Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux (born on February 11, 1969 and August 20, 1971, respectively)

Geez, Jennifer, I know it’s really difficult for you to make up your mind (those with 11s surely can vacillate), however, it appears to me that the problem is that you really don’t WANT to get married. According to the news releases, Aniston and her betrothed are simply trying to figure out what kind of a wedding they want to have at this time. I think the delay could involve more than that. Justin is going to be cashing in on his talent big time over the next few years, so even though she doesn’t necessarily need the money, he will be a “good provider,” unless it’s HER money of which he will be cashing in. And even though Jennifer is getting “along” (certainly not in appearance, but just for having babies) she may make that happen sometime before her birthday in 2016 (people with loads of moola can make most anything happen if they want, ya know).