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Will Tiger Get His Tail Back and Regain His Super Star Status?

Will These Marriages Survive and, if So, Why?
(numerologically speaking)

Tiger and Elin Woods
Sandra Bullock and Jesse James
David Letterman and Regina Lasko John and Elizabeth Edwards


Judging from Tiger's numerological chart, he may have been experiencing some form of depression since he was 29 years old and will continue to do so through age 36. He is currently 34. His father died when he was 30, so that may have contributed to the possibility of depression. He is also a workaholic which can create psychological problems too. He is said to have been very hyper and easily angered in the past on the golf course and it is known that anger is a symptom of depression. His marital troubles are far from over, needless to say, but his career star is going to rise as before, and probably move way beyond what it has been starting, about mid-way into his 35th year. He could make a good showing prior to that, but it appears that he will be at his swinging best in 2011 and for a number of years thereafter.

Tiger has just entered the 74th Masters Golf Tournament and from my analysis, he will not win another green sports coat in this one. However, Tiger has won tournaments under very stressful circumstances in the past, so there is certainly a possibility that he will come close in this one. His marriage woes, however, may get the best of his game because they loom large in the background, as everyone knows, and that is very evident in his numerological chart. In fact, there is one number his chart has at this time that is called the "divorce symbol" and it does appear that Elin will not be returning to his lair anytime soon, if ever again. It shows that there will likely be an upgrade from separation to divorce in 2011, soon after Tiger turns 35 (December 2010) and after Elin turns 31 (January 2011).

Although not likely reported by the media (unless some reporter is cagey enough to get inside information about Elin), it will not take Elin long to connect with a new love after she is free from her night-prowling Tiger. It's likely that she won't remarry until after age 35 and she will be very private about her comings and goings prior to that. She is a powerful woman and once she has a multi-million dollar (perhaps multi-billion) settlement and is the mother of Tiger Woods' children, she will wield even more power than she does now. She is someone who knows how to keep her private life very private so I imagine she won't be exposing much about her LAT (Life After Tiger) until she is good and ready. Whatever the case, I am confident from what I see in her chart that she will not be staying with Tiger and she will not have a problem finding another mate. Her future looks quite fine, indeed.

The children's charts show a rather sad development beginning in 2012. Whether it is that Elin keeps the children from Tiger for some reason or another, or that Tiger may be lax about seeing them because of the demands he puts on himself career-wise, there are strong signs of some kind of emotional loss in both the children's charts from 2012 to 2023.

Will These Marriages Survive and, if So, Why?

(numerologically speaking)

The Woods' probable marital dissolution has already been predicted above.

Sandra Bullock and Jesse James are walking down the "Boulevard of Broken Dreams" themselves these days, as everyone who doesn't live on another planet knows by now.

My analysis of their situation is that: 1) Sandra (born on July 26, 1964) is a super star, and 2) astrologically she is a Leo (powerful, independent leader type), 3) she is born in the Chinese Lunar Year of the Dragon (known to be dynamic, idealistic, and sometimes overpowering and overzealous), 4) she is born on an 8 day with an 8 destiny numerologically (8-bound people are known for taking care of everything and everyone in their surroundings so they can FEEL in control [and, in many instances, BE in control] - mostly coming from a heartfelt desire to protect and care for those they love. That nature can be quite emasculating to a man - especially a "macho man" as in this case), and 5) it shows in her numerological chart that she already knew she was on "muddy ground" (didn't feel her relationship was stable) with Jesse before the news broke of his philandering ways.

The above doesn't let Jesse James (born on April 19, 1969) off the hook from being a cad and a jerk, but 1) he's a TV personality (not at all in the league of a movie super star), multi-divorced, chopper dude, 2) he's an Aries (known for being fiercely competitive and self-assured, using his wits and brains to get what he wants), 3) he was born in the Chinese Lunar year of the Rooster (known for being flamboyant, entertaining, vain, self-preoccupied, and in many cases embellishing the truth [quite likely in his case], 4) he was born on a 1 day (is a leader and powerful in his own right - and needs to believe he is) with a 3 destiny (afflicted with the "Peter-Pan syndrome" - no kidding!), and 5) from his numerological chart it appears that he didn't think, in his overload of testosterone way, that he was doing anything wrong - likely brushing off his odious affairs as just having some extracurricular fun on the sly. It also shows that he was as in love with Sandra as he was with himself, which for him must have come as quite a jolt and psychological feat. Too bad for Jesse that his marriage to his first and only love, aside from himself, is kaput, cooked, done for, down for the count, sunk, washed up, and destroyed by his obvious need to diddle away his vows with tattooed babes. You really screwed up this time, Jesse.

Interestingly, David Letterman's (born on April 12, 1947) primary "personality" numbers are the same as Tiger Woods'. And even more interestingly, his astrological sun sign and primary "personality" numbers are the same as Jesse James'. Since all three "fooling around" escapades of these men came on the heels of one another, it is kind of fun to contemplate that there may have been a cosmic conspiracy during the months of November 2009 (Dave was the first) to December 2009 (then Tiger) into March 2010 (Jesse) to expose famous men with their metaphysical compositions. Okay, maybe that's a bit of a stretch.

Dave may have thought that he was rather off the hook with regard to his dalliances by the end of 2009. However, his chart shows that over the next three years, starting in August, or thereabouts, 2010, he will have something occur that will make him feel very vulnerable, emotionally distraught, out of his comfort zone, and perhaps dealing with strong ramifications of his actions in his marriage to Regina Lanko (born on November 20, 1960). He will experience the worst of times (like has never been present in his chart before) through his 65th birthday, and during his 66th birthday he will likely have another bout with ill health or some depression. After he is 67 through to the age of 69, he will have someone in his life who is just pissing him off big time - could it be "the good wife" Regina? My conjecture is that Regina will request a divorce sometime in the next 2 to 3 years. It appears when Dave turns 70, he will fall in love for the first time in his ego-saturated life. I'm sure he loves his little boy Harry, but at age 70 is the first time there is a sign of true love for a romantic mate in his chart. Let's hope he has had a divorce by then. Only time will tell, but you heard it here first.

(Reid) John Edwards (born June 10, 1953) and (Mary) Elizabeth Edwards (born July 3, 1949) are a spectacular example of the fairy tale "Jack and Jill." As you may recall it goes "Jack and Jill went up the hill to fetch a pail of water. Jack fell down and broke his crown and Jill went tumbling after." Well, they were "on the Hill" for which Washington, D.C. is known, and they were fetching, that's for sure. John definitely fell down and broke his ill-fitted crown and alas, Elizabeth went tumbling after him. I'm happy to read that they are in an estranged state these days, but it does appear that Rielle Hunter (nee Lisa Jo Druck born on March 20, 1964), John's mistress, will be the loser in this carnal catastrophe. According to her chart, she has been in a negative spot since her birthday in 2007 and it appears it will take at least 10 years for her to dig her way out of the debris left by her debauched affair with John.

It appears that John will be in a state of vigilance for the next three years, perhaps associated with his fatherly duties for his ever-growing brood, or perhaps toward his marriage, or both. It appears that Elizabeth's health will be fine for many years to come, but there is still the looming possibility of a divorce from John. Between the years of 2016 and 2020, John's chart has the "cosmic love number" 24 in a most prominent and important position. Elizabeth's chart shows a very different situation, and one that appears that she and John are no longer married. According to Mistress Hunter's chart, this new love in John's life will not be her either. Oh Johnny boy, how you do dally about!


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