Lady Gaga, her beau gorgeous Taylor Kinney, and her mentor Tony Bennett (born March 28, 1986, July 15, 1981, and August 3, 1926, respectively)

Lady Gaga’s chart shows she that is multi-talented, extraordinarily innovative, creative, and brilliant and that’s all quite obvious. Taylor Kinney’s chart shows that he is not only beautiful but also brainy. He is likely attracted to Ms. Gaga’s entertaining and bright repartee, as well as her avant-garde style. Mr. Bennett is also multi-talented and brilliant. His is definitely an exemplar in the entertainment field. This threesome has me recalling the movie of Jules and Jim which was released in 1962 and was about two men living with and in love with one woman. The primary ingredient that kneads this delicious and delightful grouping together is mental whimsicality and we are the receptors of a delicious dish of eye-candy, matchless skill and sage expertise. I’m enamored with them all!