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       My Partner, Suda Miller, and I are pleased to announce that "Cosmic Mates" is finally in the Apple Store available for the reasonable price of $1.99.


       An Expression of Gratitude: The concept was mine, along with the written copy, but I feel it is imperative to give most of the credit to the following for their extraordinary contributions to this Five-Star rated product:


Suda Miller, Project Manager, (Raw Data LLC,; Warren Dodge, the programmer (Hey Daddio, Inc.,; Elizabeth Holloway, the graphic designer (Red Verve Media), and Consultant Mark Miller (swoon dot net,


       Below are a few of the 5-star rated reviews we have received by users of Cosmic Mates:


1) From my nephew Sushuma Thornburgh: I have been using iOs (iPhone/iPod) apps for a couple of years now so I would say I have a good amount of experience with them, and I have to say, I think it is a really solid app. It's easy to use, it's interesting and has tons of information. I ran both my birth name and my spiritual name and it was interesting to see the contrast between them.  


2) FROM Loanwolfe: Good descriptions and matches in down to earth language. I would give this one a ten if possible.


3) From Kathy Price: Surprisingly accurate - and I found out my b.f.f. and I truly are b.f.f.'s! I'm afraid to run my family . . . although I think it might explain a few things . . .


4) From Pinkbuddha: The truth hurts: I love this. That said, I'm kind of happy that I don't know more of my friend's birthdays because the analysis provided is hitting a few nerves. J This is very well designed - easy, and dare I say, pretty? I've been blowing off work all morning and comparing notes with friends . . . it's an even split between laughing and cringing at the information given. . . . it really makes you think. I haven't entered my family yet - perhaps I'll wait until the therapy app comes out.


5) From Mister Space P: It's Awesome. You can see who you're compatible with.


6) Stable boys: So cool. This app is completely 100% true!


7) The Girl Racer: I'm such a sucker for horoscopes, the zodiac, and anything that makes me feel like my screw ups aren't my own fault. I love this app because you can enter an infinite amount of your friends and family members birthdays, which leads to a lot of fun being able to compare them all. I've already wasted hours on this. I also found a secondary use for the app: storing birthdays and basing present gifting on my compatibility with that person. Design is very cute, no visible bugs, very easy to use!


8) One click and it's hard to quit! Insightful, fun, and entertaining!! Cosmic Mates is so easy and fun to use that it's addicting. It's a good thing I don't have a huge social network J.


       I know most of you may not own an iPad, iPhone, or iPod-Touch, but if you're interested enough to see what Cosmic Mates looks like, you can view it at


       I have found that this product helps me with my readings. Once I have entered the names of my client and her or his mate and children, it gives me a very quick overview of each one in living color. I must say, without the benefit of objectivity, that I love this little product but, again, the ease and beauty of it all go to the efforts of those mentioned above.


       I hope your summer is going well for you and that you may one day be able to get the app on your Blackberry or Droid.