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Summertime in San Francisco is weird and wonderful - foggy, cloudy days intermingled with beautiful blue skies.  That's what I love about this City, it's so predictable.  There is no need for air conditioning or expensive heating systems; it's pretty much temperate so you can wear the same sort of clothing all year round - fall and spring type wear.  You almost always need a sweater in the evening, but never a really warm winter coat.  Summer is good. 
Enjoy a trip into the love lives of five famous couples in history and perhaps learn something about your own love relationship in the following few pages.

Of the married people I have known well, few have had marriages that didn't end in divorce.  Perhaps that's because I have an urban existence as opposed to rural.  I do believe that marriages have a better chance of making it in a rural environment.  My sister, for one, met her husband when she was 13 years old, married him at 17, and they are still married today - 49 years later, and going strong.  They certainly appear to be very content and happy with their marriage and, according to my sister, none of their close married friends have been divorced either.  They all live in rural-ville. 
I therefore thought it would be interesting to analyze, from a numerological perspective, the long-lasting marriages and love affairs of famous couples in history - some who had royal status and some who became known for their exceptional talent.  In my next newsletter, I will offer an analysis of great love affairs and marriages of those who are living among us, many from Hollywood (the location which has the highest divorce rate in the land).  If you have any suggestions of a famous couple you would like me to analyze, please send it to 
This is a cursory analysis, one in which I analyzed only the birth and marriage dates of the couples involved and their marriage dates to garner my conclusions.   


ARCHDUKE OF AUSTRIA FRANZ FERDINAND (born 12/18/1863) and SOPHIE CHOTEK (born 3/1/1868).  As history tells it, Franz was so enamored with Sophie that he defied his father's, the Emperor of Austria at the time, refusal to let them marry because Sophie's family, although aristocratic, did not have the social rank to make her eligible to marry a member of the Habsburg Imperial Family.  Franz advised his father that he would marry no other woman and, finally, on July 1, 1900, they tied the knot.  Their marriage date indicates that they would have been exemplary aristocrats of the times, following the social dictates to a tee and presenting themselves with taste and sophistication.
Brad Pitt (12/18/1963) was born on Franz Ferdinand's birthday exactly 100 years later, and judging from her history, Sophie could be characterized much like Brad's Angelina  - certainly in the beauty department.  Franz was born on a 9 day (1+8=9) and Sophie had a 9 destiny.  The 9 is known as the number of aristocracy and gentility, giving them that commonality.  Franz had a 3 destiny, which meant that both of he would have always presented himself with social aplomb and they both would likely have been very fastidious about their personal appearance - vain might be another way to say it.  Sophie was born on the 1st, and that factor, combined with her 9 destiny, would have given her a strong-willed nature and an astute posture.  Franz, having a 9 personality and 3 destiny, would have loved the fact that his wife had mettle.  In 1914, Sophie, in fact, insisted on going with him to a hospital to visit people who had been injured in a bomb blast meant for Franz, even though she was aware that their lives would be in great danger.  (This bomb blast took place as they were watching military maneuvers performed in their honor in Bosnia which was an Austrian province at that time.  The Bosnians apparently had great disdain for the Austrian rule.)  At the hospital, both Franz and Sophie were killed by an assassin and Franz' last words while he lay dying were, "Sophie, dear! Sophie, dear! Don't die! Stay alive for our children!"   What a tragic end to what was purported to be a grand love affair.
POET PERCY SHELLEY (born 8/4/1792) and AUTHOR OF "FRANKENSTEIN" MARY WALLSTONECRAFT GODWIN (born 8/30/1797).  The married Percy met Mary during a visit to Mary's father's home and bookshop in London sometime in 1913.  Percy was allegedly unhappy in his current marriage and began an affair with Mary.  In 1916, he abandoned his then pregnant wife and child to sail to Europe and eventually settled in Switzerland with Mary.  After six weeks in Switzerland, however, they grew homesick and decided to return to England and reside together in London.  In December 1916, Percy's estranged wife Harriet drowned herself in the Serpentine in Hyde Park, London.  Only a few weeks after Harriet's body was recovered, on December 30, 1916, Percy and Mary were wed.  Their marriage date was perfect for their lifestyle.  They were both writers (the 30 is associated with creative endeavor) as well as social darlings (5 destiny) - entertaining and being entertained by numerous established poets and writers of their times, including Lord Byron.  It was a marriage date of adventuresome and progressive personages.  Their marital union sanctioned their life to be a rather gala affair -- for as long as it lasted.
Less than a month before his 30th birthday, Percy drowned at sea because of the sudden onset of a storm while sailing his schooner.  At the funeral crematory, Percy's heart was snatched away by Edward Trelawny, a novelist, adventurer, and friend of Percy and Lord Byron and he delivered it to Mary.  Mary kept the heart for the rest of her life and had it interred in a grave next to her final resting place.  Percy's ashes (sans his heart) were buried in a Protestant cemetery in Rome under an ancient pyramid in the city walls with the Latin inscrption , Cor Cordium ("Heart of Hearts").  Ahh, romance!  
Percy, as a character, would have been straightforward and honest with his double 4s (4 personality and 4 destiny).  Mary would have had a much more sophisticated demeanor than he, with her 30 personality and 8 destiny - kind of a Martha Stewart of her time.  She would have been more conventional and conservative in her writing style than Percy.  His double 4 personality would have found him making use every freedom with the language given to poets in those days due to his predeliction toward speaking his truth.  They were both accomplished writers at an early age and would have had an appreciation for one another because of that.  I would imagine that their marriage would have endured had Percy lived longer, and that the few years their marriage was likely envied by their peers.  
COMPOSER FREDERIC CHOPIN (born 3/1/1810) and WRITER GEORGE SAND (AKA AMANDINE AURORE LUCILE DUPIN) (born 7/1/1804):  Although Amandine (aka George) was married to someone else throughout her love affair with Frederic, once she became enamored and fascinated with Frederic, she relinquished her other many romantic liasons to concentrate her affections on him.  Their love affair lasted for ten years.  During most of that time Frederic was suffering from tuberclosis and Amandine nursed and nutured him (as any woman born under the sign of Cancer would do) until he became less of a lover and eventually someone she referred to as her "third child," a "little angel," a "suffferer", and a "beloved little corpose."  Frederic left Amandine two years before he died of tuberculosis at age 39.  
This couple wasn't married, so I can't offer a marriage date analysis.  Their birthdates, however, do offer some understanding regarding the longevity of their relationship.  Astrologically, both Frederic and Amandine were water signs which made them sensitive and sentimental and likely very lusty and romantic behind closed doors.  They were both born on the 1st which would have given a natural affinity for one another and a respect of one another for their work endeavors. 
Frederic had a 5 destiny - independent, unconventionality, action and speed oriented, tenacious, creative, and culturally and socially adept.  Amandine had a 3 destiny - independent, unconventional, meticulous, culturally and socially adept, love of the theater, skillful communicator, highly imaginative and creative, optimistic, and full of joie de vivre.  They were likely a socially sought-after duo during their time together.  They both possessed male-oriented numbers (meaning "action-oriented" numbers), so it is no surprise that Amandine took on the persona of George Sand so she could intermingle with those who were the achievers of those times (99% male).  Frederic, having a 5 destiny (the "freedom fighter"), would have been attracted to Armandine's  independence, courage, convictions, and audaciousness.        
ENGLAND'S KING EDWARD VIII (born 6/23/1894) and WALLIS SIMPSON (born 6/19/1896) (AKA THE DUKE AND DUCHESS OF WINDSOR).  Most of you are familiar with the drama surrounding this love affair and marriage.  Edward had the 29/11 in his first phase of life (from birth to his age 30) which indicates that he was a very sensitive child and young adult.  His sensitivity and emotionality would have made it very difficult for him to withstand the harsh upbringing that was enforced on young royals in those days.  When he entered his 30s, he had an influence that indicated that he wasn't especially enchanted with his life and its inevitable circumstances.  As he entered his 40s, the primary influence indicated that there would be a loss due to a partnership or love relationship.  He could have chosen to lose Wallis, but instead he chose to lose the monarchy for his beloved Wallis.  Now THAT is true and abiding love in my book.  I mean, even if he weren't enamored with the royal life, the concessions that he knew he would have to make were on such a grand scale that it is hard to imagine the depth of his attachment to Wallis.  
Wallis had a very difficult life judging from her numerological chart, albeit she would never have divulged that reality to the outside world.  She would instead have maintained a demeanor that made it appear as though nothing had ever gone wrong in her life.  (Most negative things of a person's life were kept secret or out of the range of public knowledge in those times, anyway)   However, there was another side to her that may have been the key to Edward's obsession with her.  Both the day she was born (the 19th) and her destiny number (4) would have made her a rebel or a social renegade in relation to mainstream customs.  She would have bucked every convention if she could and I would imagine that characteristic was something that was most intriguing and fascinating to Edward who had been raised with an overload of staid and proper etiquet and moral conduct. 
Another aspect of Wallis' personality is that she was quite likely neurotic, having been through so many losses and setbacks in her life, from childhood through to her 50s.  The most devastating losses were to come between the ages of 42 and 50 (her third phase of life) which, interestingly was the period after her marriage to Edward.  During this difficult time, she and Edward (then the Duke and Duchess of Windsor) were exiled to France.  They were also ostricized by the royal family members and forbidden by King George VI (Edward's successor brother) to attend any and all functions associated with the royal privilege and royal family in Great Britain.  
I believe, because Edward had a 6 destiny and 6 destiny, being someone who needs to feel needed, found in Wallis someone who truly did need him.  Wallis, because of her 4 destiny and very difficult past, likely adored Edward and made him feel he was her protector (which he certainly came to be in their future life together) and they would have had comparable senses of humor.  Those qualities, and Wallis' avant-guard nature, offered Edward experiences he likely hadn't had as a child and he certainly wouldn't have experienced as the King of England.  They were  a strikingly peculiar match made in heaven.      

NAPOLEON BONAPARTE (born 8/15/1769) and JOSEPHINE DE BEAUHARANIS (born 6/23/1763).  Napoleon, like any enamored Leo, fell head over heels for Josephine, then a widow and a mistress of "several prominent leading political figures" (Wikipedia) in France.  She became Napoleon's mistress after their first meeting and, according to a Wikipedia source, he wrote a letter to her shortly thereafter that expressed, "I awake full to you.  Your image and the memory of last night's intoxicating pleasures has left no rest to my senses." 
From a numerological perspective, however, he had fallen for someone who was his crafty and cunning double.  Napoleon's destiny number was a 1 and, as fate would have it, so was Josephine's.  Two 1-destiny people living under the same roof doesn't make for a copacetic situation over the long run.  Both would always be vying for their own personal needs to be met first. 
Women being women, Josephine likely had Napoleon exactly where she wanted him for the first year, as she was probably an astute master of the amarous arts enabling her to adequately accommodate his manly needs.  She was a renowned spendthrift and Napoleon's elevated station in life would have conveniently accommodated her great need to spend, spend, spend.  Napoleon, being a macho Leo man, would want to know that he owned Josephine, body and soul - which would never be tolerated by Josepine.  She was far too independent and, well, selfish to ever acquiesce to  that kind of possessiveness and control.  She would be in control through her own ultra-feminine whiles, or whatever other means she could use to hold her own ground. 
Napoleon, however, would always have believed he was in control due to Josephine's adept ability to persuade and mystify him.  In fact, Napoleon wrote another letter to her in that first year that said, "You to whom nature has given spirit, sweetness, and beauty, you who alone can move and rule my heart, you who know all too well the absolute empire you exercise over it!" 
Yes, Josephine had all the delightful accoutrements of a 1-destiny lady.  I have often said that those women who possess the 1 as either their personality or destiny number can exhibit the most feminine and alluring traits of all women.  They are fully aware of how powerful they are and, in times when power was not a positive quality for women (fortunately it is becoming so in these times), they knew instinctively how to appeal to men and lure them in.  One-destiny women are also some of the most competitive women on the planet and they would never be left in the dust by their own gender for showing their true willful character.  Some examples women with this powerful and ultra feminine 1-destiny mystique are Princess Diana of England, Jacqueline Kennedy-Onassis, Marilyn Monroe, Sophia Loren, Raquel Welch, Katie Holmes, and yes, even Anna Nicole Smith. 
In 1796, only a year into their marriage, Josephine, was left was behind in Paris while Napoleon attended to his official duties as the military and political leader of France.  She began having an affair with a young lieutenant which, once he was made aware of it, so infuriated Napoleon that his love for Josephine changed entirely.  Having a highly competitive, grudge-holding, and manipulative nature of the 1, Napoleon began having affairs too, and sired four children by his various mistresses while still being married to Josephine.  Josephine, being unable to deliver an heir for Napoleon, after enduring 10 years of marriage to him, agreed to divorce him so he could marry another woman who could bear him an heir.  They divorced in January 1810, and Napoleon remarried in March of that year. 
Napoleon's and Josphine's marriage date was March 9, 1796.  The 3 month denotes true love, ushering in Spring solstice when all living things can feel a love charge.  The 9 would be the "personality" of their marriage and it is the number of aristocracy and gentility which, according to history, they exhibited in grand form.  The "destiny number" of that date was a 35/8 which is the number of power and privilege. 
Josephine was Napoleon's only true love and they stayed friendly after their divorce.   A year after Josephine's death, while Napoleon was in exile on Saint Helena, he allegedly told a friend, "I truly loved my Josephine, but I did not respect her."  And as a testament to her strength of character, Napoleon's last words on the Island of St. Helena were "France, the Army, the Head of the Army, Josephine." 


The month is only one factor of your marriage date prophecy.  The definitions presented below reflect the most positive aspects of a marriage month.  If you disagree with the definition of your marriage month, you may find that your marriage is expressing the negative as opposed to the positive side of that month's vibration.  Think of the reverse of the definition below to determine if that is what you are experiencing.
If neither the positive nor the negative seem to fit your marital circumstances, you might want to check out next month's newsletter in which I will offer what the day and the destiny (or fate) numbers foretell of your marriage date.
January:  As a couple, you are independent, individualists and each of you needs some space or a place to go where you can occasionally be by yourself.  You are good parents but sometimes emotionally unavailable.  You make an effort to fulfill your community responsibilities and are good, non-combative neighbors and friends.
February:  As a couple, you are desirous of sharing and caring, but some of you do so only if your own needs are being met.  You will nurture one another throughout your married life together.  You are conscientious parents, faithful friends, and good citizens. 
March:  As a couple, you love to adventure, travel and being as carefree as possible.  You are parents who can really get into your children's activities and entertainment more than most parents.  You are likely forerunners in the green movement.
April:  As a couple, you are hard-working and practical and can be depended on for whatever is necessary to fulfill your responsibilities as parents as well as in your community.  You may need to lighten up a bit and occasionally find new ways to put some romance back in your marriage.
May:  As a couple, your life is very busy.  You are always on the go, making friends easily and partaking of many different kinds of activities and adventures.  You have a youthful approach to life and instill that same enthusiasm in your children.  You are always available for instigating and hosting group activities in your community.
June:  As a couple, your partner, home, and children are your priorities.  Your home is comfortable and welcoming and your friends are primarily those who share your same values.  As concerned citizens of your community, volunteering your time to help whenever needed is a requirement for living life right, in your opinion.
July:  You are good citizens, but you are prone to keeping to yourselves more than other couples.  You cherish your home and are conscientious parents.  Your friends may range from ordinary folks to eccentric loners.  As a couple you attract all types of personalities.
August:  As a couple, you are the movers and shakers of your community.  You adorn your home with quality items and you are usually members of clubs and other social organizations.  You can be controlling parents, but you provide positive direction to your children.  Your friends are like-minded doers.
September:  You were likely married in a past life and decided to go for another round in this one.  Your affinity and bond to each another is secure and stable.  You are upstanding citizens of the community and sensible, responsible parents. 
October:  As a couple, you are the social darlings of your community.  You enjoy entertaining and being entertained.  You are good parents and take great pride in your children and home.  You enjoy being known in your community for giving your time and money to causes that enrich others in need.  Your friends are many and varied.
November:  You are a couple who came with some baggage into your relationship.  A marriage in this month indicates that your union is like the phoenix that rose up out of some ashes of your past.  As a couple, when your phoenix takes flight it rises to heights far beyond whence you came.  Your community and children benefit from your union.
December:  You are either a fun and frolicking couple or one that is frugal, fussy, and fastidious - and in some cases both.  You are also gracious and helpful when called upon by your friends and community.  As parents, some of you like to be more like your kids than staid and stodgy parents, and others of you are perhaps too staid and stodgy to allow that free spirit to flow. 


Wishing you blessings and good cheer throughout the SUMMER season, 
Warmest regards,
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