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Prince Harry


How’s that for an attention grabbing headline!  No, THIS Sally never met his Royal Highness but she did get a glimpse at his Royal Hiney.  Okay, it was pixelated but it’s times like this that explain why we were given an imagination.  

I don’t necessarily want to add to all the hoopla around Harry’s nose dive into the spotlight again, but there are things about Harry’s numbers that can offer some explanation as to why things like this happen to him.  

If you haven’t noticed, his brother, Prince William [born June 21, 1982], doesn’t appear to have this “exposure” problem, or more aptly said, Will’s exposure is a bit dull in comparison to his little brother Harry’s.  We can track this same kind of spotlight situation back to Will and Harry’s parents.  Will has the exact same Destiny number (47/11) as his father Prince Charles [born on November 14, 1948] which is a Destiny number that is bound for illumination in one way or another, but usually not from a salacious standpoint.  It’s known for the qualities of peacemaking, reverence, sensitivity, and a discerning and discriminating nature, all of which surely apply to Prince William.

As many of us can recall, it wasn’t until after Prince Charles married Diana Spencer that there was much for the paparazzi to gain from following him around; and it wasn’t until after his divorce from Princess Diana that there was even a modicum of titillation to report about him. Okay, there was that one recorded conversation with his then not-so-secret lover Camilla that went as viral as it could in those days, but other than that, Prince Charles was milk toast in comparison to his beautiful ex.

I’m not saying that Prince William is milk toasty, by any means, but he certainly doesn’t pack the numbers that cause the gossip hounds to explode with glee that his mother and brother possess.  

Princess Diana was born on the 1st of July in 1961.  Her Destiny number was a 7.  Her “Personality” number 1, from which she expressed the qualities of individualism, independence, risk-taking, and her very unique and original way of operating (much to the chagrin of those who upheld the Royal Family rituals, restrictions, and regulations), which exemplified exactly as she was born to be and do, unabridged.  Then, when we add her 7 Destiny to the mix, the personality qualities of which include listening to a different drumbeat, delving into the clandestine, eccentricity, and secretiveness, among other unique qualities, you get what I call a Class A renegade.  The Merriam-Webster dictionary describes renegade as one who is a deserter of one faith, cause or allegiance to another [in her case the Royal Family] and an individual who rejects lawful or conventional behavior.  The “renegade” numbers in numerology, according to my experience, are those with 1s [born on the 1st, 10th, 19th, 28th], 4s [born on the 4th, 13th, 22nd, 31st], and 7s [born on the 7th, 16th, and 25th] as their Personality [the day of birth] and Destiny numbers [the full addition of the birth date reduces to a single digit].  You might want to check your birth date to see if there’s a renegade waiting to be unleashed within you, if it hasn’t already manifested.

Back to Prince Harry.  His Highness was born September 15, 1984.  The 15/6 (his “Personality” number) is the most independent, individualistic, and freedom-oriented of all the 6s, which he has exhibited a few times for public consumption.  His Destiny number is the number 1.  This is a young fellow who, because of his Personality [15/6] and Destiny [1] numbers, is not about to bend to the Royal dictates if he can help it.  He is, however, like his mother, inclined to be very secretive and contained about his comings and goings.  I’m quite sure that whoever violated his privacy in Las Vegas will immediately be eliminated from Prince Harry’s existence forevermore. Most 1-Destiny people tend to hold grudges or, at the very least, never forget the improprieties visited upon them by another.  One-Destiny people are risk-takers, trail blazers, courageous, adventurous, commanding, dynamic, influential, and charming enough to be Princes, as in Harry’s case.  

A short story longer, Prince William’s numbers match well with his father’s, and Prince Harry’s numbers match well with his mother’s, so what’s a Royal Family to do?  I say, “Long live the Prince!”  Likely there will be other debacles in which Prince Harry will find himself until he “settles down” [which doesn’t appear to be anytime soon – and it will emphatically be up to him to decide that, judging from the numbers he packs] but for me, I find a little sensational news about England’s Peck’s Bad Boy is like sprinkles on my cupcake.


After hearing the news that Lance Armstrong [born September 18, 1971] has decided to return all his Tour de France race medals and that that action he’s now being judged by the race overseers as pleading guilty to having taken steroids or some other drug while racing, I checked out his chart and found that for the past four years, since 2009, he has had troubling numbers.  I think he finally just wanted to stop the publicity and speculation once and for all.  
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Who are “Pussy Riot”?  If you haven’t heard or read about them already, they are a group of young Russian women who have taken a stand against President Putin and his governing ways.  Three members of the group were convicted and sentenced to two years in a penal colony on August 17, 2012. The judge stated that they had “crudely undermined the social order” with their protest, showing a “complete lack of respect” for believers.
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