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The weather around the U.S. seems so weird to me that I don't know if I am watching too much weather news these days, or if Mother Nature is trying to tell us something. I keep hearing things like, record snows in the mid-west; record snows in Colorado; record tornados in the south; record earthquakes around the world and even record snows in Mexico. What does that mean!? I read a book recently entitled "Not by Fire but by Ice," by John Felix, in which the author expressed the imminence of a new Ice Age. It's an interesting and well-documented book, but offers a rather foreboding view of our future. If the book is even partially correct, which certainly seems possible, our springs are in for the lion's roar for some time to come.


Most modern numerologists who practice the Pythagorean principles of numerology believe the name is the most significant element of a person's life, from a numerological standpoint. I believe it is significant, but if I had to choose between using the name or the birth date to gather information about someone, I would choose the birth date. However, the name, and particularly the first name, plays a very important role in a numerological chart and, from a vibratory standpoint, in a person's life.

The first name is purported to be chosen by a person's "super-conscious" self (I understand that to be a consciousness that is higher than the mundane consciousness, like other worldly, or associated with the archetypical self). It is therefore the most significant part of the name.

There are many things that can be foretold from simply a first name. For example, the first letter of the first name is called "the Cornerstone." It is said to be the foundation upon which the life is built. The last letter in the first name is called "the Capstone". It is the vibration that foretells the qualities that complete your primary personality key, which is the full first name.

The brief definitions that follow offer a cursory insight into the Cornerstone and the Capstone. In my future book, "The Meaning of All the Numbers in Your Life," which will include these first name components, the definitions will be much more extensive than what follows. The following definitions are meant to just be a fun exercise for your mind when you have some leisure time.

Use the following definitions for the Cornerstone (the first letter of your first name) and the Capstone (the last letter in your first name):

A - Astute, independent, direct
B - Emotional, self-contained, nurturing
C - Expressive, intuitive, imaginative
D - Physical, efficient, practical
E - Adaptable, open-minded, energetic
F - Responsible, helpful, gracious
G - Intuitive, independent, secretive
H - Administrative, dignified, resourceful
I - Ardent, compassionate, intense
J - Influential, progressive, original
K - Creative, visionary, sensitive
L - Amicable, creative, expressive
M - Physical, forthright, industrious
N - Sensual, Intellectual, changeable
O - Emotional, secretive, willful
P- Independent, self-sufficient, secretive
Q - Enterprising, competent, executive
R - Sensitive, understanding, powerful
S - Emotional, independent, progressive
T - Compliant, genial, prudent
U- Sensitive, self-sacrificing, expressive
V- Inspired, determined, enlightened
W- Amiable, earnest, passionate
X - Congenial, demonstrative, honorable
Y - Sage, individualistic, self-contained
Z - Ambitious, efficient, resourceful

Many people ask me, "What is the negative?" It appears that offering some negative information seems to make the definitions more realistic to many. So for those of you who need a tidbit of negativity, I offer the following. They can be applied just as you did above to the Cornerstone and the Capstone. (Please don't feel you MUST identify with these adjectives. Again, these definitions are meant to be fun more than serious.)

A - Overconfident, aggressive
B - Sniveling, needy
C - Conceited, superficial
D - Blunt, opinionated
E - Capricious, self-indulgent
F - Argumentative, vindictive
G - Cynical, stubborn
H - Bossy, intolerant `
I - Hot-headed, evasive
J - Self-important, unyielding
K - Dogmatic, over-righteous
L - Boastful, patronizing
M - Inflexible, provincial
N - Eccentric, over-indulgent
O - Irresponsible, insensitive
P - Aloof, pedantic
Q - Demanding, over-ambitious
R - Avaricious, self-centered
S - Headstrong, impulsive
T - Devious, scheming
U - Extravagant, temperamental
V- Extreme nervousness, frantic
W - Insensitive, thoughtless
X - Confrontational, resentful
Y - Peculiar, undignified
Z - Inconsiderate, materialistic

The first name reduced to a single numerical digit is called the "key" to one's life and indicates how the life will be lead - as a service-oriented person, a creative person, a scholarly person, or a conscientious, determined, dedicated person.

To determine your "Key," apply the appropriate numbers, from the table below, to your first name. Then, add all the numbers together and reduce them to a single digit. See example below:

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

Example: Using the name Elizabeth, apply the letters as follows:
5 3 9 8 1 2 5 2 8

ADD: 5+3+9+8+1+2+5+2+8, which equals 43. Reduce that number to a single digit - 4+3 = 7. Find the definition for the 7 below.

DEFINITIONS OF THE "KEY" (the single digit number of your first name):

1 - Independent, leader-oriented, original, creative, determined, ambitious.
2 - Nurturing/caretaking, a team player, cooperative, people-oriented, a diplomat
3 - Creative, entertaining, enthusiastic, people-oriented, self-expressive, artistic
4 - Detail-oriented, organized, hard-working, forthright, dependable, determined
5 - Sales-oriented, chameleon, adaptable, energetic, speedy, versatile, entertaining
6 - Service-oriented, responsible, humanitarian, earnest, sacrificing, a teacher
7 - Scholarly, professional, contained, perceptive, truth-seeker, a researcher
8 - Executive, organized, principled, compliant, a leader, commanding, competent
9 - People-pleasing, high-minded, hospitable, impassioned, tactful, dedicated

And now for the negative vibration of the same numbers (PLEASE REMEMBER THAT THE FOLLOWING DEFINITIONS ARE JUST IN FUN):

1 - Aggressive, dominating, opinionated, lazy, self-important
2 - Whining, unsupportive, over-sensitive, a busybody, shy and reticent
3 - Gossipy, conceited, cocky, garrulous, quarrelsome, scattered, shallow
4 - Dull, lazy, unresponsive, argumentative, limited, resistant, rude
5 - Elusive, evasive, an exaggerator, hot-headed, impatient, impetuous
6 - Argumentative, a complainer, a martyr, meddlesome, resentful
7 - Aloof, sarcastic, an extremist, over-analytical, repressed, secretive
8 - Bossy, biased, demanding, materialistic, scheming, rigid, judgmental
9 - Insubordinate, self-centered, superficial, impractical, discourteous


Q: IS BARRY BONDS (Born: 7/24/1964) GOING TO SURVIVE THE STERIOD INQUEST? After taking a look at Mr. Bonds' numerological chart, he has not been a very Happy Camper for the past 3 years, and on his last birthday he moved into a 4-year phase that should find him feeling as though there's nobody in his corner. Of course, his fans care about him, but perhaps those who mean the most to him are not rallying 'round. Mr. Bonds has a 6 "Personality" number and a 6 "Destiny" number, which means that he can be very set in his ways and very vocal about his feelings with regard to his principles and ethics. Although the 6 vibration gives its possessor a strong humanitarian calling and service orientation to the public, it is also the number of the martyr and the self-righteous. Unfortunately, when a person with such strong 6s believes they have been wronged, it is very difficult for anyone to convince that person that HE may be wrong. I believe Mr. Bonds will continue playing baseball after his birthday in 2005, but will begin the process of leaving his position with the Giants that year. He has numbers that show a substantial amount of money will come in after his birthday in 2006, but there's a lot of pressure on him that year as well. After 2006, his chart shows some very good influences for a few years.

Q: WILL SADDAM AL-TIKRITI HUSSEIN (Born: 4/28/1937) SURVIVE HIS INQUEST? Saddam is not in his heyday, needless to say, but it appears that he will have a couple more years of hanging around in the cellblock. In 2007-2008, there will be a major change for him, which indicates an ending, or it may be the beginning of his inquest, which will ultimately lead to his ending. If he survives beyond 2008, his life will be the worst it has ever been until he is 85 (he's currently 68) - which is almost 20 years, when there is a symbol of another ending. Either way, it appears he may wish he had taken his own life rather than survive what is to come.

Q: DOES O. J. SIMPSON'S (Born: 7/9/1947) FUTURE LOOK GOOD? No! Regardless of how OJ expresses himself in the media, he has already set sail in the same boat that Saddam Hussein will eventually ride in. When he's 59 and 60 (he'll be 58 this year) in which he's going to feel his troubles are over. However, from the looks of the numbers in his chart, he is just being given a minor reprieve before the really big boom drops. From age 61 through age 75, he has major "test" numbers - and, as anyone who has ever had a reading by me knows, those numbers are the most difficult when there is no spirituality or religion in someone's life. Perhaps he'll find his own brand of religion to ease the pain of those future negative years.

Q: WILL MICHAEL (Born: 8/29/1958) GO TO JAIL? Michael Jackson's chart shows that he should be learning many important lessons at this time in his life - well, yeah; let's hope so. The numbers are really quite positive for him in one way. He will likely grow psychologically - perhaps in maturity - from this experience, which is a good thing, judging from the things we know about his past. These same numbers can, however, make him feel very isolated, and even depressed. It will take some time for Michael to overcome the ramifications of his trial, but as he turns 49 (in 2007), his income will begin to escalate substantially for many years. By age 52, the chart shows a great improvement in his life and continuing good fortune. It does not appear to me that he is headed to jail in the near future, or ever, for that matter. The point is, whether he is guilty of molestation or not, this talented guy has luck in his corner (along with some bucks, which always helps, as we've seen in past lawsuits.). So, whether it's behind the scenes or back on stage, Michael's future looks pretty good. (If he's convicted, I will certainly have a hard time living this prediction down and trying to understand how that could be from what I see in his chart.)

Q: WILL MARTHA STEWART (Born: 8/3/1941) RECOVER FROM HER ORDEAL? Martha has some very unsettling numbers in her chart that begin in April of 2006 and run through December of 2007. That time period will offer her much more grief than she experienced in this past year (perhaps from the loss of a family member or something or someone else of importance to her). She may even have a bout of depression over the changes that will be occurring in her life. It will take her a couple of years to recover from whatever comes down in 2006, but after that the lady is back in the pilot's seat and flying high! Her numbers show an upswing in her popularity, money and business, in general. Martha is definitely someone to watch. Her life is quite extraordinary, to say the least, and I, for one, am pleased that she has such exceptional numbers in her future.

Q: IS DONALD TRUMP (Born: 6/14/1946) A GOOD GUY OR A BAD GUY? Donald Trump has numbers comparable to mine, so I'm going to be a little prejudiced about the guy. He should be a "giver." He's likely a workaholic, and he makes decisions rapidly and, judging by what appears to be his vast holdings, astutely. He would be very fair in his dealings, and very good to his favorite employees. However, he would expect his employees to perform like he performs - and better if possible, as is portrayed on his TV reality show. But even with his vast fortune, he has some troublesome numbers in his future. They don't start until the year 2013, but they continue on for many years. However, at this time, he is living the enviable life of a wealthy, powerful, successful, interesting man with bad hair. Since my primary numbers are the same as Mr. Trump's (our Personality and Destiny numbers are the same), I'm working on becoming wealthy, powerful, and successful so that I will eventually live up to the high potential my numbers offer, as Mr. Trump has done.

Q: WHAT CAN YOU TELL ME ABOUT THE NEW POPE (Born: 4/16/1927)? He's fastidious, he's meticulous, he's a perfectionist, he has ready access to his genius, he is scholarly, AND, judging from the strongest aspects in his chart, he will be open to changing the rules of the Catholic Church to suit the times - to some degree. He can be a stickler for protocol, but he also has an avant-garde side to him that may surprise even his closest guardians. Even though the pundits have painted this man's future decision-making as being as firm and unbending as Pope John Paul II, I believe he will offer the Catholic people some compromises that even those who know him best would not have imagined. The number vibrations of Pope John Paul II (Born: 5/18/1920) were much more strict and inflexible than this new Pope's numbers. It may take some time to determine if this prediction is accurate, but I do believe that Pope Benedict XVI is going to be very popular with the many rather than the few.


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