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happy new year


Well, we've weathered another election year. The results were very blue for some, red-hot for others, and perhaps more like purple [the combination of blue and red] for a few - like a bad bruise that will eventually heal. The same thing might also be said of the many record-setting performances by Mother Earth last year.

Numerologically, 2004 was a "universal" 6 year, which put the focus on family, love, home life, surroundings, fairness and justice, humanitarianism - helping those less fortunate, peace-making efforts to bring about harmony on the home front and around the world, and changes in the environment - for better or worse. I would venture a guess that many of our lives were affected by those influences during 2004.


The year of 2005 will undoubtedly be an interesting one. For one thing, the number of this year reduces to a 7 and that number is, in my opinion, the most interesting of all the numbers. In this newsletter, I'm going to offer the most positive aspects associated with that number. First, the vibration of the number 7 will hopefully bring about a more "out of the box" or sage way of viewing the world's major problems [the 7 is the number associated with genius and perfection]. It is a splendid vibration for solving the seemingly unsolvable.

The 7 is also associated with spirituality, religion, metaphysics, and science. There may occur a much more universal consciousness for compassion and bringing harmony to our world by the majority of humankind which was set in motion by the tragedies associated with the awesome and awful Tsunami in Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, India and Africa.

There may also be unprecedented medical breakthroughs in 2005, along with startling revelations from outer space - other galaxies and our universe. There may also be mind-boggling and yet exhilarating discoveries about the human mind and body this New Year. Scientific breakthroughs are "a given" under the number 7's vibration.

Peace may be hard to come by this year in the world, but it is a personal "9" year, from a numerological standpoint, for the USA. That means that certain elements of our nation will be cleaned up and cleared out, shut down and finished off, making way for all new beginnings, starting in 2006. It is always a positive thing to till up the ground to make way for a new planting season. Last year was the "harvest" year for the "seeds" that were planted in the year 1997 by the USA (its personal "1" year).

Some of the significant "seeds" that were planted in 1997 by the USA were as follows:

Pres. Bill Clinton started his second term; Newt Gingrich was disciplined for ethical misconduct; Madeleine Albright became the first woman Secretary of State of the USA; O.J. Simpson was found guilty of killing his ex-wife Nicole and Ron Goldman in civil court; Pres. Clinton barred federal funding for human cloning; Timothy McVeigh received the death penalty for his part in the Oklahoma City Federal Building bombing; NASA's Pathfinder space probe landed on the surface of Mars; the first space burial was launched which carried 24 people into earth orbit; in November, Dow dropped 554.26 points forcing officials at the New York Stock Exchange for the first time to invoke the "circuit breaker" rule to stop trading. Of course there were many other things that occurred in the USA in 1997, but those were some of the most notable.

Having "Googled" 1997, here are a few other notable events and circumstances that occurred in 1997: Serbian President Milosevic ceded to the opposition; in Scotland, a sheep named Dolly was successfully cloned; Tony Blair was appointed Prime Minister of the United Kingdom; UNSCOM weapons inspectors experienced strong resistance in Iraq; Russian-Chechen peace treaty was signed; Mary McAleese was voted President of Ireland. Prominent People who died in 1997: Mother Teresa, Diana, Princess of Wales, Gianni Versace; Herb Caen, Willem de Kooning, Allen Ginsberg, Jimmy Stewart, Charles Kuralt, among many others.

I don't know how far the above-related "seeds" affected the USA on an evolutionary scale, but it's always interesting to look back 9 years and reckon with how long ago certain things appear to be at this time, and what a short period of time seems to have elapsed for other things.


This is my personal "one" year, and I am launching my new line of greeting cards called "Birthday Luck Cards." I have attached a brochure which was made for presentation to retail shops which contains a description and pictures of the cards. If you have Adobe Reader, you should be able to download it.

There is one card for every day of the month, 1st through the 31st. For those of you who aren't able to download the brochure, I offer the following description of the contents of each card:

Each card contains a feel-good description of the person born on each day, called "Your Platinum Personality," along with "Your Lucky Days and Numbers," Your Luckiest Day of The Week," Your Lucky Colors," Your Lucky Gems and Stones," "Your Lucky Playing Cards" and, as an added bonus, each card contains a positive and inspiring personal fortune. The contents of the cards are based on my research in folklore and the metaphysical sciences.

The cards will retail for $3.95 each. I am selling them for a discount to my clients, as follows:

1 to 5 cards: $3.50 ea., plus $1.00 postage and handling.
6 to 10 cards: $3.25 ea., plus $1.25 postage and handling.
11 to 31: $3.00 ea., plus $1.50 to $3.00 postage and handling.

If you would like to purchase more than 31 cards, please advise me how many you would like and you will be given an additional discount. All the cards come with envelopes.


Recently, I attended a lecture by Dr. Wayne Dyer, which was very inspiring. During his lecture, Dr. Dyer highly recommended the following books:

"Ask and It Is Given"
How To Manifest Your Desires
by Esther and Jerry Hicks

"Power vs. Force"
The Hidden Determinants of Human Behavior
By David R. Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D.

I have both books and I am finding their contents both enlightening and inspiring. They were published by Hay House Publishers and can be purchased or ordered through any bookstore or Amazon.com, as well as the above-referenced website.

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