Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux (born on February 11, 1969 and August 20, 1971, respectively) Geez, Jennifer, I know it’s really difficult for you to make up your mind (those with 11s surely can vacillate), however, it appears to me that the problem is that you really don’t WANT to get married. According to the news releases, Aniston and her betrothed are simply trying to figure out what kind of a wedding they want to have at this time. I think the delay could involve more than that. Justin is going to be cashing in on his talent big time over the next few years, so even though she doesn’t necessarily need the money, he will be a “good provider,” unless it’s HER money of which he will be cashing in. And even though Jennifer is getting “along” (certainly not in appearance, but just for having babies) she may make that happen sometime before her birthday in 2016 (people with loads of moola can make most anything happen if they want, ya... read more

Beyoncé and Kim Kardashian

Re: Beyoncé: I predicted on August 10, 2014 that she would stay married to Jay-Z (it was rumored at that time that they might break up) and have another child in 2015. Now that there is speculation in the news about it, my earlier prediction will be proven true. Re: Kim Kardashian: Numbers in Kim’s chart also indicate that she will get pregnant this birthday year (she was born on October 21st and is currently 34) and have another child when she’s 35, sometime in 2016. Hey, some people wanna know, right? It seems that Kanye’s life takes a turn for the worse around that same time, but I’m sure we won’t be privy of that until the money machine they are tumbling around in decides they need a new spin... read more

Jeb Bush

I must say that if you thought “W” was bad, from the looks of the numbers in Jeb’s chart during the four-year period from January 2016 through to January 2020, even his family might have misgivings about using their strong-arm tactics (just my opinion, of course ) to try to get him elected. It appears to me that he is not self-confident enough to hold that high office. His numbers portend that he will feel as though he is on muddy ground and never knows what to expect next (that’s likely what most Presidents experience while in that most-powerful-person-in-the-world office, but some had the ability to handle it in stride). So if he were sworn in January of 2016, he will experience those four years as much more challenging and onerous than he would have ever imagined, of that I’m... read more

UBER CEO Travis Kalanick

UBER CEO Travis Kalanick (born August 6, 1976): Uber is creating quite a ruckus in San Francisco, especially with the cab companies, of course. It is being criticized frequently in our local media and while it’s obvious by CEO Travis Kalanick’s numbers that he is a very savvy and ingenious guy, it will be interesting to see how his Uber operations change over the next four years as he goes through some trials. It appears he will recover just fine but perhaps receive a dose of humility along the way as he continues to haul in the $$$$. Kalanick founded Uber just 3.5 years ago and today it is valued at $3.4 billion. Hopefully he will become one of those deep-pocket upstarts that gains a sensibility to use his genius and money to help the earth and its less privileged inhabitants in some way,... read more

Pope Francis

Pope Francis (born Jorge Mario Bergoglio, born on December 17, 1936): This Pope is certainly helping to change the face of the Catholic religion in such an extraordinarily unprecedented way that I wondered what his chart would offer about his safety among the old guard. The numbers he has in this year and for the next three years show me that his life could be in jeopardy. If, in fact, he makes it through these next four years intact (which I know is almost a blasphemous thing to say considering his status and all) he will live to a very ripe old age and be lauded and applauded for the rest of his years of life. It appears to me that regardless of what fate belies him, he will likely be acknowledged as one of the most progressive, humble, and gracious of them all! If you missed his list of 15 “ailments” of the Vatican Curia, you can watch it on the Youtube link below: Pope Francis explains the “15 sicknesses” members of the Curia may face – 2:08... read more

Bill Cosby (born July 12, 1936)

The Bill Cosby cataclysm may be just the tip of the iceberg of what the unmasking “shining light of integrity, truthfulness, and honor” may expose in this good side/bad side year of balancing out the scales for one and all. Now that the number of drugged and sexually assaulted accusers of Bill Cosby is more than 25 women, it is hard to doubt that there isn’t validity to their accusations, as much as many would like to think. Since these accusations began after Cosby’s last birthday in his personal 8 year, it seems evident to me that he will is currently receiving his just dues through defamation of his status and name for his past decisions and actions. One headline about this situation said, “How Many Does It Take To Accuse Bill Cosby of Rape?” That’s a good question. After checking out his chart, I found that he may likely continue to book himself for appearances as though this is just a bad rap that he can overcome. His numbers, however, show that HE will continue to be assaulted with perhaps more accusers and accusations as he shunts about doing his standup. It is his 79th year that he has a number [47] that brings about the reckoning of the misdeeds and transgressions that he may have perpetrated over the past many years. The saddest aspect of this defiling and defaming matter is that Cosby’s wife Camille will unduly suffer, of course. She also has a “spiritual test” number that is usually found in charts where there has been a major tragedy or love lost. This number remains in... read more

Gwyneth, Chris and Jennifer

Ahh, Gollywood (yes, I know it’s spelled “H”ollywood, but Gollywood just seems more appropriate with my tongue-in-cheek attitude), it’s just always so full of exciting news of the well-heeled pretty people. The latest is the quasi love triangle between Gwyneth Paltrow, her ex Chris Martin and Jennifer Lawrence. The Gollywood light is signing on them I think because there just isn’t enough other action from other celebs to spin a good yarn. This one seems a bit weak in its presentation that Gwyneth might be upset because her ex is openly seeing Jennifer Lawrence. However, after analyzing each of their charts, I would say that Gwyneth may, in fact, be possessive of Chris since she has a 1 destiny and those with that destiny number are known for liking to control anyone and everyone who has anything to do with their lives. In this case, she can have a sort of bolt lock-like hold on Chris because of his time-sharing with their children, which Gwyneth apparently orchestrates – that is according to a recent news source. Chris, on the other hand, was born on the 2nd of March and has an 11 destiny, both peacemaking numbers. He wouldn’t fight for his rights much in the face of the possible “my way or the highway” tactics of his strong-willed ex. He is a very gentle soul who is someone who would usually acquiesce in any push/pull situation. A perfect guy for a gal with a 1 destiny . . . until, that is, that gal wants him to be more Tarzan-like – “me Tarzan, you Jane” kind of thing. Most... read more

Roger Goodell

Judging by his numbers, Roger Goodell, the current NFL Commissioner, is headed for a period of struggle and strife originating primarily from the public outcry of the NFL’s handling of the Ray Rice abuse debacle. It is my opinion that this challenging period will ultimately lead to Mr Goodell’s firing or resignation as Commission of the NFL. His most trying times begin in October, 2014 and continue through to February 2016. In the last few days, other comparable abuse cases have been exposed, namely 49er Ray McDonald and Viking Adrian Peterson, and just today, Carolina Panthers’ Greg Hardy. Via Google, I found a statistic about the NFL that indicated that there have been 84 NFL players arrested in the past 13 years for domestic abuse. That’s more than 6 a year, but the real truth is found in the statistics of the National Coalition of Domestic Abuse of America: One in every 4 women will experience domestic violence in her lifetime. An estimate 1.3 million women are victims of physical assault by an intimate partner each year. 85% of domestic violence victims are women. Historically, females have been most often victimized by someone they know. Females who are 20-14 years of age are at the greatest risk of non-fatal intimate partner violence. MOST CASES OF DOMESTIC VIOLENCE ARE NEVER REPORTED. It is gratifying, however, to see victims of abuse (domestic or otherwise) coming out of that shrouded veil of fear and admonishment to speak their truth about what has happened to them by their famous and not-so-famous husbands and lovers. And, in my opinion, this is just the beginning... read more

Ray Rice

Re: the Ray Rice shake-up: It is purported that there are thousands of cases of domestic abuse from all races and creeds that go unacknowledged and unreported that occur everyday of the victims’ lives. Rice simply made the news because of his well-known professional status, and rightly so. Hopefully, the concentrated news coverage of this case will help other women who suffer this gross use of power to come forward so that the dramatic penalties being imposed on the NFL football players, will be enforced in all cases, regardless of who the perpetrator is. I can see in Rice’s chart that he has been going through a very difficult time for more than a year with numbers that denote his being “bumped out of his comfort zone” (January to May, 2014) and “experiencing something unexpected” (May to September) and being “emotionally derailed,” (September to January, 2015). It appears that he may be brought back onto the football playing field sometime next year — likely 2015’s season, but that will not be an easy transition for him because he will continue to experience many ups and downs over the next 2-3 years. It does appear, however, that he will eventually begin to make his way back to the life of the super running back that he set out to be. I predict that occurring sometime in 2017 or... read more