APRIL 2004 NEWSLETTER by Numerologist Sally Faubion

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Number systems have been constructed throughout the history of mankind

The Binary System

The binary system of the computer world, which uses the zero and 1 exclusively, was developed by a guy named Liebniz around 1697 and it is both one of the oldest and most modern of numbers systems.

Every civilization had its own signs for numbers. The Incas developed the quipus, which consisted of a cord that was divided by marks indicating single units, tens and hundreds. The Mesopotamians used man-made clay objects known as calculi (calculus is Latin for stone). This system dates back to the 4th millennium BC. Calculi were small and large spheres and cones, both perforated and smooth. A single calculus, depending on its size, shape and color, represented different amounts, such as 10 pebbles, 100 pebbles, and so on. The calculi were effected in order to eliminate using sometimes multitudes of stones to calculate in the 400 BCs. In ancient Egypt numbers were depicted in picture form called hieroglyphs. The Phoenicians of Babylonia, and the Romans had comparatively more primitive numerical formations, which I won't go into at this time.

The Oldest Numeration System

The oldest numeration system dates back to 30,000 BC wherein Paleolithic "tally bones" were carved with notches to keep track of who knows what? (Remnants of this "notch carving" system of tallying seems to have retained its usefulness even to this day by some people. We've all heard of the guy who carves notches in his bedstead, for example.) [I couldn't resist!]


In the 6th Century AD, Pythagoras (the Greek mathematician, philosopher and "Father of Numerology in the Western World") who is responsible for the right triangle theorem (the hypotenuse of a right triangle equals the sum of the squares of the two shorter sides) used order as the centerpiece of his school of thought: musical order, mathematical order, the order of the cosmos, and the ethical/social order. He discovered that the intervals of the musical scale correspond to the relative lengths of the vibrating strings, which he expresses by the ratios 1:2, 2:3, and 3:4. Now, this may be getting a little to technical for some of you, but suffice it to say that even music can be expressed in mathematical formulas by measuring the ratios of the strings and, as Pythagoras propounded sometime in the 500s BC, "All things in the universe can be reduced to a number."

Sometime after taking a sojourn into the Middle East to learn the tenets of magic and the esoteric mysteries of the Egyptians, the Persians, the Ancient Hebrews, the Babylonians, and numerous other cultures and sources, and upon his return to Greece, Pythagoras formed a school of "silence and secrets." His students were called The Pythagoreans. These fellows and gals (Pythagoras was well beyond his time for allowing women to participate in his school of learning) were most fascinated by the differences between the odd and even numbers and, therefore, divided everything in the universe into two categories: 1) odd numbers which belonged to the right side, associated with the limited, the masculine, the resting, the straight, with light and goodness, and, geometrically, with the square, and 2) the even numbers which were associated with the infinite, the unlimited, the manifold, the left side, the female, the moving, the crooked, darkness, evil, and geometrically, the rectangle.

Plato, a student of the Pythagorean philosophy, considered all even numbers as ill omens and odd numbers as fortunate. This predilection for odd numbers still exists today in superstitions, customs, religious rituals, prayers, and incantations.

PREDICTIONS - April 2004

Many of my clients inquire about people in the news and other "famous" individuals. I decided it might be fun to include a kind of "Dear Sally" section that offers my opinion, from a numerological standpoint, of individuals and events in the current news. The predictions below were based solely on aspects shown in the numerological charts each of the individuals in question.

Q: "Will Martha Stewart get a long sentence for her conviction of lying to the Feds and will she recover economically and professionally?"

No, Martha won't spend much time in prison, if any, for that matter. She will continue to reign high in the minds of many and will continue to be a favorite element of fodder for the media. It appears she will recover handily, both monetarily and reputation-wise, from this overly exposed blip in her life, and that's a good thing.

Q: "Is Michael Jackson a child molester and will he survive as a superstar in the aftermath of his current problems?"

Michael Jackson's chart shows much abuse in his childhood, especially between the years of age 7 through 15. Taking that abuse into consideration, along with the fact that he didn't have a normal childhood, and certainly isn't having what most of us would consider "normal" adult years, my guess is that he simply prefers the company of children to adults and that he is not a molester. His destiny number is 60, which is the number of the teacher, the good and righteous citizen, and the protector of children and animals and nature. (Of course, there's a negative side to this number too which usually it makes the individual much more rigid and self-righteous in the aforementioned attributes, but not someone who would sexually violate children. [I'm sure those of you with 6 destinies would tend to agree because it's such a humanitarian number]) His name number (character) is an 80 which makes him rules-oriented, coupled with giving him high order principles. He's born on the 29th, which is a master number in numerology. The 29/11 is the highest number on the spiritual plane. This number indicates that he would be very intuitive and possibly super sensitive to everyone and everything in his surroundings. The 11 is the number of illumination and it gives Michael the ability to shine like the star he is when on stage and before large crowds - but very quiet and retiring in private. All of his numbers indicate that he has high principles and values and, although he may stray from the norm, he has numbers that indicate he is a kind, giving, and soulful person. He will survive the current problems and become very wealthy (and perhaps even more popular than ever) in his 50s. Aside: I wrote the above prediction about 2 weeks ago and now things are changing rapidly. I'm hoping that I'm right about Mr. Jackson, but the direction things are taking, it is not such an easy call.

Q: "Will President George W. Bush be re-elected in November of 2004?"

Good question. George W. Bush moves into a 1 personal year on his birthday in 2004 (July 6) and November (the election month) is a 3 month for him (the month of celebration). However, John Forbes Kerry (born December 11, 1943) is also in a 1 personal year and November is also a 3 month for him. If Bush wins, which he could, I believe there will be a kind of Florida-like situation that will take him there. Kerry actually has the favorable numbers, but Bush has the number 15 in another important position, which is the number that releases one from limitations and allows greater freedom of expression. The 15 is also a number vibration that can alter his lifestyle very quickly due to lack of discernment, or failing to be discriminating in his dealings with others. Kerry, on the other hand, has the number 19, which is the number of "rewards, obstacles overcome, and new beginnings." It portends a position of leadership and the positive manifestation of past productive and creative efforts. Members of Bush's cabinet whose charts show they will most likely not be returning to the White House in 2005 are Condolezza Rice, Donald Rumsfeld, Colin Powell, John Ashcroft, and Dick Cheney.

Q: "Did Barry (Lamar) Bonds (born July 24, 1964) take steroids?"

I really can't tell from a numerological chart whether someone took steroids or not, but I can tell if the individual who is accused of doing so is going to be enjoying life or having something difficult to contend with. In Barry Bonds' case, it's the latter. Starting with his birthday in 2004 (actually it started around November of 2003), Mr. Bonds has numbers that indicate that he stands on his own - that he will not feel he has the backup of others - especially those who were in his corner in the past, for the next four to five years. He makes some kind of comeback, or things greatly improve in his life, around age 45 through age 48, but around age 59 he has more career problems. Basically, it appears that Mr. Bonds may be fighting the same demon as Whitney Houston (see below), that of lack of humility.

Q: "Will Whitney (Elizabeth) Houston (born on August 8, 1963) ultimately recover from her downhill spiral due to drug abuse?"

She has a rough row to hoe at this point. Because she has a sizeable ego (being born on the 9th of August with a 9 destiny), she has a difficult time believing that her way isn't the right way no matter what havoc it wreaks on herself and her career. Add a drug addition to that kind of nature and you have the ingredient that would cause her to never find her way back. From the aspects in her chart, she will feel very alone - like nobody is there for her, during her ages of 41 and 42 (perhaps Bobby won't be in the picture). She will begin to gain some positive ground at 43 and 44, only to have a bit of an upset around age 45, which could make her change her ways for good - or else (speculate on what that latter statement means as you will). Her road back to being an outstanding contributor in the entertainment world will be bumpy and filled with craggy mountains to climb. She will have times that are good, but more times that test her ability to be humble and accepting of the advice of those who have her best interests at heart. Only time will tell.

Q: "Will Courtney (Michelle Harrison) Love (Born June 9, 1964) lose custody of her child Frances Bean Cobain (born August 18, 1992)?"

It appears likely from analyzing both charts that she will lose custody, or continue to raise her daughter in a chaotic environment. Courtney Love has a number in until she's 45 that usually causes people who wallow in the past, as opposed to focusing on the present, to anesthetize themselves with drugs, alcohol, sex or any other thing that helps to shut their brains down and give them some solace, albeit short lived and usually physically damaging. From the looks of Courtney's chart, it is going to take her a number of years to overcome her classic self-pitying syndrome. Her daughter, in the meantime, is, needless to say, going to be living a rather hellish childhood. For many years she has had very difficult numbers in her childhood years, but the numbers have escalated now to some of the most emotionally trying symbols there are. These numbers continue on through her 19th year. It does appear that little Frances may take the same "path most followed" (that of least resistance - like drinking, drugging, etc.) in her future, too. She may, however, be a rather famous and accomplished musician or singer one day as well.

Q: "Will Saddam (Al-Tikriti) Hussein (born April 28, 1937) be held accountable for his vile and merciless ways?"

Yes, but not until he is 70 and 71 years old His chart shows that from age 70 through age 74, he is in great jeopardy of losing his life. If he survives beyond that time he will have very poor health for the majority of his life thereafter. Couldn't happen to a nicer guy.

Q: "Will Scott (Lee) Peterson (born October 24, 1972) be convicted for killing his wife and unborn child?"

This one is very hard to call because Scott has such good numbers, especially after his birthday this year. He has the same number that O. J. Simpson had when he got acquitted. (As an aside, O. J. has very bad numbers for the next 25 years, so regardless of how he appears in the outside world, he's definitely not a "happy camper" from the looks of aspects in his chart.) Scott Peterson has the 35/8 in until his birthday in 2007, which gives him a long run of a very good thing. It usually means that you rise up in your career, or you receive money that you didn't have to work for, or some other good fortune comes your way that usually involves money. It could that he will be able to make a profit from any film or movie that is done about him and the murders and, even though he may be convicted and go to prison, he would have money coming in that he could use to help himself in some way. It appears there will be a woman or women in his life whether he is in jail or not. He will have some reprieve from the mundanity of being in prison from this (or these) source(s). It shows that he will be quite happy in some relationship for some time and receive some very positive attention from whoever this is (it could be his mother, for that matter). However, as he moves into his late 40s (which, granted, is a ways away), he has numbers comparable to what O. J. has in now. Something will either come back in his life to affect him in a rather debilitating and negative manner, or some new tragedy or debacle will take him into a very negative place for many, many years into his future. Whichever way you look at it, he doesn't have a chart that most of us would want to change for our own.

What do you want to know? Email me at sfnumber@aol.com to request an answer to a question of a non-personal basis that concerns current events, past events, famous or infamous people. I will offer my answers to 10 questions in my next newsletter.


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