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Whose Love Unions Are the Fairest of Them All?

Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis?
Bono and Wife Ali?
Ozzie and Sharon?
Goldie and Kurt?
Arnold and Maria?
Warren and Annette?

Have you ever wondered what made the coupling of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis and Maurice Tempelsman so enduring? Or perhaps what magic formula exists in the long-term unions of the likes of Bono and his home-town girlfriend/current wife, or Ozzie and Sharon Osborne who have been married more than 30 years even with too-numerous-to-mention times of tumult, or perhaps even more titillating, Woody Allen and Soon-Yi who have a 35 year age difference and have been together almost 20 years?

I began to wonder about these long-term matches when I did my last newsletter about renowned philanderers. I have included a few more unique pairings in my research for this newsletter topic and found certain qualities that impressed me as good explanations as to why these unions are still surviving.

Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis (born 7/28/29) and Maurice Tempelsman (born 8/26/29)

Did they have compatible numbers? Somewhat
Did they have compatible astrological signs? Not necessarily
Did they have compatible Chinese astrology signs? Not necessarily

Let's face it, Jacqueline was one of the most beautiful, polished, intriguing and interesting women on our planet, and Maurice, well he was (and still is) a well-educated, dapper and debonair gentleman, investment banker/ diamond merchant who 1) is credited with having quadrupled Jacqueline's assets during their more than 30-year liaison, and 2) along with having had numerous similar interests as Her Lady, was also someone who had the means to escort her in the style to which she had grown accustomed.

This was, in my uninformed view, a union of civility and mutual admiration. It seems to me to be one of those stories just made for a PBS Masterpiece Theatre production.

Bono (Paul David Hewson) (born 5/10/60) and Wife Alison Stewart Hewson (born 3/23/61)

Did they have compatible numbers? Yes!
Did they have compatible astrological sun signs? Not necessarily
Did they have compatible Chinese astrology signs? Not necessarily

Wow! This is a moving love story. Bono and Ali Stewart met at Mount Temple Comprehensive School in Dublin, Ireland, in their teens. They began dating in November of 1975 and soon thereafter, because Bono's mother died, Ali began caring for him by cooking his meals, cleaning his clothing, and walking with him to school. They married on August 21, 1982. Today, they have been married almost 30 years, they are the parents of two daughters and two sons, their family home is in Killiney, in South County Dublin, Ireland, and they own a villa in the Alpes-Maritimes south of France.

But that isn't the gist of their story, by any means. Ali, who wanted to become a nurse, gave up those career ambitions and instead achieved her Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and Political Science in 1989 shortly after giving birth to their first child. She is currently a founder of EDUN fashion label, which encourages fair trade with third world nations and the abolition of sweatshops and child labor.

Ali is also a patron of Chernobyl Children's Project International, an organization accredited by the UN that helps families and communities who continue to be affected by the Chernobyl nuclear disaster of 1986. She also participates in Greenpeace protests and, coupled with her own work, she travels and appears with Bono extensively when he is involved in activist events.

Bono has a 22/4 destiny and Ali has a 7 destiny. This is the quintessential blend of two people whose destiny numbers inspire in them a desire to help the masses. It is my opinion that this is likely one of the strongest factors for the longevity of their union. Interestingly, they have the same destiny numbers as Bill and Melissa Gates who also seem to have the same motivation to help the many, as opposed to the few.

Ozzie (born 12/3/1948) and Sharon Osborne (born 10/9/52)

Did they have compatible numbers? Somewhat
Did they have compatible astrological sun signs? Yes
Did they have compatible Chinese astrology signs? Yes

The deciding factor here is that Sharon likely has had the lion's share of power in this union, not only with regard to her children but also her husband. Even though Ozzie has a 1 destiny, which means he's the bottom line in his life, he would likely bend to Sharon's equally powerful 9 destiny, especially when he has burrowed into his hole of drug and alcohol addiction.

I'm sure this has never been a placid union, but they have been a very powerful and brilliant match from a numerological standpoint. Both could have outrageous ego needs, although Sharon would be masterful at never showing that side of herself in the public eye, unlike Ozzie.

I believe this pair's staying power is based on the fact that Ozzie gave Sharon a platform on which to become well-known herself, which would have been more than a subliminal desire for her, and Ozzie was finally with a very intelligent, capable woman who stayed with him when most women would have readily walked away, taking with them as much of his fortune as they could.

So, it would appear that Ozzie and Sharon have managed to maintain their commitment in this good times/bad times bond primarily for their own needs, but I imagine that there is also enough good humor and love that floats about to make it palatable. Interestingly, this couple share comparable numbers to those of John Lennon (whose birthday is also Sharon's) and Yoko Ono.

Woody Allen (born 12/1/35 and Soon-Yi (born 10/8/1970)

Did they have compatible numbers? No!
Did they have compatible astrological sun signs? Yes
Did they have compatible Chinese astrology signs? No

I imagine the only way this relationship has lasted for as long as it has is that 1) Woody abhors any kind of publicity about his personal life, 2) Woody rules, 3) Soon-Yi receives enough recognition (something she would like), and power even though the latter is tied to a likely strong factor of lack of power on the home front, and 4) the age difference keeps him interested in her, and her interested in him. After all, she is only 39 and he is 74. What a lucky dog, right guys? And, after all, he is a wealthy, famous, brilliant film director/producer, and fascinating guy regardless of his self-proclaimed bond with neurosis. So, hey, who's to say what works and what doesn't.

Seems to me this is a pairing of "Me Tarzan, you Jane," with Woody lacking any of the physical attributes and appeal for Soon-Yi that Jane would have had from Tarzan (just my opinion, of course). Interestingly, Woody and Soon-Yi have the same destiny numbers as Donald Trump and his current 30-year-younger, model-wife Melania Knauss. Could this be another "Me Tarzan, you Jane" combo?

Goldie Hawn (born 11/21/45) and Kurt Russell (born 3/17/51)

Did they have compatible numbers? Yes!
Did they have compatible astrological signs? Yes!
Did they have compatible Chinese astrology signs? No!

Well, two out of three ain't bad, as they say. I would give this pairing high marks because they have been together more than 25 years and Kurt (the gentle, sensitive Pisces with Moon in Cancer) likely knows that if he ever tried to leave Goldie (the scintillating, yet scornful, suspicious, jealous Scorpio with Moon in dual-personality Gemini) that he would likely not just disappear from tabloid news, but from the planet entirely. Okay, it's probably not like that for them, but Kurt is definitely the most sensitive and, I'm going to say, the needy one of this couple. But, on the other hand, Goldie has a 6 destiny which means that she NEEDS PEOPLE AND NEEDS PEOPLE TO NEED HER, so it works! - along with the fact that they're still both kind of cute together, again, just my opinion :, even though Goldie is, OMG!, 64 and Kurt is 58.

Arnold Schwarzenegger (born on 7/30/47) and Maria Shriver (born 11/6/55)

Did they have compatible numbers? Yes!
Did they have compatible astrological signs? No!
Did they have compatible Chinese astrology signs? Yes

Interestingly, even though Arnold is a Leo and Maria is a Scorpio (two sun signs that just don't mesh well), they have Moon signs that are highly compatible [the Moon sign rules the emotions], so I feel they have numerous metaphysical aspects that give them strong compatibility.

One thing is for sure though, Arnold doesn't push Maria around and vice versa - but it's likely Arnold who gives in when push gets to shove. Maria has a 1 destiny and people with 1 destinies don't argue - they just shut their opponent out or down. Arnold has a 22/4 destiny so he can be more sensitive than Maria and, therefore, would likely cave in (yes, we're talking about big 'ol pumped up Mr. Terminator here) when he knows she wants what she wants. Hey, this could be working for them but, although Arnold may hold more power than anyone else in California politics, it's Maria who wields the pump and squeeze power in this household.

Warren Beatty (born 3/30/36) and Annette Bening (born 5/29/62)

Do they have compatible numbers? No!
Do they have compatible astrological signs? No!
Do they have compatible Chinese astrology signs? Somewhat

Warren and Annette will have been married 18 years on March 10, 2010. That's major staying power for a man who is known (according to a recent unauthorized biography) to have slept with more that 13,000 women! Perhaps he felt he had finally had his fill when he met Annette, I mean, 18 years ago he was already pushing 60 . . . let's see, that means that in just say 45 years (if he started when he was a wee lad of 15) he managed to bed more than 288 women a year. (I just had to figure that one!) That left only 77 days a year for R & R. Pretty impressive.

Warren and Wilt Chamberlain must have cavorted with a few of the same women because Wilt claims to have bed more than 20,000 women and he was born in the same year as Warren. They likely ran in some of the same "famous people" circles and maybe their over-the-top sexual escapades were brought on because both of their names start with a "W," or maybe it's because they are both born in the lunar year of the Rat which scored the highest among the infamous philanderers, or maybe it's because it just came easy for them - a bevy of beauties chasing after them wherever they went. The latter is likely the best guess.

Whatever the case, it's nice to think that Warren has retired from the pasture with the one little heifer that must have found a way to fulfill all his needs. Annette is a very private person, so we won't be learning anything from her, but it's intriguing to imagine that although Annette isn't seen in many "A movie" roles these days but perhaps she is kept very busy playing a variety of "B movie" parts for Mr. Dick Tracy.

It appears that the beautiful Beattys have some equally handsome children who may likely be added to Hollywood's actor and actress rosters one of these days. One thing is for sure, however, their parents are hard acts to follow. VALENTINE'S DAY DISCOUNT

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