow up. Those of this group may have also gotten a bit closer to "Tinkerbell" or perhaps "Captain Hook" than their married mates would have ever imagined! David Letterman, Eddie Murphy, Ozzy Osborne, and Tiger Woods are members of these lascivious swingers.

7 (12%) - This includes the 7th, 16th, and 25th. Many with the "7" personality are intrigued with the clandestine and adept at concealing information about their personal lives which, for many, would reveal a double life. Gene Simmons, Michael Douglas, James Cameron, and Madonna are a part of these love cruisers.

8 (12%) - This includes the 8th, 17th, and 26th. The "8" personality is someone who likes to be in control of themselves and, for many, in control of others as well. They are the CEOs and high rollers who can't get enough of the good life, wherever that may lead them. Mick Jagger, Sean Combs [P. Diddy], Denise Richards, Chef Gordon Ramsey and Gary Hart are included in these powerful panderers.

Highest percentages for a Destiny number (the full addition of the birth date reduced to 1 through 9) of these 60 salacious seducers:

2 or 11 (30%) - People with the 2 or 11 (11 is a "master number") as their destiny number are affection vampires. They are also said to be some of the most adept lovers because of their exaggerated desire for love liaisons. Pres. Bill Clinton, Alex Rodriguez, Madonna, Senator John McCain, Prince Charles, and Coby Bryant are in this lusty bunch.

4 (18%) - In many instances, people with a 4 destiny are over-indulgent and have robust sexual appetites, like the number 5 people. People with strong "4" energy can also be easy prey for a wanton home-wrecker because they are natural givers. These carnal cavorters, however, got a bit carried away with their giving nature. Woody Allen, Donald Trump, Sean Combs, David Duchovny, and Eliot Spitzer are among these hot trotters.

7 (14%) - The majority of people with 7 destinies love the clandestine. They are the types that don't ask and don't tell, especially with regard to their personal lives. Many of them lead double lives, the details of which, if they have their way, will be taken with them to their graves. Pres. John F. Kennedy, Michael Douglas, Ethan Hawke, Avatar's James Cameron, Hugh Grant, and John Edwards are among those with this skulking-in-the-dark group.

Most Prevalent Astrological Signs:

Gemini (17%) (Donald Trump, Rudy Gulliani, John Edwards, Eliot Spitzer, Pres. John F. Kennedy, among others)

Leo (12%) (Mick Jagger, Alex Rodriguez, James Cameron, David Duchovny, Pres. Bill Clinton, among others)
Scorpio (12%) (Dean McDermott, Ethan Hawke, Sean Combs [P. Diddy], Prince Charles, among others)
Aquarius (12%) (Eddie Van Halen, LA Mayor Antonio Villanaigoas, Michael Jordan, Nicholas Sarkozy, among others)

Virgo (10%) (Gene Simmons, Sen. John McCain, Hugh Grant, among others)
Sagittarius (10%) (Woody Allen, Sen. Gary Hart, Brad Pitt, among others)
Capricorn (10%) (Tiger Woods, Jim Bakker, Ozzy Osborne, among others)

Aries (4%) (David Letterman, Eddy Murphy, Dennis Quaid, among others)
Libra (4%) (Michael Douglas, Eric Benet, Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlurconi, among others)

Cancer (3%) (Richie Sambora, Sen. Larry Craig, among others)
Taurus (3%) (Sen. Gary Condit, David Vittner, among others)
Pisces (3%) (Joey Buttafucoco, Jon Bon Jovi, among others)

Most Prevalent Chinese Lunar Moon Signs:

Rat (23%) (interesting name for them!)
Ox (17%)
Dog (13%)
Horse (11%)
Rabbit (11%)
Monkey (10%)
Rooster (10%)
Tiger, Dragon, and Snake (3%, collectively)
(No Goats or Pigs in this grouping)


If your guy or gal has:

1) an J or D as the first initial of their first name;

2) an A as their first vowel (two strikes if it's the first initial of the first name);

3) is born on the 1st, 10th, 19th, or 28th;

4) an 11 destiny number (8/19/1946 [Pres. Bill Clinton's birthday] = 8 + 1 + 9 + 1 + 9 + 4 + 6 = 29 and 2+9=11)

5) is a Gemini, an

6) is born in the year of the Rat -- then you might want to sneak a peek at their latest text messages - you never know.