There's a mystical curiosity in us all...

…No matter how entrenched we are in worldly matters. Discover the guidance, inspiration, and sense of humor that psychic-numerologist Sally Faubion has brought to her public appearances and private readings for over 35 years.

Sally is a well known numerologist who has appeared on numerous TV and radio talk shows. She has served as an expert on the meaning of numbers for The New York Times, The San Francisco Chronicle, ABC, CBS, and other media outlets. As a professional lecturer, author, consultant and educator, Sally has a growing following of clients from all walks of life.


Introducing Sally Faubion’s new book, Motivational Numerology, And How Numbers Affect Your Life. The book includes the “Wizard’s Star” and other interesting features. Motivational Numerology explains in simple, easy-to-understand terms how to determine…

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Sally’s core passion is working with individuals to help them attain perspective about their lives, make better decisions, and maximize their potential. Sally’s readings combine her intuition and expert knowledge of numerology with other metaphysical sciences. Numerology by Sally Faubion is a door opened on your future, an energetic overview of your potential, backed by years of knowledge, passion and purpose.

Do you wonder which career is best for you or why you don’t feel fulfilled no matter how or where you focus your energies? Are you having marital challenges? Do you want to pick the best name for your baby? Do you want to start your own business but are concerned that the timing is not right?

Sally can provide useful insight into these and many other important aspects of your life through the ancient wisdom of numerology. Contact Sally today to set up your personal reading.

“Our dreams have come true. I got pregnant … and delivered our first child in May, as you predicted. I wanted to thank you for making things easier for us. You made a believer out of us.”


“Having your reading was one of the most helpful gifts I could give myself. Your accuracy about family history and events is amazing.”