Introducing Sally Faubion’s new book, Motivational Numerology, And How Numbers Affect Your Life. The book includes the “Wizard’s Star” and other interesting features. Motivational Numerology explains in simple, easy-to-understand terms how to determine your numbers using your name and birth date. The numbers represent various aspects of your life and include the Destiny, Personality, Attitude, Character, Soul’s Urge, and Hidden Agenda numbers.

There is also a chapter that enables you to determine compatibility ratings of any two people (Cosmic Compatibility); another that offers your Life’s Purpose, and another that forecasts your Personal Year, Month and Day.

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Read the Preface and Introduction to Motivational Numerology below.


I began studying the science of numerology at the age of 20 and considered it a hobby for about ten years. Gradually it began to consume most of my spare time and even some of my working hours. Over the following twenty years, I became virtually obsessed and possessed by its study and application and amazed by its accuracy.

“I want to thank you so very much for the reading. I have found myself coming back to it again and again to discover it functioning as some enormous beacon of light. I find that it continues to shed light on those darker passages of my life’s journey.”
~ Harry

I owned a service business in downtown San Francisco throughout my 20s and 30s and hired most of my employees by using my knowledge of numerology. Analyzing all my family members and friends became a passion. Practically every person who crossed my path, as well as everyone who gained any public notoriety (whose birth dates and names were attainable), got analyzed. It seemed the more I used numerology, the better I was able to decipher personality characteristics of people I knew only casually and even some I had never met before. I gained knowledge into their pasts and present, and found I was also able to forecast their future.

Thirty years later I am still awe-struck by the interpretations and understanding I derive from numerology, and I believe it is a tool that has helped me to develop my psychic abilities.

Today I use my expertise and knowledge of numerology as my main source of income. I give corporate, convention and spa lectures; perform at parties, appear on T.V. and the radio, write articles for national magazines, and consult for individuals as well as businesses. I have also produced two successful lines of greeting cards and have created other prototypes of products and books relating to the metaphysical sciences that will be introduced in the near future. In short, I feel very fortunate to be living an American dream — that of of making a living by working at my favorite hobby.

After reading more than one hundred books on the subject of numerology, I discovered that most authors/numerologists have their own unique points of view. Many, in fact, introduce totally new concepts that seem to be their own concoction. Moreover, there is little consistency from one practitioner to the next with regard to the terms used to describe the numbers in a numerological chart. For example, depending on which numerology book you happen to be reading, you will find the number I call the “Destiny” number referred to as the “fate number,” the “birth path,” the “birth force,” or the “life force.”

“You have touched somewhere inside me, and helped me believe in my dreams. You draw them out of their hiding places, and give me the courage to think that just maybe they’re really possible.”
~ Diana

I began my study with the Pythagorean philosophy (Pythagoreas, the Greek mathematician and philosopher, was the father of numerology in the western world), which assigns the numbers 1 through 9 to the letters in the Roman alphabet. There are also the Chaldean and ancient Hebrew, the Rosecrusian philosophies, and the Jewish Kabalah, along with other, more obscure ancient and modern concepts. Although I have worked with all these methods to one extent or another, the Pythagorean philosophy seemed to pluck hardest at some chord of understanding in my being. It is my opinion, however, that if you’re a serious student of the science, it’s good to learn and apply all the different philosophies to ensure that you are using the one that seems to resonate with you.

Motivational Numerology is based primarily on the Pythagorean theory of numerology, but I have woven in some aspects from the other philosophies as well. Since I have refined this approach during the three decades of my practice, I can attest that it works! For the purpose of this book, my goal was to simplify the concepts so that the reader may easily and quickly learn the basics of numerology.

After giving thousands of numerology readings over the years, I found it very helpful to offer my clients visual images of the numbers that related to their life so that they might “see” more clearly how each of the six basic numbers in a numerology chart apply to their character, personality, and surroundings.

“Just a short note to let you know how much I’ve appreciated your reading. I feel like a train that was derailed and now back on the right track. Thank you for your empowering and inspiring guidance.”
~ Julie

Although I have used different imagery objects over the years, Pythagoras’ five-pointed star called “The Wizard’s Foot” (formed by three even-sided triangles) was so well-suited to the purposes of this book, that it has become the cornerstone of my readings today. Having added my own interpretation and colors to The Wizard’s Foot, I have chosen to call it “The Wizard’s Star,” and use it as the primary tool for helping my readers to envision and understand their unique personality compositions.

Another helpful imagery exercise that I have used to learn more about the numbers is to study the number definitions and characteristics as they correlate with famous people’s birth dates and name numbers. Numerous famous people’s birth dates and names are supplied as examples in the back of this book.

Over time, as you learn to apply numerology in your life, you’ll find your psychic powers growing. You’ll instinctively understand more and more about yourself and other people, and you should begin to make wiser choices even without referring to the book. It is my hope that as you learn and apply the tenets in this book, you will begin an exciting journey toward greater personal insight and power!

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